Out Of Control DOJ Shows Photos Of ‘Secret’ Papers They Stole From Trump


So…Trump ‘hid top secret’ paperwork…in his desk drawer?  Wow, that is a great ‘hiding place’!  The same FBI/DOJ gang that thought Hillary smashing her cell phones and destroying all evidence was ‘not that big a deal’ and they let her walk away from this mess with zero consequences, Trump’s far less ‘security violations’ are being pursued as if this was a major crime, not stupid paperwork problems easily solved.  And this is also a problem with all ‘state secrets’: 90% of these are about stuff the government wants to hide from voters!  And the DNC has many secrets they want kept hidden.


When I was still a legal child, I uncovered all the details of Operation Paperclip.  It was very super-top secret not to hide US crimes but to HIDE Nazi crimes!  Namely, the horrors of the Nazi rocket program.  Our government wanted to hide these war crimes so we could use Nazi rocket scientists who were given new names and fake ID information so people didn’t know these were Nazi war criminals.  Even as some savvy people made fun of the German accents of these people, no one knew exactly the war crimes they committed at the rocket caves outside of Jena, Germany.


I knew these former Nazis both in the US and in Germany.  I grew up playing with their children in the 1950’s.  I knew since early childhood, my father would go into a freak out and be nonfunctional every May 1st.  This turned out to be due to the anniversary of him going into the secret rocket caves in Germany at the end of WWII.  He was severely traumatized by this.


In 1968 when I began making speeches about all this in public when still a technical ‘child’ the government told the media and everyone else, I was making up stuff about Nazis.  I was still very young and didn’t realize how dire this stupid secret stuff was. After 50 years of me demanding they open the files for ‘Operation Paperclip’ they did a very redacted form of this leaving out all the ugly details.  Like 99% of all ‘state secrets’ this one was secret for hideous reasons not noble reasons.


Meanwhile, the Bilderberg gang continues their fake ‘global warming’ hysteria, desperate to kill off most Americans:



It is so hot, hot Australia is having record cold this month: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-14/alice-springs-record-breaking-winter-below-zero-bom/101237700


Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Billy Lynch said the frosty Alice Springs nights were set to continue.  Plumbing businesses around Alice Springs have been fielding dozens of calls a day to repair burst pipes that have frozen overnight.


I just learned that Virginia has a law saying, that state has to have the same gasoline laws as California and California is going to outlaw all gas cars in less than 13 years:  https://www.foxnews.com/media/gov-youngkin-vows-fight-ludicrous-law-tying-virginia-california-ban-gas-powered-cars


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Tuesday vowed to fight back against a law that would require Virginians to follow California’s “ludicrous” plan to ban gasoline-powered cars and require all new vehicles in the state to run on electricity by 2035.


Europe is being cut off from gas and oil at a very fast rate now:



Russia says, the EU wants this!  They don’t want nasty gas or oil at all. Gas and oil are evil, ask that Greta kiddie.  She is certain this is evil and wants it to end, now.  Putin agrees.  Suddenly, the EU Bilderberg gang members changed gears, they want gas and oil!  They need gas and oil!  How dare Russia cease selling gas and oil to them all!  This is evil!


Here is Russia’s reply:  https://www.rt.com/business/561860-russia-halts-gas-deliveries-nord-stream/


The flow of gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline was suspended due to routine maintenance on Wednesday, Russian company Gazprom has said.


These ‘repairs’ are happening every month.  Every time the EU thinks the oil and gas will resume, Putin finds a flaw in the system and down it goes.  Too bad, Komraden.  Sie mussen sterben, ja?  Ist gut!


Russia is selling this gas and oil to China:  https://www.infowars.com/posts/china-is-aggressively-reselling-russian-gas-to-europe/


Hilariously, it also means that instead of being dependent on Russia for gas, Europe is now becoming dependent on Beijing instead for its energy – which is still Russian gas, only this time imported from China – which makes a mockery of US geopolitical ambitions to defend a liberal international order with its own energy exports.


And the EU gets this but has to pay a tremendous amount more than when they got it from evil Russia:


Worse, while Europe could buy Russian LNG for price X, it instead has to pay 2X, 3X or more, just to virtue signal to the world that it won’t fund Putin’s regime, when in reality is is paying extra to both Xi and to Putin, who is collecting a premium price thanks to the overall market scarcity.


This is why Xi whose economy is in full collapse, is grateful to Putin and will do whatever Putin suggests.  Here is the funniest news story of the 21st century:



So, France is at war with Russia but Russia shouldn’t be at war with France?  I am very confused now.  I thought the EU wanted this war and demanded this war and said they would fight until the last Russian living in  Ukraine for the last 200 years is chased out!  How dare Ukraine split in two like Czech/Slovakia or other EU entities!  They all can split along religious/language lines but not Ukraine!


