DNC Attacks On All Patriots Continues


The invasion continues while the traitors in the White House and Congress continue to refuse to protect us.  They are also conspiring to bankrupt America, voting endlessly for wild government spending and then unleashing a literal army of tax collectors to go after citizens.  Censorship by big online corporations is intensifying as terrified Bilderberg conspirators fear losing power totally in the next two elections.  Here is yet another example:



Tik Tok simply repeats leftist posts showing us their terrible plans and actions.  By warning the rest of us about impending problems caused by outright traitors, this has meddled with Bilderberg plans to destroy us so these people are being systematically banned by Zuckerberg and others who fear and hate citizens of the USA.


You Tube is banning people more and more but only if they are conservatives who piss off liberals.  Once again, Louder With Crowder was banned:



Rumble continues with him and I bet the billionaires are desperate to buy Rumble and wreck it.  They can only hold power if they lie, cheat and steal.  Rep. Matt Gaetz is on their ‘destroy this Congressperson’ list:



This ridiculous ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ depends on STEALING MONEY from WORKERS.  This way, it pays for itself!  Nifty, isn’t it?  This is definitely going to blow up in the faces of the DNC Congress critters and their leaders.


I have to go off for eye surgery now.  See everyone later.


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14 responses to “DNC Attacks On All Patriots Continues

  1. Pete

    After while crocodile 🙂

    Good Luck!

  2. Pete

    Biden wants 87,000 more IRS agents
    to make the middle class pay taxes.
    Student loans need to be paid.
    BUT the rich get free PPP loans!

  3. qbutnoa

    Major German media company Deutsche Welle report, MP Wolfgang Kubicki makes sensible(ish) suggestion, public opposition to sanctions is growing. https://www.dw.com/en/nord-stream-2-fdp-lawmaker-slammed-for-suggestion-to-open-pipeline/a-62866955

  4. qbutnoa

    German producer prices increase (jump/surge) break yearly and monthly records – economy on edge of a downturn. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/german-economic-outlook-gloomy-finance-ministry-says-2022-08-18/

  5. qbutnoa

    UK. All online platforms (social media/search engines) must ‘mitigate and manage the risks of harm to individuals’. This ‘harm’ is a new category of speech which is legal but ‘harmful’ in some infinitely vague way to someone somewhere somehow. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-hidden-harms-in-the-online-safety-bill

  6. Petruchio

    The Democrats are doing all of this destructive behavior as a smokescreen. They–and the Republicans–have been overspending and giving tax break after tax break to the uber wealthy and catering to Special Interests like the Big Pharma Industry the Political ‘Ho’ Class can’t kick the can down the road for much longer. Then there is the feeding of the War Machine and the Endless Wars. But the Deep State and their minions don’t want to accept any blame for the mess. They might lose Power if that happens. So they put a doddering Old Fool who has Alzheimer’s– on top of being a ‘Pedo’–and hope the People will dump all the blame on the disposable Ol Joe Biden.

  7. Zeke

    Posters (and host) here got it all figured out — not.

    None of Elaine’s predictions have ever come true.
    Why not get out of the predictions business.
    More a fantasy wishlist.

    Click yur heels feel-good-ism.

    And why not blame the nonexistent’Commies’.

    The Wall came down in ‘89 and the Last Commie got crushed by it.

    Mort main scapegoat ism. Feels good though to vent.

    Why deal with real issues when you can bloviate.

  8. Leftists love to claim there are no communists.

  9. lou

    Who started communism? Jews.

  10. Zeke

    Putin invaded Ukraine to battle Nazis.

    Elaine is fighting Commies.

    What’s next? Goths and Visigoths?

    (Dead men don’t fight back.)

  11. The Ukraine leaders are Nazis. Sheesh.

  12. Petruchio

    Zelensky is Jewish….

  13. lou

    12—- and he is a zionist.

  14. Jews can be Nazis, too. Anyone can be one. A Nazi believes in ‘blood’ not ‘citizenship’ and guess what Israel does!

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