FBI Whistle Blowers Reveal DNC Abuses Of FBI Powers


Many FBI agents are now going to Republican prosecutors to explain how the communists in the FBI are deliberately ‘investigating’ citizens while dropping investigations of dreadful crimes like sexual abuse of children, for example.  The FBI spends tremendous sums of money, time and staff to go after Trump and his associates.  The DOG Inspector General (sort of like who Rudi Giuliani was when he went after very corrupt DNC politicians in NYC in 1980) is not investigating the FBI.  He went after the FBI agent who filed the complaint and showed the proofs.


Now the Inspector General is not under fire and should be fired and charged with treason like all these clowns destroying the USA.


Framing citizens and charging them with misdemeanors after chucking them all into prisons is disgusting because at the same time, DNC DAs and police and mayors, etc. release daily an army of criminals back into the streets even when these people are raping, murdering and kidnapping, etc.



Trump can’t believe the FBI is trying to get away with blatant KGB tactics. Well, hate to enlighten him, the FBI did this back in the 1960’s!  I was there back then and tangled with them, back then.  Not to mention, afterwards, too.



Gutfeld jokes about all this and it is funny in a horrible way.  The RINOs are increasingly terrified of their own voter base who are demanding they go after the DNC gang instead of coddling them.



Communist teachers and staff are turning schools into training grounds for Maoist political warfare.  The children are being taught to hate others and to be extremely racist.  I have been pointing out how modern leftist ‘race think’ is profoundly racist.  Now blacks are told they are superior to all other races instead of genetic differentials are different between various races depending on life cycle differences.


That is, the best runners on earth are from Africa where everyone went on foot, not even on horses, for millions of years, for example.  Survival of the fittest meant best, strongest runners survived and thrived.  Ghetto Jews in cruel Christian dominated cities had to be very clever to survive so to this day, Jewish people have a fairly high intellectual abilities.


The list how evolution works to create various human types is very long and understanding this is great!  But using this information to attack various races is…racism.  Racism is practiced today against European white males, for example.

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