Meloni Is New Prime Minister of Italy And She Terrifies Bilderberg Gangsters


The Bilderberg gang is reeling from the news that Italian voters chose a non-Bilderberg gangster as their new leader.  PM Meloni is a very forceful woman.  She is pro-family, too.  This horrifies the ‘there are many sexes and traditional marriages stink’ gang.  She is a conservative so all the leftist radical Maoists call her ‘fascist’ just like Biden calls 55% of the US population ‘semi-fascists’.    The NYT is run by radical communists so it hates her and like all fake feminist operations, attacks her in sexist ways (calling her weak, for example).  Margaret Thatcher is laughing in the afterlife about all this hysteria.  She was abused by them, too.



She isn’t shy.  She isn’t playing politics, she is forceful.  Hillary wishes she could speak so frankly!  But she cannot.  She has to appeal to armed, dangerous Maoist rioters and inner city looters who are still looting our cities due to the entire Democratic Party being party to this obvious continuous looting going on in all DNC cities (all hell holes, of course).




After saying she had suffered through a “violent electoral campaign” filled with unfair attacks, Ms. Meloni spoke about “reciprocal respect” and recreating “trust in the institutions.” She posed flashing a victory sign. “We are at the starting point,” she said, adding, “Italy chose us, and we will never betray it.”


Calling her Mussolini is typical of these attacks.  Anyone for law and order is called a Nazi or fascist these days.  Then people start to say, ‘Well, I’ll vote for him or her because I want law and order and only fascists will give this to me!’  And it all backfires on the communists.


The victory, in an election with lower turnout than usual, comes as formerly taboo and marginalized parties with Nazi or fascist heritages are entering the mainstream — and winning elections — across Europe.


The communist solution to everything is to starve or freeze everyone to death!  Duh!  Who wants that now?  When food was free and fuel was free, the masses voted for communists. But I warned everyone, the communists talk endlessly about ‘global warming’ and their solution is to have communist China pollute the planet while Europe freezes/starves to death!


And now that is here!  And voila: the peasants are revolting.


This month, a hard-right group founded by neo-Nazis and skinheads became the largest party in Sweden’s likely governing coalition. In France this year, the far-right leader Marine Le Pen — for a second consecutive time — reached the final round of presidential elections. In Spain, the hard-right Vox, a party closely aligned with Ms. Meloni, is surging.


The stark truth is, are voters going to vote for starvation and other nasty stuff or vote for someone to save them from the communists?  The answer is obvious.



In the USA, the communists on the left are letting vast populations of their voter base, that is, fatherless populations in our big cities raised on welfare money, to run riot and loot stores for the hell of it:



This is NOT a ‘large group of people’ this is a violent mob of black inner city youths who are running out of control, day and night.  They won’t be punished. They can rape, loot and even kill and be on the streets the next day.


Here is an old article from when Obama was President:


President Obama condemned the “criminals and thugs” who incited riots and looting in Baltimore Monday, saying, “there’s no excuse for the kind of violence that we saw.”


Oh boy, what did Biden say to Obama?  Did he chew Obama out for not supporting looters and arsonists?


“When individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors to loot they’re not protesting. They’re not making a statement. They’re stealing. When they burn down a building they are committing arson. And they’re destroying and undermining businesses and opportunities in their own communities that rob jobs and opportunity from people in that area,” the president said.


He told the truth!  Is he yelling this now?  HAHAHA.


He called the actions taken by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to quell the violence “entirely appropriate.”


But when Trump was President:


Former president Barack Obama decried the looting and burning of American cities in response to the death of George Floyd, saying it was “compounding the destruction” of inner-city communities and “detracting from the larger cause.”


He call this riotous junk ‘justified anger’ yet it has been ongoing nearly my entire life.  Simple events can trigger fatherless youths in DNC hell hole cities to suddenly erupt in rioting, looting and burning entire neighborhoods.  I had the unhappy life experience with this sort of rioting in the NY 1977 blackout.  We are now back to ‘normal’ when black populations pour out of government housing to loot cities for no reasons except they want to loot and destroy.


Then they whine about no stores in hoods!  DUH.  Businesses are pressured by the DNC to open stores where looters live.  Then they loot.  DUH.  This is how they ‘shop’.  When inflation rises, the looting worsens.


Now on to today’s news…I saw the story of a Chinese kid getting a perfect AP Calculus score, the only one this year:


An Indiana high school student received a perfect score on the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam this spring, the only student in the world to achieve such a feat.