Europe is insane now.  They can’t threaten Russia, Russia is a major nuclear power with considerable rocket availability for launching nukes.  The EU is smaller than Russia and they can’t win WWIII.  WWIII will utterly annihilate all of Europe.  The EU ‘armies’ are 90% US armies and our country is heading into civil war as the communists freak out as they lose power.  They are utterly desperate to destroy the US internally.  This is why they are hounding Trump and protecting Clinton, for example, protecting the criminal operations of the Biden gang family who collect a billion in bribes overseas, too, just like the Clintons and Obamas.


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17 responses to “Out Of Control DOJ Shows Photos Of ‘Secret’ Papers They Stole From Trump

  1. Jim R

    Once again, for the slow learners:
    Trump did not steal any “secrets”.

    The reason is that, as chief executive, he is the final arbiter of what is secret. He has legal access to all the marbles.

  2. Kerry

    on/off, red/blue, yes/no, flip/flop

    That is the controllers pushing you back and forth.

    Whenever they want anyone to do something, they give a choice between two really bad things…one worse than the other. People are too incensed to realize what is happening.

    This is just a show. They made it up. Trump is just an actor. They didn’t photograph anything that was illegal.

    IGNORE it and pay attention to what is in your immediate circle of influence. That is the only way to beat these fiends back. They have only built a world of fake interconnection via mass media. If we ignore it, we ignore them and starve them of power.

  3. Pete

    Bringing us together LOL

  4. Pete

    Former FBI employee arrested
    for child molestation:

  5. Zeke

    Trump gets to use the marbles – while in player status – – not keep the marbles and take them home with him.

    His status now is “private citizen” and he is no more entitled to take possession of presidential items than you.

    He was not elected ‘President for Life’ or Dictator.

    Evidently that something that he and you can’t comprehend.


  6. shawntoh

    This is the Rev. Shawn…

    Let’s pray, O Children of THE GREAT MYSTERY (that means everyone past, present and future) …

    “Lord, please don’t let them drop that atomic bomb on me…

    STOP IT!”

    Peace Be Upon All Who Read This Posting…

  7. Nina

    New York City is struggling to cope with all the migrants being bussed in from Texas.

    7,600 migrants have arrived in the city since May. 5,700 of those migrants are now staying in the city’s shelters, and on top of that the city also has to provide shelter to 52,000 homeless people.

  8. Pete

    You can’t make this stuff up!
    Just after saying no gas cars after 2035…
    Cali bans elec car charging during heat wave!

  9. qbutnoa

    Immigrants complaining life in the West nearly as bad as back home, dangerous conditions. https://www.dw.com/en/dutch-asylum-center-disaster-housing-crisis-and-politics-to-blame-for-ter-apel-crisis/a-62979784

  10. lou

    I found this,
    I saw a pub in the UK got a yearly power bill of 58,000 pounds this week. They immediately went out of business.
    They said 3/4 of the pubs in the UK might go out of business.
    I predict climate lockdowns in the winter in the UK and Europe – along with tens of thousands of freezing deaths.

  11. qbutnoa

    ems= “Europe is insane now. They can’t threaten Russia…”, The EU and Germany are weak, so https://www.reuters.com/world/germany-says-it-will-expand-military-presence-indo-pacific-2022-08-31/

  12. Zeke

    @ lou;
    “I predict climate lockdowns in the winter in the UK and Europe – along with tens of thousands of freezing deaths.”
    You always predict doom & gloom + it never comes to pass.

    You remind me of the fraud fortune tellers on the Boardwalk.

  13. Zeke thinks the communists won’t freeze/starve HIM to death! HAHAHA.

  14. lou

    12–It is difficult to envision that fate, when the shelves are full of food. and 20 years ago, the food was cheap. now food prices are climbing.


  15. Zeke

    @ Fools,

    Ya can gold leaf yer turds – but they’re still turds.

    Ooowww I’m soooo afraid of the commies trying to starve and freeze me to death (not).

    Putin rationalized invading Ukraine claiming he was battling Nazis. Elaine claims she’s fighting commies.

    Didn’t you ever notice that Zeke is one of the few sane, non-hysterical posters at this site?

    One unifying factor they have is putrid Trump adoration. TDS.
    The orange buffoon has subsumed their entities.

    Will he do jail time for Jan.6 ….. or …… for his purloined papers – flushed and strewn?

  16. lou

    Coordinated censorship, etc.: there is a picture about three years back showing Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt of Google, Dorsey, Obama, and a host of others seated around a table together in Davos at a World Economic Forum gathering clanking glasses of champagne.

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