World Economic Forum Leaders Openly Say, There Is No Need For Most Humans To Live (Kill Most Humans!)


The wheels are rapidly coming off of the Biden wagon.  A whistleblower inside the Department of Homeland Security tells us the evil plans of the communist leftists who took over the US government via massive vote cheating in all US major cities in 2o20.  Crazy Cheney was rejected by the vast majority of Wyoming voters yesterday due to fury at how she has betrayed them all, trying to put Trump on trial on trumped up charges a third time.  Now that the January 6 garbage is on the curb for pickup, desperate Bilderberg gangsters orchestrated a totally illicit and maybe even illegal raid of Trump’s entire home in Florida, stealing everything possible and slowly coughing up what they stole after lying about stealing various things.  Put all the FBI agents who did this in jail until they out who ordered this massive crime.  Did Biden order this?


The VP’s husband went shopping yesterday and he and his many body guards parked illegally in handicap spaces so a woman assailed him for abusing his privileges:


One of the people I have watched on Twitter was suddenly banned for life by the communists who are fighting Elon Musk tooth and nail:



The communists running Twitter and YouTube are forbidding anyone from using the word ‘groomer’ to describe child molesters.  As a victim of being raped by an adult when only 5 years old, I greatly fear this present attempt at silencing people warning about child molesters/rapers pushing to legalize their nefarious activities.  We now cannot literally debate openly due to ‘changing words’ and then we can’t talk about things the leftists want to push on us.  They are openly pushing for vast child sexual abuse.


Very slowly the news that the judge in the Trump invasion case was Epstein’s employees lawyer before becoming a judge is in more and more stories but not enough, so far:



Using a judge that has a filthy reputation to attack the real President doesn’t surprise me at all.  The news media members who attend secret Bilderberg meetings decided to openly like about this judge so they told everyone, Trump appointed the judge which was, like 100% of everything they say about Trump, was a total lie, too.  This obvious lying is very disturbing.  They are utterly incapable of reporting anything, anymore.  This entire character assassination attempt is the forerunner of actual murder.


I said years ago, if none of their fake ‘he is a criminal’ garbage works, they will openly kill him and not even bother much to cover it up, either.  They also hate 50% of the voters if not 70% of the voters.  They don’t want or need us, we are in their way.



The World Economic Forum openly talks about how they intend to eliminate pesky humans and simply have robots and computers run everything, Asimov predicted this in his dystopian stories about galactic empires 70 years ago:


Regarding where humanity is heading in the 21st Century, the WEF advisor said we’re heading for a world where humans “are no longer part of the story of the future” thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies.


I keep saying, leftists read books warning about vicious dictatorships killing and destroying humans and civilizations and then view this as a plan for the future and then work to make this happen!


Floating a hypothesis of why people across the globe are becoming disillusioned with the current political, social and economic climate, Harari suggested it may spawn from them thinking the future doesn’t need them.


The good farmers of Europe suddenly finally figured out they are going to be literally eliminated so that farming ceases and everyone else gets to literally starve to death to ‘save the earth’ from being WARM.  These monsters are utterly evil.


“Part of what might be going [on] is people realize — and they’re correct in thinking that, ‘The future doesn’t need me. You have all these smart people in California, in New York and in Beijing and they are planning this amazing future with artificial intelligence and bioengineering and global connectivity and whatnot and they don’t need me. Maybe if they are nice, they will throw some crumbs my way, like universal basic income.’ But it’s much worse psychologically to feel that you are useless than to feel that you are exploited,” Harari explained.


If you ask anyone ‘where are the worse places to live’ they would say, ‘California, New York and China.’  Good lord.  So the lunatics in these three places want to ‘fix’ things by making everywhere hideous.  No surprise to me!  They are evil, they are nuts and all of the leaders in these three places should be put in prison for life.


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25 responses to “World Economic Forum Leaders Openly Say, There Is No Need For Most Humans To Live (Kill Most Humans!)

  1. Nina

    Soaring inflation cripples UK economy.

