PA Congressman Scott Perry Gets Phone Back From FBI, No Explanations

This video interviews Rep. Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania who was hauled aside at an AIRPORT and stripped of his cell phone so the FBI and CIA could play with it and install spyware on it and then suddenly returned it with no explanation.  So the Representative is demanding an investigation of FBI abuse of power.  Many things will go to court now due to DNC overreach and abuses in a quest for power backed by the entire Bilderberg gang who are hysterical that they will lose control of Congress in three months.  The World Rulers are freaking out that they will no longer have total control of either Russia or the USA next year.



So, this was the exact same gang who cooked up the Steele papers and lied about everything, previously.  Arrest them all, I say.  FBI agents can be criminals, after all.  And the FBI has a very, very long history of abusing people for political ends on behalf of the Bilderberg gang.


From last year, here is Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene ripping into Kamala Harris a year ago:


The criminal VP Harris was interviewed and she posted this on her own webpage:


THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, as a former prosecutor, I will tell you, I don’t speak about anybody else’s case.  But I have full confidence that the Department of Justice will do what the facts and the law requires.


This is in response to previous attempts to impeach and imprison our real President.  Here is an interview of Kamala Harris from this week:

Q    How about some of the rhetoric that’s coming out from Trump’s allies?  Do you have any reaction to the attempted attack on a FBI field office yesterday?

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  I will say, as a former prosecutor, but as a citizen of our nation, any attacks on law enforcement are completely unacceptable.  And any so-called leader who engages in rhetoric that in any way suggests that that law enforcement should be exposed to that kind of danger is irresponsible and can result in dangerous activities.


So, today, this crazy woman is yelling, no one should attack police or the government!  She was totally different back when Trump was President.  Back then, riots were good!

You know, our law enforcement professionals — and, in this case, we’re talking about our federal law enforcement agencies — they do very important work.  And from the moment they walk out the door of their home until they go back in, their families pray for their safety and well-being.

And I think it’s just highly irresponsible of anyone who calls themselves a leader and certainly anyone who represents the United States of America to engage in rhetoric for the sake of some political objective that can result in harm to law enforcement officers and agents.


Which is EXACTLY what she and her buddy, Biden have been doing nonstop!  These clowns attacked the police, defunded the police, prevented the police from stopping rioting ANTIFA and BLM criminals.  The VP even bailed out these criminals, raised money for these obvious criminals!  Arrest Harris and Biden, both.


My favorite Canadian real news team, Rebel News, went to Europe to talk to people in Holland who are the ‘cutting edge’ of the World Economic Bilderberg Gang Forum’s demand all farms be shut down or not use fertilizer and kill off most livestock:



The Dutch continue to rise up, it is literal life and death.  It is so, here in the USA, too.  The left is determined to literally kill all of us eventually, after disarming us all.  Judicial Watch is suing Biden, demanding he reveal his hidden records:




Rep. MTG continues to be the best of the best in Congress:


Meanwhile the leftists complain that US children are too fat:

This is ridiculous.  Children love going out to play in warm weather.  On the other hand, the fat children will be no longer fat once communists take over America.  Everyone gets to starve!


The Megadrought out West is turning into a Megaflood and hysteria about using cars and cows continues to be blamed for the weather doing what the weather always does nonstop, all the time:


California is about to be destroyed by a major earthquake.  This isn’t just ‘possible’ it is INEVITABLE.  It WILL happen.  Period.  And not 100 years from now, either.


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13 responses to “PA Congressman Scott Perry Gets Phone Back From FBI, No Explanations

  1. ever notice the weather seems to balance out over the year , we had a 6 month cold spring , now its warm n’ sunny.,,,, very dry — floods

  2. OT; dystopian dreams getting built , 1600 ft high , 150 mi long , mirrored surface , i’m sure dead birds will love it . sounds like hotel california,_Saudi_Arabia

  3. when you get your phone back from the FBI tell them to keep it or throw it in the garbage

  4. lou

    O T

    W A R

    the situation at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant is serious. Aside from taking artillery fire, the dam that provides water to cool the reactors is being threatened as well.
    Ukraine forces suddenly have all this rocket artillery
    they are firing it everywhere — don’t be surprised if the 11 mike Crimean bridge gets taken out too.

