Rich Democrats Continue To Howl With Rage About Letting Illegal Aliens Invade Their Palaces

The above tweet is from a NBC news female (or trans or something) person who agreed with a ‘Latino foundation to help refugees’ that illegal aliens are TRASH.  These communist leftists view all humans except for themselves and their cadres as ‘trash’ which is why universally, all communist regimes starve/freeze millions of victims to death.  This tweet is typical of the mindless hate of the left.  They hate even their closest buddies and allies, the army of illegal aliens they are importing.


I harp on this because of history, bloody history.  When in power, all communists turn on the ‘workers’ and turn them into slaves!  This happens every time without fail.


The entire DNC gang has very stupidly decided to call the moving of illegal aliens to one of the richest islands in the USA, Martha’s billionaire Vineyard, a terrible crime which hurts CHILDREN who would were forced to see how the richest people on earth really live in many palaces!  Oh, the horror!


Longtime Martha’s Vineyard residents hailed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to relocate migrants to the vacation island as a way of highlighting President Biden’s border crisis — with one suggesting Friday that ex-President Barack Obama’s $12 million estate should have been used as a processing center.


A lot of us thought that Obama should have welcomed them into his home, all of them.  Instead, he remained totally silent and continues silent.


Resident Elizabeth Osborn Bostrom told The Post that she “stayed out of town most of the day “to avoid the commotion.


“People here leave their doors open. It’s safe and there’s no real crime, usually,” she said.  “I’m not upset they came here, but I’m a little wary. I have my doors locked.”


I say, all illegal aliens should be moved to the richest DNC voting venues from now on.  With no exceptions.  All should be relocated in these ‘sanctuaries’.  Most of Martha’s Vineyard housing is empty in winter.  63% empty!  Claims that there is no room there for invaders is a lie.


California Governor Newsom spoke up about this ‘terrible invasion of Martha’s Vineyard by illegal aliens’ and how evil it was for Florida to send these aliens to a DNC enclave that has many rich people and many empty homes, most of the year, in winter:


This insane Bilderberg gangster also wants to ‘debate’ the Governor of Florida which is hilarious.  I would absolutely love to see this debate!  Newsom’s buddy, AOC, wants to debate DeSantis, too.  Two of the dumbest Democrats (all are dumb) would be a cake walk for DeSantis.



I agree!  Sending ‘refugees’ to the richest neighborhoods in the USA is a crime against humanity.  Why?  Because they were sent there, unarmed, so they couldn’t loot the places before being deported to US criminal hell hole cities!  Now they are being relocated to the ‘proper place’ for criminals breaking into our country: NYC and all other DNC hell holes.



Alexandria Occasionally a Cortez’s mother came here basically illegally.  All of the Broad Squad in the DNC party in Congress are recent arrivals here.  They hate the US legal systems and want to replace our government with communism.  This is a grave danger to all of us since all communist regimes kill many, many citizens when they take over countries.


The rigorous lessons for new immigrants which were required years ago have disappeared.  Here is a professor talking about how modern students know virtually nothing about the actual Constitution due to nothing being taught about this in schools which these days, teach mainly stuff about deviant sex, instead:


Professor Giordano Joins Tucker Carlson on Fox News


Early on in my teaching career, I found that students came into college lacking a basic understanding of the founding of our country, the Constitution, the roles and responsibilities of our institutions, and the core American political philosophies, including concepts of liberty and freedom.


They know every detail about deviant sex.  It is wildly successful.  Students cheerfully discuss deviant sex in schools now and according to one poll, up to 40% of these students now claim they are deviant sex people, too!


I decided the best way to measure my students’ understanding of the American government was to issue two assignments. On the first day of class, I give my students a citizenship exam asking very basic questions about our founding and our system of governance. Some of the questions include:


Who is the Speaker of the House?
Which branch of government has the power to declare war?
Who is considered the father of the Constitution?
How many Supreme Court Justices are there?
What safeguard is in place to prevent one branch of government from becoming much more powerful than the other branches?
All of the following are guaranteed rights under the First Amendment, except?

The overwhelming majority of students fail the exam. After twelve years of administering this exam, only 348 students have passed out of 2,176. A shameful indictment of our K-12 education system.