    After UK inflation again outpaces forecasts, a 13% peak looks optimistic

  2. lou

    Nina, no coal, no oil, no gas no nothing.

  3. qbutnoa

    Apart from energy, all sectors invested in recorded negative returns (big hit from American tech).

  4. TinaB

    Newsflash ems the ultimate trump lover – trump IS a criminal – FACT – he’s just played the system well! He had been sued thousands of times BEFORE he became President. Fraudulent charity, school, appraisals etc…. I mean the guy is as slimy as they come.

    And stop saying you want people “arrested” when you say the DOJ and FBI are corrupt – who would you like to appoint to arrest them – you? And then what? The courts are corrupt according to you so what’s the point. What’s astonishing is your inability to see the quagmire you’ve immersed yourself into.

    YOU and your ilk have created this mess – now FIX IT! Because so far all you’ve been is part of the problem not the solution!

  5. TinaB

    And ems if you really want to show an ounce of integrity or credibility you should be questioning the “wins” of Repuglicans and not just the Democratic wins. See how that works miss know-it-all!


    ELAINE: Tina is obviously brain damaged can can’t see reality anymore.


    But nope you only question the ones you “lose”. You get more disingenuous by the minute!

    It’s really sad to see a woman of your age with a adult child that requires an enormous amount of love and care (past and present) wasting her time on a seriously demented loser like donnie trump. Liar, draft dodger, arrogant, rude, ignorant, bully…. I mean the list is endless!

    Haven’t you wasted enough of your life on antagonizing others? Do you not have enough in your own life to take care of? I suggest you waste no more of the little time you have left.

    Just curious – have you ever been wrong?

  6. Jim R


    Honk if you love $4 gas.

  7. lou

    Elaine, one art installation was trash and janitor didnt know it was an installation and tossed it.

  8. Ken

    If artificial intelligence becomes truly intelligent, what is to prevent it from making its own determinations as to who needs to be culled from the herd? If AI decides to eliminate “useless eaters, then it will “logically” focus the cull on the least productive representatives of humanity. Basically, third world people, whether found in the third world or in developed countries.
    Truly intelligent AI will not be swayed by ideas of political correctness, or diversity and inclusion. These are fundamentally illogical ideas.

    Azimov’s three laws of robotics will not necessarily prevent this culling. In the book, and movie, I Robot, it discusses how robots can circumvent the “laws” designed to preserve human life. Robots are forced to make the determination that it is acceptable to allow some humans to die if it results in an overall benefit to humans. [In the movie, a robot is faced with the predicament of two humans trapped in a submerged automobile. If the robot tries to save both of them, the rescue will fail and they will both die. So the robot is justified in letting 1 human die in order to save the other one – an overall logical choice even though technically inconsistent with the laws of robotics].

    Truly logical artificial intelligence will very likely be politically incorrect.

  9. Jim R

    Truly logical artificial intelligence will very likely be politically incorrect.

    This already happens every time they think they have “AI” ready to talk to people and pass a Turing test. Microsoft unveiled one several years ago ..

    In order for the bot to emit “correct” statements, they must teach it to lie. Because everything in big tech these days is widdershins, to use an EMS term. The bot has to lie about everything.

    And then, of course, you end up with a psychotic intelligence. Like HAL in “2001”, it must tell more and bigger lies — and where does that go?

  10. the next big disinfo war on the sheep will be about how AI is REally human. We think we know how the brain works ‘ klaus is SO smart ! ] but ,,,

  11. Zeke

    Elaine, as Archie Bunker used to say to Edith; stifle yourself.

    Gasoline prices are dropping toward the $3/gal. point.

    Your hysterical “we’re all doomed” commentary gets a bit old.


    ELAINE: In many states it is still above $4. Like here where I live.

    Nobody is proposing killing all humans, sshhh
    Other than in your own perverted mind.

    Grow up.

  12. qbutnoa

    European metal smelters, curtailments and shutdowns, higher energy costs (13 times average), carbon emission regulations are costly.

