Death Valley, Dead Sea, California San Andreas, Ukraine Political Fissures All Very Active Lately


California has yet another flurry of earthquakes on the San Andreas fault systems and its side fissures and this, during our buildup to WWIII in Europe due to encouraging West Ukrainians to fight the East Ukrainians to the final solution of total death.  This is insane, in Europe, all nations without exception are spitting apart, England from Scotland is a fine example of this.  But no former Russian ‘country’ is allowed to split in two!  Nope, we will fight WWIII to prevent that!  Also I talk about hurricanes as a possible major hurricane heads towards Cuba, a country we won’t see in the news much or mentioned due to Cold War anger at communists there.


The latest quake right on the Tejon Pass where the San Andreas Fault transitions from the Central Valley to the complex of lakes along the San Andreas where it passes to the east of LA and down to the Gulf of California.  The Tejon Pass is smack dab in the center of the San Andreas fault which has been frozen in place since the mid-19th century, over 150 years ago.


I was taking a screenshot of the exact place where the quake happened and saw this truck with the huge arrow pointing to where the quake happened!  Serendipity time!


A short way from the photo above, looking south, we can see the color of the topsoil on the Pacific side is light and the topsoil on the North American side of the San Andreas is dark.



Where continents are being torn apart, we have below sea level elevations.  The second lowest point on the earth is here, just east of the San Andreas Faultline:



Badwater Basin is in a place we call ‘Death Valley.’  This is the second lowest place on earth.  The very lowest place below sea level in the world has a very similar name:



Note how both the Dead Sea and Death Valley are the lowest places on earth!  Both places are where two separate landmasses are moving apart.  As Africa slowly crushes Europe making the Mediterranean Sea smaller and tighter, the fissures along the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba is where the earth is splitting apart, too.   And note how both have water so toxic, no life forms can live there, too.



Both Jordan and Israel have highways running from the ports at the Gulf of Aqaba all the way up to the Dead Sea with a barrier between both sides of the fissure.  Here is the Jordan side, looking west and east:



This view of the earth shows clearly the mountains on the Jordan side are dark, the ones on the Israel side are light in color and there are odd geological formations on the very cutting edge of the Sinai side:



On the western side of this continental split is this feature called ‘Hidden Lake’ which is a very deep fissure in the earth:



This interesting intersection being torn apart by titanic forces is one of the oldest copper mines on earth:



There is great mineral wealth here just like in California, for example.  Anywhere the earth grinds against each other’s tectonic plates, we get fabulous wealth.  These fissures are also hot spots not only for weather which is very hot, indeed, but also by thousands of years of warfare fighting to this very day, for control of these fissure regions in the Eurasian/African plates.


On to the weather now: tropical storm Ian might turn into a category 3 or higher hurricane in the next 48 hours as it aims for western Cuba where it is likely to cross directly at full speed:


The deepest waters of the Gulf of Mexico will fuel this hurricane to high speed winds and monumental rains:



We shall see how far the eye of the hurricane will be when it passes over western Cuba.  Havana is very close to where the eye is going to pass according to the hurricane weather watchers.  The last major hurricane to directly hit Havana was in 1846:



This hurricane was a category 5 event:


The 1846 Havana hurricane (also known as the Great Havana hurricane of 1846, San Francisco de Borja hurricane and The Great Gale of 1846) was the most intense tropical cyclonein recorded history for 78 years and the first known Category 5-strength hurricane to strike Cuba. The first indications of the formation of a disturbance were first noted on 5 October in the Caribbean Sea, but little else was known until the storm approached Cuba on 10 October. There, it brought extreme winds and the lowest known atmospheric pressure of the time – 938 mbar (27.70 inHg) – a record which remained unbroken until the development of a later cyclone in 1924. It soon curved toward Florida, where it maintained its intensity, continuing to rapidly hasten northward along the East Coast of the United States to New England. It entered an extratropical transition while situated over New York on 13 October, producing intense Category 2-force winds and unusually little precipitation. Eventually, the gale dissipated over the Canadian Maritimes the following day as a markedly weaker storm.