    The media has lost interest in events in Ukraine but if a nuclear reactor melts down rest assured interest will be sparked once again.

  5. Jim R


    Recall that Mr. Putin said “decision centers” would also be legitimate military targets in this operation.

    I won’t be surprised if some NATO (really US) assets on the Black Sea, in the air over it, or in other parts of Europe start to receive night visitors with kinetic payloads…

  6. qbutnoa

    5 members of USA Congress in unannounced follow up visit to Taiwan.

  7. Jim R

    According to this comment on The Saker news site, damage to the nuclear plant will be taken as a nuclear attack. Commenter ‘Lone Wolf’ posted an article from the Russian news services . .

    They have been warned.

    Strong warning to the “decision-making” centers re: the Ukropithecus shelling of the Zaporizhia NPP.

    Washington will have 15 minutes, London 5.

    Russia will consider man-made damage to the infrastructure of the nuclear power plant a nuclear attack, since the radiation will expand 1,000 kms into Crimea and surrounding area.

    Hopefully the recklessly stupid Collective West will pay attention to the warning.

    “Washington will have 15 minutes”: Leonkov on the consequences of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ‘ shelling of Zaporizhia NPP

    Ukraine and Western countries should refrain from military provocations that may lead to damage to the infrastructure of the Zaporizhia NPP.

    The actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can cause a nuclear catastrophe, which, in turn, will cause an immediate reaction of Russia to the United States. What is the conclusion of a well-known Russian military expert Alexey Leonkov? In his author’s Telegram channel, he spoke in detail about the consequences of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ‘ shelling of the Zaporizhia NPP, and also explained how Russia will respond to dangerous provocations from the West.

    Alexey Leonkov reminded that the Ukrainian army, under the guidance of American instructors, continues to shell the territory of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, delivering artillery strikes on the objects of this strategic nuclear facility. Such provocative decisions by Kiev can lead to serious consequences for Ukraine and the entire West. Russia will not leave unanswered the attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which could lead to a nuclear catastrophe.

    According to the military expert, the Russian leadership should warn Washington that a man-made disaster that may occur as a result of the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be regarded by Russia as a nuclear attack on the country. As a result of this provocation, territories within a radius of 1000 km, including part of the Crimean Peninsula, may be at risk of infection. In this case, Moscow will immediately take decisive measures against the West.

    “Washington and London should try very hard to ensure that the NPP does not suffer, otherwise they will have 15 minutes and 5 minutes. I’m talking about the flight time of Avangard to the decision-making centers, ” Leonkov explained.

    The effective shelling of the Zaporizhia NPP by the Ukrainian Armed Forces will lead the West to unexpected but harsh consequences. Such a provocation can cause a major international conflict, as well as a global catastrophe.

    Lone Wolf

  8. qbutnoa

    More criticism of Ukraine (by Amnesty International) allowed in UK news (shouted down of course).

  9. lou

    I do not trust Amnesty–they want USA to continue with the open borders mess.

    o t

  10. They are deliberately engineering a global food shortage. This is pure insanity but then, the people doing this also want WWIII.

  11. Jim R

    They are working on WWIII, as well. See above.

    On TV ‘news’ this morning, they ran the tired propaganda lie that the Russians are shelling the Zaporozhye nuke plant themselves.

    And if Washington lights up with a very bright light, it will be a complete shock and surprise to our ‘experts’ who were predicting peace and flowers and free love in Ukraine.

  12. lou

    Elaine, Oregon flour plant arson. Huge fire.

    meanwhile the left keeps stirring the pot.

    One concern I have is the “hate speech” mania–so let them talk but be sure to keep your mouth shut!

    “Massachusetts residents and visitors are encouraged to call the hotline to report concerning or troubling incidents of hate, potential hate crimes, or concerns regarding individuals believed to be espousing the hate-filled views”

  13. They are copying England. Talk about stupid. But then, leftists are all communists now. When they have power, they go full communist police state.

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