  13. Pete


  14. We are not ‘doomed’ the BILDERBERG GANG is doomed. I have total faith in real people finally figuring out who the Real Rulers are and that these monsters want to eliminate most of us. Note how Zeke and Tina refuse to read or talk about the many stories I produce here about World Economic Forum and other organizations telling us openly they intend to eliminate MOST HUMANS.

    This shocking information from the richest bastards on earth should scare everyone with brains!

  15. Kenogami

    They have already eliminated most of us with the fake poisonous genocidal COVID vaccines. They control nearly all “news” and most people are too naive or honest to conceive of such monstrous evil.

  16. Kerry


    There WILL NEVER BE Artificial Intelligence!

    I can’t believe at this stage in the game people can’t use their common sense in regards to this fairy story.

    Robot Chicken playing tic tac toe will always choose the center square. If the player chooses the center, it will then choose its next programmed directive…a corner. But no matter what, it’s first play will always be center.

    Just because the programs and the computers get bigger doesn’t change the fact that these are robot chickens with more chicken feed piled on top them. All computer programs will always have the one golden rule directive…their center square. And that center square is always given to it by a human being. Even if computers can build themselves, they have no center square to give except the one given to them by a Human Being.


  17. Jim R

    Robot Chicken is not artificial intelligence, or any other intelligence. But it was fun to watch the video.

    Tic tac toe is so trivial, you can write down every game on a piece of graph paper. My brother built a tic tac toe computer out of telco relays for a science fair project in 1955. If you let the relays go first, they pick the middle square, and always win.

  18. Jim R

    I see your point. Chess is a somewhat more complex game. But you can’t graph every chess move, you’d fill the known universe with graph paper.

    And now we have computers playing chess and beating the best human players. Who gives ’em that advantage? Obviously the architects of the chess computer.

    And we have computers driving cars and slamming into the barricades at 75mph. The computer has not been programmed to care whether it survives, and it certainly does not care about the human in the car. Our current predicament is worse than the dystopian science fiction stories of the last 75 years.

  19. @Jim R

    Center Square is as far as “Artificial Intelligence” will ever go. There is NO WAY to get any kind of intelligence on a human made technology without a human being. The intelligence of the artificial will always come from a human. And it doesn’t matter how many stupid movies they make filled with sexy tranny MTF models/actors that will change this and magically create real “AI”.

    In regards to other games that computers play. There will always be a default play style that these computers will use. The trick for the human player is to discover these plays. Then it just stops being a game and becomes countering the robot chicken. This is why having computers play against one another fails every time. Because both are trying to bring the “game” back to their prime directive of “center square” Cluck Buck Buck.

    I honestly don’t think there will be self driving cars. I think there will be a human behind that monitoring these things. Just like with those stupid Alexa/Siri junk.

  20. Jim R

    What makes it worse is that they let the computer drive the car anyway. They are worse drivers than drunks.

  21. Kerry

    Their lies always include puerile humor.

    The fact that there will NEVER be Artificial Intelligence is in the name itself.

    According to, the word means not natural or spontaneous. It is an art or craft…made by man.

    Notice the use of man and not human. Basically man is our natural name. Human means belonging to a man.

    So the name is outright saying that AI (An EYE – All seeing), doesn’t exist.

    This is how they work. Word magic. English especially is a language made to work spells. Most words they use can be translated into RUNES.

    A – Equivalent to Uruz rune meaning Strength of Man or Woman, rebirth into something new.

    I – Equivalent to Isa rune meaning Ice, stagnation, Entrapment. Spiritual Death.

    AI – The Strength of Man is Stagnant and Entrapped.

    ALWAYS in the names they use. Always. They have to tell us in some way.

    When you say AI does not exist it is countering their spell. Because we are really saying the strength of man cannot be trapped or stagnant.

  22. lou

    forget global warming

  23. canadas [wef ] plan for digital dictatorship , for real [ they hope ]

    just look at this huge pile of jargon BS from a Gov. that couldn’t even set up a Fed payroll system

  24. GOD as man in the sky is a hard sell now , so we need the AI ! god to save us from ourselves.
    AI needs data and Lots of it ,,,

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