Another event like this was the 1924 Cuba hurricane:


The 1924 Cuba hurricane is the earliest officially classified Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on the Saffir–Simpson scale (SSHS), as well as the first Atlantic hurricane with sustained wind speeds of at least 135, 140, and 145 knots (155, 160, and 165 miles per hour). It is also one of two hurricanes to make landfall on Cuba at Category 5 intensity, the other being Hurricane Irma in 2017 – both are also tied for the strongest Cuban landfall in terms of maximum sustained winds. The hurricane formed on October 14 in the western Caribbean, slowly organizing as it tracked northwestward. By October 16, the storm attained hurricane status to the east of the Yucatán Peninsula, and subsequently executed a small counterclockwise loop. On Friday, October 18, the hurricane intensified rapidly and, on the next day, reached an estimated peak intensity of 165 mph (270 km/h). Shortly thereafter, it struck extreme western Cuba at peak intensity, becoming the strongest hurricane on record to hit the country. Later the hurricane weakened greatly, striking southwestern Florida with winds of 90 mph (150 km/h) in a sparsely populated region. While crossing the state it weakened to tropical storm status, and after accelerating east-northeastward, it was absorbed by a cold front on October 23, to the south of Bermuda.


I see a pattern here: every 100 years this happens and it is nearly exactly 100 years since the last event!  Telegraph tower destroyed by high winds in Havana:



Over 2,000 people died in this hurricane.  Here is the severe damage just west of Havana:




I tried and tried to locate Cuban news services so I could see what they were talking about with this hurricane but Google censors this so there is nothing.  Here is Democracy Now which loves all communists, being rather dense when it comes to any real economic issues or sheer survival, doing its best to support communism:



Cuba wants to end the US embargo which is a stupid embargo.  If we want to topple communism, opening up communications and other things will improve everything.  The EU cutting its own nose off with Russia is a fine example.    A lot of Russian news is now not assessable to me thanks to US controllers of the internet maliciously denying me access to normal news services from Russia.


This is all very, very stupid.  Knowing what is going on is a million times better than denying all information in the hopes of peddling only propaganda.



The Bilderberg gang is refusing any negotiations with Russia now.  So we have more wars.  This is in the long run very dangerous for the EU which is filled with masses of people who speak many languages and have a long long history of fighting over border designs for the last 3,000 years.



This ‘wonderful’ weapons are going to trigger WWIII.  Russia can win via using nuclear bombs on Europe, in the bitter end.  Instead of pushing for diplomacy, the US backs Ukraine to keep fighting at a higher and higher level of violence.  The collapse of diplomacy happened many years ago, now.


Once Russia surrendered and ended the Cold War, the US elites and EU Bilderberg gang members immediately began pushing NATO borders into verboten territory.  Russia was told, this would not happen.  Then it happened and the NATO nations laughed as they did this despite Russian warnings.


So here we sit on the verge of WWIII.  How stupid is this?  We are on the very verge of a super nasty earthquake in California that will cause tremendous damage to our military systems as well as civilian systems requiring massive amounts of money printing and resources to fix and we want to fight a war in Europe at the same time!





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5 responses to “Death Valley, Dead Sea, California San Andreas, Ukraine Political Fissures All Very Active Lately

  1. Nina

    Being a empire is both costly and ruinous for the US. The EU also wants to be a empire like the US, with the same consequences. Even little Britain wants to be a “global” power again. This strong desire to rule the world is draining these countries of resources, and it leads to a falling standard of living to its citizens.

    Mother earth evolves and changes according to her own rhythm, regardless of us humans, and in a way i find some comfort in this.

  2. Kenogami

    If I search cuba news with Yandex, I get some results, like:

  3. snoosebomb

    Elaine needs a VPN ?

  4. Jim R

    If Ian does any damage to Florida, we’ll have the warmists out beating the drums for ‘climate change’. Never mind that we have had zero other hurricanes this season, and it has been a boring year for weather.

    On the other hand if it trashes Cuba, there will be very little news. Because, who cares about Cuba?

  5. Jim R

    It’s worth noting that the tectonic split in Jordan goes right down the Red Sea and across a corner of Africa, where parts of Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia are splitting off and heading in the direction of India.

    The Afar Triangle also has an interesting geology and minerals. Also known since ancient times.

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