This is very deliberate.  This is why we see young LAWYERS assailing Congress three years ago, screaming about how much they hate the Constitution and want communist dictatorships, instead.  Here is an example of this childish behavior of young ‘lawyers’ who are actually communist ideologies:



These insane females sucked down the fake stories about the Supreme Court Judge with zero proof that he was a ‘rapist’ when he was a teenager.  These creatures are hoping to be LAWYERS and are the dumbest females on earth.   And that poor man is a Democrat who originally was going for the proper legal procedures but changed his mind due to emotional females who sucked down total lies and believed these with zero proofs.




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21 responses to “Rich Democrats Continue To Howl With Rage About Letting Illegal Aliens Invade Their Palaces

  1. Pete

    RAND corp document leaked to Swedish
    publication. Allegedly shows the US planned
    these sanctions to destroy Germany.

  2. qbutnoa

    OT. England, Leicester. On 28 August there was a cricket match (Asia Cup) between India and Pakistan, played in Dubai, India won. Leicester is known as ‘culturally diverse’ and is heavily populated by Asians from India and Pakistan, they do not like each other (not one little bit). Since the 28th, there has been serious disorder, only stopping short of riots due to a heavy police presence and the situation seems to be getting worse.

  3. qbutnoa

    @1. Thanks for posting that Pete.

  4. lou

    1– US planned these sanctions to destroy Germany.


    4–Is about arsons.

  5. qbutnoa

    @5. WHY?
    As I understand it, the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”. Based on the fact that Russian natural gas/oil is (or was) piped straight to Germany in huge amounts and very cheaply, this means Russia is in, the Americans are out, and the Germans are up.

  6. snoosebomb

    for TinaB a pleasant musical interlude , enjoy

  7. Pete

    I can’t post

  8. Pete

  9. Pete

  10. Yes, chaos is growing as events happen. The collapse of the EU has just begun. The real grind is in winter. Yes, there is energy there still to use but it is now very expensive. And will remain expensive until surrender to Russia.

    I hope people figure this out eventually. Their leaders won’t. These have to be removed.

  11. qbutnoa

    @2. Situation in the city of Leicester has not improved, police sent back (redivert = very serious) from the funeral in London Sunday night. I expect an overwhelming police presence starting in the next 24 hours (now the funeral is over). I do not know if this will make things better or worse.

  12. qbutnoa

    @13. Leicester, many police have arrived in the city, situation reported as ‘quite’. Some men arrested, prosecuted and jailed (minimal sentence) within 48 hours = impressive, social media blamed. Heavy police presence will remain for the duration.

  13. The Queen’s funeral cost a fortune. The British public which is facing economic annihilation due to high inflation and collapse of economy will be forced to pay for all this fancy antsy junk around this ridiculous funeral.

    This, in turn, will probably cause the storming of the many palaces where the royals hang out, away from peasants.

    I will note that many during the funeral yapped about how the rich queen took care of everyone. HAHAHA. Right-o, chaps!

  14. lou

    The Queen’s funeral cost a fortune.
    And many commoners could not get enough of it.
    bread n circuses.

  15. qbutnoa

    “many commoners could not get enough of it.
    bread n circuses”
    Lou, you have to understand the unprecedented and total 100% blanket coverage of her death and life (minus the bad bits) in the UK media – demanding absolute obedience (from the white natives). They even stopped the football (so we had nothing else to watch) and allowed Harry & Megan to attend which increased viewing figures no end. Also, let’s face it, she was popular (in some quarters) and everybody likes a lavish procession, the pomp and ceremony, all the famous people, it was an interesting do. There was very little bread, and now it is over.

  16. The elites hope to end the war in Ukraine by October 31. This is pure Napoleonism. General Winter is around the corner.

    In Russia, young men are very angry about the draft. What is left out of the news is, UKRAINE youths are also very angry with the draft there, too!

    So gloating that Putin will be destroyed by this while Ukraine’s dictator is also facing uprisings for the exact same reasons, is sad.

    I do real news here. We are at a classic ‘inflection point’ here. All sides want to win before Winter. Winter always wins, in the end.

    HINT: Russians have food and fuel. The EU does NOT have sufficient food and fuel.

  17. qbutnoa

    @20. London based Islamist preacher, Mohammed Hijab (from Egypt), makes threats, but does not ‘condone or advocate for any violence and disharmony’, things still tense.

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