We Are Always Freezing/Roasting To Death


CNN big shot gets drunk with Project Veritas investigator and confesses CNN is fake news and they believe we will roast to death if we don’t destroy America.  Destroying the USA will ‘save the earth’ and also get rid of pesky humans.  The above video is funny to me because England was freezing cold in spring with snow storms while…the Midwest USA was roasting to death.  All of this cold/heat was blamed on burning fossil fuels.  Just like today, the same blame that all bad weather hot or cold is caused by humans and not the local star, the Sun.


I have noted in the past that when it is ‘too hot’ in one sector of the earth at the opposite side of the earth will have ‘record cold’.  This yin/yang of all weather conditions is normal thanks to the splitting up of the one gigantic continent during the Dinosaur Age and the scattering of the many continents since 60 million years ago.  So one continent will have cold weather while another can have ‘global warming’.


Tony Heller’s list of all news stories blaming both cold and hot weather ’caused by burning fossil fuels’ for the last 100 years is very funny.  Why can’t our media today and worse, our ‘scientists’ know this information?  The ‘blame fossil fuels’ has been around for a very long time.



I have lived through serious drought and then serious flood cycles in Arizona as a child.  Since my father and fellow professors at the University of Arizona were curious about the sudden switch from no rain to rain/sleet and even snow happening very suddenly, they set out to find out how this works.  Made great progress in understanding weather systems back in the 1960’s to insane, stupid, fraudulent studies 50 years later.


Armies of well-fed, even fat illegal aliens are being shipped from Texas to NYC causing NY to whine about this being ‘evil’:  https://nypost.com/2022/08/14/more-migrants-arrive-in-nyc-david-paterson-calls-it-brilliant/



The NY Democrats love illegal aliens and now lets them all vote in all elections in NYC. But they don’t want all the aliens!  So they are upset that Texas, due to Biden/Obama open borders, is shipping these invaders to NYC.


Another busload of border-crossers from Texas arrived in the Big Apple on Sunday morning — as a top city official ripped the Lone Star State governor’s policy and a former New York gov called it “brilliant.”


Thirty-one mask-wearing, young-adult migrants got off a white bus about 7 a.m. at Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal amid the ongoing public war of words between GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Dem Mayor Eric Adams’ administration about the bussed border-crossers.


City Hall’s head of Immigrant Affairs, Manuel Castro, on Sunday said the latest “bus full of asylum seekers coming from Texas” was part of a shameful “political ploy.


“We have serious issues about the way Gov. Abbott is treating asylum-seekers, especially because this is supposed to be a voluntary bus ride, and it appears that it’s not,” Castro told reporters at the Manhattan facility.


These well-fed, well-dressed ‘refugees’ are not ‘refugees’ they are invaders.  And they bring higher crime rates and more people mooching off of welfare into the country.  The liberals want this to happen and are insuring it will happen and are now very pissed off, it is being dumped into their own laps instead of flooding RNC states with aliens who then will work for the DNC to overturn our government.


The commissioner was apparently referencing reports about sick and unfed migrants, as well as those who were forced to come directly to New York City without stopping despite asking to get off the bus in Tennessee.


HAHAHA…’unfed migrants’ and look at them.  Every video shows fat aliens whining about food.  Yup.  They are ‘starving’ to death!  This is childish and ridiculous.


“We’ll talk to individuals, we’ll find out more,” he said. “In previous buses, people were sick, hungry, they had been through a lot. … There have been a lot of issues on the way here. As you may have heard, one individual, or many individuals, wanted to get off earlier, but the bus [driver] was refusing to.”


They all look totally healthy to me.  I bet a bunch of the fatter invaders whined about not enough food.  Sheesh.   Here is a funny cartoon from yesterday:



After putting this joke banner on my page, I saw this tweet:



The brother gave in to despair, alas.  This tweet is from a Florida GOP Congressman, Mike Waltz:



This happened last night and isn’t big news for some bizarre reason:



Not much information here.  We have to wait until someone tells us who did this and so forth.


And now we get to see here, a hilarious video of a mass murder via car in DNC Chicago:



Chicago has been systematically turned ‘black’ via high crime rates causing everyone else to flee this dying city.  The above video shows a gang of blacks fighting each other in the middle of the street and then probably a rival gang member drove right into them, killing them.


This happened next to a LBGTQ etc. bunch of bars.  Law and order in all DNC hell hole cities continues to deteriorate rapidly.


And here is a video about how real life works:



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10 responses to “We Are Always Freezing/Roasting To Death

  1. Jim R

    It’s summer in Texas. A bit hotter and drier than average, but the ‘news’ about it is silly. “Longest string of days above 100℉” and such.

    1980, the year I moved to Texas, was hotter. In Dallas, we had a string of a week or two when the overnight low was over 100. The weather guys talked about 1953, which was apparently also a hot summer. And in the previous La Nina cycle, 2011, it didn’t rain a drop in Austin that year.

    This year, we’ve had a drop or two of rain, but not enough to keep everyone’s grass and landscape plants happy. Hopefully the La Nina pattern will abate somewhat in the coming winter.

    Interestingly, La Nina causes drought in the Southwest by having a big patch of cold water in the tropical Pacific, which supplies water vapor to the prevailing wind. This water vapor allows it to rain here. A cold ocean does not produce as much water vapor. Funny how that works…

  2. qbutnoa

    UK, dual vaccine (original Covid virus and newer Omicron variant), autum booster. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-62548336

  3. Jim R

    “Moderna’s vaccine targets both the original strain and the first Omicron variant (BA.1), which emerged last winter. It is known as a bivalent vaccine as it takes aim at two forms of Covid.”

    My functioning immune system does that, and also targets Mu-delta-thirty-seven, or whatever else will happen along. In a worst-case scenario, of course, a highly-vaccinated population will drive the evolution of a more deadly strain. It has to keep evolving to get around the immunity produced by the vax.

    If they’d just drop the whole thing and stop worrying about it, it would evolve into another cold. A nasty head/chest cold, but a cold.

  4. qbutnoa

    People’s Bank of China, 1 year loan, little rate cut, interesting article. https://www.ft.com/content/17fb88ca-d648-4670-a292-bbf93c1fed0a

  5. Pete


    This is what he accuses Republicans of doing.
    But it is exactly what Dems are doing. duh

  6. Pete

    Dems going all out before mid-terms….

  7. Zeke

    Hey numbnutz – Obama is not advocating that.
    He’s lamenting it.

    Your spin and distortion out of context is a form of lying.

    Think about it. Pea brain

  8. lou

    8 good luck w dat.

    I found this,
    Germany Warns: There Will Be Draconian Energy Regulations
    by Mac Slavo | Aug 15, 2022 | Headline News


    German officials have warned the public that there will be extreme and draconian energy rationing measures put in place. They also warned their enforcers to expect mass civil unrest and riots over the extreme rationing measures.

    Queries for “firewood” have exploded on Google in Germany, as Deutsche Bank predicts that “wood will be used for heating purposes where possible.” German officials are now warning their slaves of extreme energy rationing measures, along with the potential for “extremists” to fuel national unrest over the deteriorating situation.

    Because it’s so extreme to want to be able to heat your home over winter.

    / Gremany is Europes factory. yikes.

  9. Germany went ‘green’ and will see very angry Germans hunting down every green goblin and killing them. The left has no understanding how revolts happen. Unhappily for Germans, they, like all the EU, are disarmed.

    They have to learn this harsh life lesson all over again, I fear.

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