Donbass Republics To Vote For Union With Russia, NATO Flips Out


NATO has been talking about annexing Ukraine so they would have more control over Russia.  So Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine.  Now, Russia is going to ask the people there who rules them all. I have pointed out in the past over and over again, nearly all EU countries do this.  They split along ethnic/religious and language lines!  They do this ALL the time!  The last 200 years has seen vast shifts and changes in country lines and compositions over and over again.  The EU was supposed to stop this by allowing everyone to be separate but equal. Which was a fiction.


It appears that NATO wants to have WWIII in order to stop Russia from uniting with the voters in Donbass.  All the promises and treaties with Russia were violated long ago by NATO expansion.  As Europe collapses, they hope to fix this collapse via fighting WWIII with one of the three largest NUCLEAR ARSENAL NATIONS on earth.  Europe will not survive WWIII, of course.  But then, who over there is using their brains anymore?


Their powerful, rich leaders including the new ‘king’ of England all think we are going to roast to death unless we stop using fossil fuels, eating hamburgers or drinking milk.  We have to eliminate all this and eat bugs and dirt, instead!  Anyone reading my news service knows my opinion on all this: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.


The media and people are fawning all over the new ‘king’ who wants to live in vast multiple palaces, drive around in heavily armored vehicles and travel all over kingdom come, warning peasants that they are destroying the earth…and here we are, being angry with Russia because Russian speaking people who are the same as in Russia want to be part of Russia?


TASS, the Russian news service:


Donbass is interested in the legitimacy of the accession referendum procedure, and in their approval by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS, LPR envoy to Russia Rodion Miroshnik said Tuesday. Representatives of the media, including foreign ones, will be invited to the referendum, and the regions also requested organizational aid from Russia and other states.


According to a phone poll, carried out by the National Institute for Opinion Surveys and Marketing (INSOMAR) on September 19 among 4,000 respondents, LPR’s accession is supported by 83% of residents, DPR’s accession is backed by 80%, while 72% and 65% of respondents favor accession in Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions, correspondingly.


Meanwhile, the NY Times which supported the break away from Russia provinces is furious that these three provinces want to break away from Ukraine:


This is insanity.  The demand that these three places must be ruled by Nazis in Kiev is insane.  Russia willingly let many provinces leave their nation in the past.  But the reverse is not allowed, is it?  Few people in the US understand all this due to fake news or one-sided news that we get here and of course, most Russian news is now censored and we can’t see it at all or have to seek it out, carefully.  Here is harsh reality:


From Florida last year, the battle over CRT Critical Race Theory, raged:



Vice News is losing money and fired many staff.  They still can put out stupid stories!  This won’t stop until bankrupt.  So, according to these clowns,  Florida’s conservatives can’t define what ‘Critical Race Theory’ is but this is stupid since those three words are communist words for society.  Suddenly, the leftists are not longer talking about ‘Critical Race Theory’ because they are scared.  The next step is to falsely claim, no one on the left knows about this CRT thing and didn’t know about it and it was a spook story cooked up by conservatives out of thin air.  This is childish and stupid, blaming others for failed liberal beliefs and policies!


The snotting narrator sneers that CRT is about only ‘race’ and not communism.  But the SOLUTIONS for CRT that the leftists are pushing is…COMMUNISM!!!!  I recognize these ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ issues because I was a leftist at Berkeley long ago when these schemes were cooked up and debated.  I watched them develop these ‘ideas’ which were basically Maoism. They no longer wave Mao’s Little Red Book like they did back in 1970 when they assailed me as I gave a speech back then.


They hide it now, carefully, so unsuspecting people can be fooled.  Meanwhile, we slide into WWIII with Russia while doing insane things to each other at home!


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12 responses to “Donbass Republics To Vote For Union With Russia, NATO Flips Out

  1. qbutnoa

    UK, PM Liz Truss is happy, difficult decisions, unpopular things, post-Brexit shake-up (only one thing has changed), City of London rules, cap on bankers bonuses to be lifted, spurring economic growth, delivering for the people, rich get richer.

  2. lou

    Massive COVID fraud revealed in Minnesota

    Feds not releasing pictures of arrested third worlders

  3. qbutnoa

    Holland, Dutch king Willem-Alexander, annual Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day) government speech, worrying public opinion polls, anger, losing faith, faltering trust, uncertainty growing, Russia blamed, rare public jeering/boos/rude greetings of Dutch royals from malcontents = farmers.

  4. Jim R

    If it’s Uncle Sam taking over Iraq or Libya, they’ll start out by bombing the country into the stone age. First day or two. And nobody complains.

    The poorly kept secret in the Ukraine is that it’s really NATO, trying not to look like it’s doing anything, vs. Russia, trying to look like it’s a police action to ‘denazify’ the country. Both sides in a ‘limited’ war. Now it looks like Russia is removing the velvet gloves.

    The question here is, what will NATO do when it looks like they’re going to get kicked out of the Ukraine? And as an interesting sub-story, what will NATO member Turkey do?

  5. John Culhane

    Currently Russian conscripts are not allowed officially to fight in the frontline i.e. outside Russia. The Russians have a manpower shortage, while the Ukrainians have a weapons shortage. This limits both armies. The manpower shortage is forcing the Russians to fallback, hence the referendum to “officially” make the oblasts part of Russia so they can pull more men into the meat grinder and stabilise their front lines. Hence the rush to hold the “referendum”, easy “victory” when you have driven out many of the previous inhabitants as refugees.


    And the end is obvious, many times. Russians who were suddenly in Ukraine via lines drawn by diplomats have to change these lines violently over the years.

    Ukraine’s western half isn’t the same as the eastern half. In today’s EU, it is OK for countries to split along ethnic/religious lines which is what is happening in Ukraine.

    Only, as I point out regularly, they are not allowed to do this in Ukraine! Why not?

    And this is how world wars start. Stupidity.

  7. John Culhane

    The Russians made the same mistake as Donald Rumsfeld did in Iraq. Too few men and extended their tours resulting in many such as doctors quitting.

  8. Jim R

    @6 Elaine,

    I expect the Russians to go for control over the west half of Ukraine as well as the east half. They don’t want a festering pustule of nazis to remain right next to Russia.

    Of course, the eastern half will vote to become part of the Russian Federation. Like Crimea. Russia will probably also include Odessa, and will make a land connection with Transnistria.

    But after this past decade of constant provocation, importing weapons, shelling Donetsk, running germ war labs etc., Russia is going to want to control the western half as well. They may not move in and occupy the place, but it won’t be free to build military bases.

  9. lou

    8–Nazis?? Ukraine is run by a zionist jew who wants his land to be part of greater Israel.

  10. Jim R

    Ukraine is apparently the home of many self-hating Zionazis.

  11. JT

    Russian friend of mine told a joke yesterday.

    I got the announcement in the mail, so we are going to war.
    – Who are we going to war with?
    – Yes naturally, but against who?

  12. qbutnoa

    @3. Holland, family run bakery, energy costs up fivefold (official inflation 12%), Russia blamed, profits vanished, working only to pay energy bills, customers will not pay for the price increase (so lower sales), other bakeries going bust, government slow to react, help needed now, many Dutch households at risk of being pushed below the poverty line due to soaring energy bills = Not only the farmers will be booing.

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