I am always curious and looked up the list of winners with perfect scores.  First, we will finish with the rest of this story:


Felix Zhang, currently a junior at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana, aced the test with 108 points out of the 108 points possible.


The College Board, which administers the AP exams, informed Principal Sean Galiher Zhang earned a perfect score of five, as AP exams are scored from one to five, and that he was the only student in the world to earn every possible point.


Article fails to mention his mom teaches math at South Bend and his dad teaches math at Notre Dame .. might be worth mentioning the value of having solid parents at home raising kids, but I guess our media glossed over that salient fact.


Even more interesting is, this isn’t the only time a student in high school has done this:



And another time:



President Trump called them to congratulate them back then.  He noticed.  I also saw that the age of the ‘young geniuses’ who got perfect scores were often 16 years old or less!  They were taking university level courses before age 16…which I DID TOO.  I took my first graduate level course, age 17.


Won a scholarship to study in Germany in 1968 where I ended up a student leader in the ongoing revolt that year, had tons of fun!  Got deported.  HAHAHA…child geniuses can be very, very annoying and often, quite reckless, too.  I am lucky to survive all this.  Barely.



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17 responses to “Meloni Is New Prime Minister of Italy And She Terrifies Bilderberg Gangsters

  1. TinaB

    This is just SO depressing. ems and her cult have been hoodwinked like never seen before… sad. Just played like the stupid people that they are and they actually THINK they’re winning…. smh

    “I am so exhausted with neurotypical people generally (not all neurotypical peope) and this idea that people haven’t seen this well in advance. As an autistic person who recognises patterns and trends, I have and have sounded the alarm repeatedly since the early 70s.

    But people just won’t focus on important issues. They are far too easily swayed by culture wars. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I want to say “F*ck all of y’all” for being so concerned about who I sleep with that you’d ignore the wealth gap, climate change, etc. Things that actually matter.”

    “Consumer paradise. Every house if not bedroom needs heating and cooling, four cars per family, re decorate house every two years or so etc. We never had any of these things growing up and we accepted that. Now no one wants to give up anything. We are all as soft as shit.”

    “We are seeing much of this play out in the U.K. right now. The Conservatives are actually planning a bonfire of our workers rights 😢 they’ve also opted for trickle down economics. Giving tax breaks to the rich once again. Leaving the poor in the midst of a cost of living crisis, facing a choice of should heat our homes or feed our kids this wjnter. The worlds gone mad.”

  2. qbutnoa

    UK, major changes to the economic and political landscape, affordable energy security/independence, net zero emissions/climate goal under review, Russia to blame = the green dream over.

  3. qbutnoa

    UK, financial crisis, markets spooked, pound at all time low, worse than Black Wednesday, dangerous territory, B of E forced to issue emergency statement, Truss & Kwarteng multi Billion tax cutting give away to the City of London to blame.

  4. Pete

    Natives are getting restless!

  5. Jim R

    Trump: Make America great again!
    TDS sufferer: Nnooooo, make America a 3rd world sh****le!

  6. Pete

  7. lou

    8–Chi congo.

  8. “PM Meloni is a very forceful woman. She is pro-family, too.”
    And an honest-to-God Fascist, to boot! But Mussolini made the trains run on time, amirite?

  9. lou

    go fascists

    remember amanda and rudy guede

  10. Leftists hate families.

    Not a very good position especially in hard times! ‘Trust government agents, not family’ doesn’t work when governments screw up everything and everyone loses money and stuff.

  11. Kerry

    Mr. Meloni will do what the controllers tell him to do. They already GAVE US the hint on what he serves. Note the Penis of Osiris included in his victory photo. Strategically placed right in the center of his body. I wonder, did he chop or does he duct tape?

    Just search more pictures of him, all kinds of freemoron hand signals.

    These people aren’t going to change anything. We should just ignore them.

  12. I think Elaine likes fascist right wingers because she now realizes how much she could have benefited from a strong, firm, guiding hand 60 years or so ago.
    “The owl of Minerva flies at dusk.” (Meaning we don’t acquire knowledge until it’s too late to do us any good.)

  13. lou

    13–did he chop or does he duct tape?

    thats quite a statement.

    michael obama
    jacinda ahearn


  14. Kerry


    The more important they are…they are kept intact. It’s one of the meanings of their two finger sign.

    If you want to know reality, just watch movies like Wicker Man, Eye of the Devil, or Midsommar. We live inside a huge cult.

  15. qbutnoa

    Georgia Meloni of Italy slaps Emmanuel Macron of France.

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