EU And US Continue Child Sex Enabling While Russia Prepares For General Winter To Enter The Arena


Child porn is OK to Patreon, the online website that supposedly enables people to raise money for their websites.  But Patreon started censoring and defunding all conservatives using this service while at the same time, even the most evil and illegal (child porn is 100% illegal) were allowed to fundraise online at Patreon.  I am terrified about this blatant child porn being peddled by ‘moms’ who collect loot from Patreon for this ‘service’.  Liberals have decided that abortion is good and child sex even better at this point in time.  It appears, according to what they are now celebrating and enabling.


A safe space school in the US has devised this website for children to go to if they feel someone is sexually abusing or threatening them and this website is run by leftists who show all sorts of deviant or child sex stuff to look at.



Major entertainment services online have been showing obvious child porn especially in the EU.  ‘Cuties’ was considered legal porn because outright sex was not shown though one of the little girls was declared ‘pregnant’ while underage and acting sexually suggestive adult ‘dances’ on stage for adults to watch:



As a reminder how far down the sewer the Bilderberg media has gone these days, here is CNN back two years ago, claiming that child porn is OK and even good for people to watch:



This clown, Stelter, is no longer ruling the roost as CNN dies as a news service.  He is no longer at CNN, he is now at the Harvard Kennedy School of Drowning Innocent Young Ladies at Martha’s Vineyard:



He is going to teach young communist radical students how to cover child porn correctly via lying about it while doing it.  Great move, Harvard.  Here is a funny tweet from the Shorenstein Center at Hard-on Harvard:



The communists spend all their time, polarizing everyone.  They even turned into huge, hulking, white-furred animals roaming icebergs, seeking children to rape.  These polar creatures are extremely polarizing.  What this particular clown, Darr, wants to do is ELIMINATE all other people from publishing, being online or anything public.


Nonstop communist liberalism will be the only junk allowed.  Now for a word from a very brave woman and mother in Congress who is fighting the entire Bilderberg gang child rapists:



Meanwhile, as Pelosi works hard to enable illegal aliens to enter and then vote in our elections is worried about the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.  Obviously, she is insane.  She wants one that says, anyone entering the US legally or illegally or is a citizen elsewhere, should be allowed to vote even vote overseas via mail in ballots:



We see all over US media Russian difficulties, the growing war, Russians demonstrating against Putin, all sorts of stuff while NOTHING shows up in US media about the EU collapsing slowly but during winter, it will be very swiftly, off the economic and survival cliff as EU residents (there are no real citizens anymore) are panicking and desperately searching for something to burn this winter:




Food and fuel inflation is skyrocketing in Europe now.  Worse, a lot of this will soon be unavailable at any price.  Russia knows winter is their best time to win wars and impatiently await the inevitable arrival of General Winter.  The EU is utterly unprepared for all this due to the Green junk about global warming.


I bet everyone is going to be crying desperately for global warming this winter.  This is so ridiculous.



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18 responses to “EU And US Continue Child Sex Enabling While Russia Prepares For General Winter To Enter The Arena

  1. Pete

    EU is collapsing!

  2. qbutnoa

    Italy, Silvio Berlusconi (bunga bunga), long term friend of Putin, Zelensky government not decent people, sanctions on Russia bringing Italy to its knees.

  3. Pete

    Ursula waves the stick!

  4. Pete

    Europeans looking for firewood!

  5. Nina

    There is nothing democratic about the EU. It has always been about depriving countries of their right to self determination.

  6. Zeke

    Putin’s Russia is collapsing rapidly now.
    The dictator Putin has killed more of his would be ‘rivals’. ‘Falling’ out windows, etc.
    Young draft age men are fleeing Russia refusing to fight as conscripts in Putin’s illegitimate “‘special military maneuver”’ or whatever the hell he insists on calling it. They are crossing the border, leaving the country.
    The end is nigh.
    War criminal, if captured alive, must be tried at the High Court.

    The criminal Putin is now pushing sham elections.
    This is all collapsing rapidly now.

  7. snoosebomb

    rumor from armstrong ec. . coup ongoing in china

  8. Jim R

    @7 & 8,

    Sounds like fake news. Not that Panda-poo is all that popular in China, but he seems to be fully in control. Meeting with other Asian leaders in Samarkand recently — planning the ‘New Silk Road’ project — annoying and following US military around Taiwan, etc.

    China seems to be humming along, and enjoying all the industry we outsourced to them since Reagan was in the Whitehouse. Everything from iron and steel, to plastics, to computers/electronics, to germ war labs (thanks Fauci).. China is just fine, thanks.

  9. snoosebomb

    could be , will see

  10. qbutnoa

    @7. The CCP does have internal party problems, always has, always will, so anything is possible.

  11. qbutnoa

    Daily Mail newspaper, Peter Hitchens opinion piece, questions UK involvement in Ukraine and the war against Putin = rare dissent allowed in the UK mainstream press (no comments allowed).

  12. Pete

    Voting in Ukraine

  13. Pete

  14. Zeke

    Cheap ploy.
    Italians have a recent fickle turncoat history of changing ‘loyalty’ like underwear.
    Although it makes Putin happy to have dissent and fracture outside of Russia he does not tolerate similar inside Russia, to wit forcing sham ‘vote’ to enfold independent countries to come under Putin’s criminal and murderous control inside Russia.
    Putin’s antics are clear to any unbiased intelligent observer.


    Economic chaos is spreading rapidly. China is not doing well, the stupid communist fears of the covid germs is causing chaos to spread there, too. Yesterday, a bus carrying citizens of China to a covid detention camp crashed, killing most of the civilians the military was moving under armed guard due to GERMS!

    This is insane!

    The EU leaders were doing pretty much the same, too, hoping to stop germs which failed utterly.

  16. lou


  17. “Russia knows winter is their best time to win wars and impatiently await the inevitable arrival of General Winter.”
    Only if Russia is invaded. Now the Russians will be cold, hungry, and out of fuel an ammunition. If I was a Russian soldier I’d want to get to the front as soon as I could so I could surrender.

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