Violent Brooklyn Prospect Park Homeless Man Kills Lady’s Dog, Police Can Do Nothing To Stop Known Criminal

A violent, insane homeless man lives right next to the Prospect Park staff parking lot where he terrorizes park users every day.  The other day, he killed this lady’s dog which was not a pit bull but a breed of dog that doesn’t attack people readily.  She wants him arrested but the police don’t bother since he would not spend even one hour in jail, anyways.  Well, she and her ilk voted for this! They wanted this.  Park Slope has gone totally blue and hates Trump and hates Giuliani and most likely, would hate me, too.  And I stopped crimes in this park and in the streets way back in the 1980’s.  Well, that is now all gone.  Park Slope is a DNC hell hole now.  Whoopee.


I find it very funny that these clueless liberals now want to stop criminals by having…get this…GUARDIAN ANGEL type patrols!


A dogged group of Park Slope pup lovers is forming a Guardian Angels-style safety group in and around Prospect Park in the aftermath of an unhinged hobo’s unprovoked attack on a woman and her pooch, which died of its injuries.


Um, the head of the Guardian Angels ran for mayor and these fools voted against him.  Now, they want his organization to save their sorry asses.


The “Park Slope Panthers” aim to “take the neighborhood back” — and prevent it from going to the dogs.


First step: campaign for the Guardian Angel boss to replace this criminal mayor who is presiding over a massive rise in crime even more than under de Blasio’s misrule.


“In light of people feeling unsafe to use Prospect Park due to recent attacks of both people and dogs, in one case resulting in the death of a dog; and in light of the epidemic of packages being stolen from stoops and lobbies, we want to form a neighborhood watch,” reads a MeetUp description for the newly formed group. “The goal is to be eyes and ears and to take our neighborhood back.”


MY ‘neighborhood watch’ arrested criminals.  We tracked down criminals.  We let them know, we knew where they hung out and would get them.  The patrol group was around 50% black and the black members of our wonderful patrol were mostly ‘working class stiffs’ who did hard labor and were very muscular and knew how to fight thugs.


I not only provided legal representation for our patrols, I did lots of patrols and made a great number of arrests nearly all of which were GROUP EFFORTS.  We knew how to tackle people and thus, bring them down, for example.


Today, thanks 100% to insane liberals, no one, not even police, can run down and tackle anyone, anymore.  This is insane.  Criminals are very often quite violent even murderous.  I have tackled and brought down actual killers that the FBI wanted to catch.  What is going on right now in NYC is ‘you have to pay the piper’ and the fools who hate law and order get to live in lawless hell.  And they richly deserve this.



The police are obeying the Democratic Party demands.  The voters voted for violent criminals who hate America and hate civilization so everyone gets to live in a liberal hell hole.  Liberals often flee their own hell holes and move to safe places and then vote for hellish conditions causing their new homes to be hideous and violent and impossible to live in.  The police know who the criminals are: the Democratic Party.


When I got a bunch of DNC gangsters arrested after Giuliani tapped my phone and got the right to tap all their phones, my own neighborhood ceased having criminals roaming at large.  They stayed away from Park Slope and mainly concentrated on the rest of the city.  I gave speeches all over NYC explaining how to get the protections I then enjoyed after a huge battle to take down the DNC criminals and this worked: eventually enough people woke up and voted for Giuliani.


Voila!  Crime vanished!  They then got rid of Giuliani and voila!  Crime soared back into NYC and now rules the roost.  Easy to understand.  Giuliani, Trump and I all fled the city and they are getting what they deserve.


Here is a close up of Park Slope voting: Nearly 100% DNC.  It was over 70% DNC in the mayoral election which shows me that there are a few sane people in Park Slope.


But they are recent voters for Guardian Angels instead of outright criminals running things.  Here is the Biden ‘election’ that was nearly 100% against Trump:


I don’t feel even slightly sorry for these idiots.  These voters are high income/high IQ and zero street sense idiots.  They can’t figure out the obvious due to thinking they are very smart.  As they destroy NYC, they can’t intellectually figure out that they are destroying the city.  They blame everything on Trump and Giuliani instead of their own, sorry selves.



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16 responses to “Violent Brooklyn Prospect Park Homeless Man Kills Lady’s Dog, Police Can Do Nothing To Stop Known Criminal

  1. Pete

    No gaz for you!

  2. Pete

    Winter is coming


    ELAINE: Good find, Pete! Wow! Talk about quadruple expensive for nearly all of the EU.

  3. Pete

    The Hague wants to buy Russian Gazzz!
    Too Funny 🙂

  4. Zeke

    Elaine, your love of Donald Trump seems to know no bounds.
    If you were in D.C. on Jan. 6 – do you think you would have been among those who stormed the Capital ?
    At his behest.

  5. snoosebomb

    zeke when you get your ass fucked do you enjoy it ?

  6. Zeke


    You unwittingly exposed what’s on your mind. Creepy stuff.
    Are you the res pervert in BC¿

  7. Zeke like his buddy fake female friend, is always off topic and out of his mind.

  8. Zeke


    Apply SoB’s question to yourself – and answer it.

    It seems “getting fucked up the ass “ – is on SoB’s mind – off topic and out of nowhere – but as usual you very stupidly and very selectively apply site rules and you did not object or flag it or censor it .

    Since it is deemed an appropriate post – answer her – – do you, Elaine, like getting fucked up the ass?

    Well played, Elaine, you brought the Loonies down from Canada!

  9. TinaB

    I just said almost the same thing on today’s post. The hypocrisy is real!

  10. Zeke

    Elaine is the Queen of Hypocrisy. Her knuckle dragging minions aren’t smart enough to figure out what is obvious to everyone else.
    She used to be pro-law enforcement but now that her cult leader is lashing out at law enforcement she flipped on a dime and is against law enforcement.
    Now she’s like BLM and wants to defund all levels of law enforcement.
    Whatever the cult leader says – she must do!
    And now she joins receptive anal sodomists like canadian SoB and advocates for that filthy activity.
    There is no depth too low for her to plumb.

    Just like her fable of the policeman shot on her doorstep and kiled – but she is too stupid to know that there are websites that list every police fatality in NYC. And no fatality corresponds to her description or location!. Back when she was supposedly wrassling bad guys to the ground in Brooklyn.
    She’s hilarious and with a vivid imagination – just don’t ask for any details!

  11. Tina and Zeke thinks that if they and their buddies break laws, this is OK. I am for following the CONSTITUTION. Law makers can become law breakers if they violate the CONSTITUTION.

    The left openly says these days, they want to kill the CONSTITUTION. They hate it. They want it replaced with a socialist dictatorship.

    This is why I call them ‘communists’. Also, they literally want to starve/freeze us all to death to ‘save the earth’. This is evil and insane.

    Both are utterly insane at this point, too. All the leftists have gone Pol Pot mad.

  12. Zeke

    Elaine hates America. She hates Life; she hates Truth.
    She loves Trump though with a Satanic death cult fever.
    Her followers wallow in excrement.

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