RINO Liz Cheney Furious She Couldn’t Keep GOP Bilderberg Gang Headquarters


Here is the new Congresswoman for Wyoming, a cowboy state that is totally fed up with the Cheney Globalist Ruling Clan, fed up with the entire DNC agenda and globalism.  The new Senator is a fighter from hell and this terrifies the RINOs who depend on people being polite and helpless to continue colluding with the Bilderberg gang in their globalist crimes against humanity.  Listen to her entire speech, it is actually a Democrat speech from long, long ago, the anti-globalist/anti-war/anti-government controls 1968 sort of speech which is why I laugh as the GOP goes to where I came from, long ago!

This new Congresswoman will shake Congress, the RINOs tried desperately to destroy Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green but now they have an even stronger MTG and she is like me, a woman who grew up on a ranch, dealing with rattlers at her bus stop, rescuing people from floods with her roping horse to tow them free, dealing with criminals using her guns.  Yup.  I am so delighted!   The entire DNC  has moved into all the cities which they then destroy completely.  The entire GOP is in the countryside and is horrified at what our cities have become.



Chuckie Schumer shakes hands with Biden who takes off his mask and then coughs into his hands.  This diseased lunatic is dangerous and maybe he will kill Schumer with a mere cough or handshake.  He is trying to kill his wife:


Maybe Liz Cheney should visit the Bidens.  The DNC/RINO attacks on Trump continue as both are on the same Titanic, a ship of lies and fools.



The Feds who raided Trump’s private home now are leaking information illegally, they are all criminals.  The NYT and WP both get information being concealed from Trump and us voters and then they get to publish this and no one in the FBI is arrested for leaking secrets.  HAHAHA.  Arrest all the FBI agents in this stupid raid.  This leaking happened all the time with the previous ‘investigations’ and these ‘investigations’ turned out to be totally illicit and illegal and stupid.  So why now try a forth time?



Four teenage black girls and their older male boss man kick and beat to death a black cabbie driver in Queens.  NYC is now run by a black former cop mayor and a white female feminist governor and this is why crime is out of control and we are all very unsafe if we go to that dying city.  Democrats promise heaven and deliver hell, every time.  Everything is out of control in NYC now:



The radical NY leftists haven’t forgotten how Rudi and I put a bunch of them in prison (or the grave) way back in 1981.  They are desperate to put him in trouble on trumped up charges concerning Trump, of course:



The definition of insanity is ‘doing the same dumb thing over and over again.’  Speaking about insane, leftists and communists  in Britain who take over all systems in Europe are at it again, destroying civilization and mutilating or abusing high culture:




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22 responses to “RINO Liz Cheney Furious She Couldn’t Keep GOP Bilderberg Gang Headquarters

  1. Jim R

    “Trump Moneyman Set To Sing”

    — if he were Hillary’s moneyman, he would have had an unfortunate accident by now.

    that’s all

  2. lou

    1–funny. years ago EMS dismissed ‘the clinton body count’.


    ELAINE: the ‘body count’ is ridiculous. Yes, some have died but everyone who does the ‘body count’ thinks every death is due to the Clintons and not to the utter messes everything is in politics by nearly everyone at this point in time.

  3. Petruchio

    About the video on Modern Art. The cliche is “Art imitates Life–or does Life imitate Art/” Take a gander at that pile of cardboard boxes in the video. What does it say? Sadly, tragically, it says A LOT. Modern Art in its current form is a JOKE. A unfunny punchline to the question, “How far down the rathole has The World sunk?” Maybe it’s a bottomless pit.

  4. qbutnoa

    Natural gas storage targets not expected to be achieved, likely to be shortages for years. https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/germany-likely-miss-gas-storage-targets-warns-energy-regulator-2022-08-18/

  5. @ Petr . unfortunately the popular solution to that problem is based on Marx , ”Labor theory of value” . ie i know this great artist ! she paints every ! leaf of every tree ” or ” every hair of that mountain lion ! ”
    is there another solution ? hmmm,,,,,

  6. Zeke

    The “Clinton Body Count” is fake news. Hoax.

  7. I am never for forced vaccinations.

    Some people don’t mind dying so why stop them? About the coronavirus vaccinations: it was an attempt that failed. But the hysteria of attaching all events that happen in same time period is false. Namely, cause and effect are not together.

    I explained, for example, the rate of heart attacks in young athletes is only noticed when we have vaccinations and totally ignored when vaccinations are not happening. This doesn’t stop people from claiming vaccinations cause this.

  8. Jim R

    #2 Elaine, not ridiculous. Vince Foster, Seth RIch — there are many others. Some might be genuine suicides, accidents, or random street crime, but it’s unlikely all were. Some people have kept lists, but lists are boring. So it’s easier to joke about it.

    #9 Elaine, forced injections is what we had. People were threatened with losing their jobs, their careers. Some hospitals lost 40% of their nursing staff, either quit or fired. Between that and the dancing videos, very strange. The official story was that hospitals were busy and full, while the opposite was true.

    Note: “injections”, not “vaccines”. There is a distinction to be made.

  9. lou

    11–thanks. none are so blind as the woman who refuses to see.

    epstein and 150 others.

  10. lou

    I am never for forced vaccinations. BUT YOU DO NOT RUN ‘THINGS”.

  11. I am OK with people not vaccinating. Many people think there are too many people so this would be fixed this way, I would assume.

    I also wrote repeatedly about how fast germs mutate in big disease events. This happened with the Spanish Flu, the Hong Kong Flu and now with the China Flu. All did the same thing and each year after the initial, deadly start would see milder and milder symptoms.

    This is happening exactly as I explained many times. I really wish people would read what I post here instead of skimming briefly.

  12. Every 50 years we get a major flu event. It happens like clockwork. It usually starts in China due to so many people living there in close quarters. History shows this very clearly.

    Even the Black Plague started in distant China and was brought to Medieval Europe via merchants doing business with the Chinese.

  13. lou

    It usually starts in China due to so many people living there in close quarters.
    at this point I think Pakistan is more crowded.
    and ‘the new ones’ are from africa..ebola, etc.

  14. the lab origin is well documented

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