Communist Cuba No Mention Of Powerful Hurricane

A category 3 hurricane which will be a killer storm is slamming into Cuba right now.  Havana, the capital of this far leftist regime there, is on the right side of the hurricane and will be whipsawed with 120 mph winds and the vast bulk of the rain which always falls on the right side of hurricanes as seen on maps.  Note how the communist newspaper, Granma, has zero mention of this deadly storm the day before it hit!  This is typical of ALL communist/leftist regimes.


Here is Miami Cuban news:



There is no plywood to cover windows of homes at all.  Not even tape to keep windows from shattering inwards.  I feel very sorry for the nice people who are trapped in this insane regime.  Perhaps the government will finally fall in the wake of this storm.  The Cubans in Florida will be hit, too.  But have means of protecting themselves.  The storm is scary enough to cause many to flee the coastal housing there.


Unlike the dictator in Cuba, the Cuban Governor of Florida, DeSantis, is on the ball and is coordinating the protection of people in Tampa, especially, as all of Florida:



Leftists excel in denying reality.  Millions can die due to this and it doesn’t bother leftists in the slightest.  They just don’t give a damn.  This is why they have to forbid real news to be reported, they want no one to know for certain, what is really going on as they murder millions of people.


All of Europe is run mainly by far leftists for years and they imposed unreality on everyone there but hand out freebies to everyone so most people didn’t complain until the Bilderberg gang started imposing ‘global warming’ schemes that will lead to mass starvation/freezing to death.  Now, the starvation and looming freezing to death is on the horizon, voters are running to the polls to vote for far right wing parties.


First, we look at the British Pound: it suddenly collapsed yesterday and then recovered somewhat as it continues to fall agains the dollar and the ruble:



I saw this as a top item in Russian news.  It was not top news in mainstream Bilderberg news in the US systems as quickly as it was in Russia:


Sterling is in the firing line as traders are turning their backs on all things British. There is a creeping feeling the extra government borrowing that is in the pipeline will severely weigh on the UK economy,” David Madden, a market analyst at Equiti Capital, told The Guardian.


Russia is a capitalist country.


The announcement, which came a day after the Bank of England hiked interest rates to rein in inflation, is viewed as jeopardizing the financial credibility of the government. A weaker pound pushes up the cost of imports, which in turn adds to medium-term inflationary pressures. Many analysts claim that, for the majority of British people, much of the help from tax cuts will be swallowed up by higher energy bills, as well as higher mortgage and borrowing costs.


Interest rates in all Bilderberg countries has been way below the rate of inflation and the hikes this summer are keeping interest rates still very much lower than inflation so nothing will stop this inflation until interest rates coincide with inflation rates.


Cutting taxes is supposed to fix the spectacle of the hidden sources but this simply causes worse collapses of societies.



This mighty hurricane will cause chaos in Cuba and perhaps open doors to freedoms, I hope.  Florida will have to survive this vast storm and I hope everything works as best as possible in this crisis.  At least Florida has a sane, strong governor who won’t ignore reality!


Here is a graph showing the continuing la Nina on the equator of both the Atlantic Ocean in a small way and in the Pacific Ocean, too.


The present hurricane hitting Florida this week will end up probably here in upstate NY with plenty of rain and such.  The previous hurricane last week hit the coast of Canada causing a lot of wreckage even destroying entire buildings.  I hope we don’t have that level of storms here, too.


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31 responses to “Communist Cuba No Mention Of Powerful Hurricane

  1. TinaB

    YOU HOPE? Well that’s really helpful isn’t it? HOPE? I’m sure they’re grateful for your HOPE! haha!

    “”Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man” Nietzsche

    Time to toss it ems!

    NOW you want PEOPLE to prepare?! Scientists (and others) have been WARNING you for decades and not only has it fallen on your deaf ears but you accuse them of being corrupt.

    Like I’ve asked you MANY times “how do you prepare for something you deny will happen?” What preparations have YOU made?

    It looks like you’re going to be doing a lot of hoping and praying ems in your remaining time on the planet. Get that Hopium pipe out! The extreme weathers events are just beginning.

  2. TinaB

    ems you write “the heaving masses” are coming to get us liberals! WTF are “heaving masses” exactly? haha! You and your cult just stoking FEAR to get your way! Same shit day after day! I mean what would the world do without ems’s prescience? Oh dar gawd!

  3. TinaB

    Here you go ems – another WARNING you will choose to ignore as you to try desperately to continue your self-declared prescient status.

    The cracks in your facade are starting to show… oops! How is that corner you’ve backed yourself into looking for you now? Oh dear!

    The study didn’t even take into account damage from wildfires or ice storms, focusing instead on extreme rainfall, extreme heat, and freeze-thaw cycles.

    “Extreme Weather to Cost Ontario Transport $1.3B Per Year

    The effects of climate change are projected to cost Ontario an extra $1.5 billion annually on average in the next few years just to maintain public transportation infrastructure, the province’s financial watchdog said in a report Thursday.

    By 2030, changes in extreme weather mean climate-related costs will accumulate to a total of C$13 billion, the Financial Accountability Office said.”

  4. TinaB

    What is hilariously funny is is that you “blame and chastise” the Cuban government for doing EXACTLY what YOU DO! Turn a blind eye baby! That’s you game!

    Oh and be sure to HOPE! I think you know what you can do with your hope … maybe you can try WISHING instead?

  5. lou

    Pakistan, after the recent major flooding, is demanding money from White nations, you know, the ones who “caused” the climate change that “caused” the flooding.

  6. Nina

    Excerpt from the article in The Guardian:
    “In his speech on the Senate floor, Marco Rubio argued that the US embargo is just a scapegoat for the communists of Cuba, a “talking point” for the regime. If that is the case, then, why not lift the embargo and take the talking point away? If communism is a failed system, then why not let it fail on its own terms, and let Cubans see for themselves the true face of their revolution? What is Marco Rubio so afraid of? If we are committed to supporting Cubans’ “quest to determine their own future”, then there is only one way forward: end the embargo, and let Cuba finally live.”

  7. TinaB

    Ok lou I’ll bite…. what in your self-proclaimed Einstein-like mind IS causing the floods?

    I won’t hold my breath for any non-discombobulated reply from you haha!

  8. TinaB

    @8. Nina – Amen!

  9. TinaB

    And you might want to consider changing the name of your blog to “Culture of Fear Porn”. That would more aptly describe it. Heck you may even get more readers?

    Nah I suggest you stay UNDER the radar as your constant defamation would land you in prison as would your antics from your past if you tried them today! Capeesh? Try employing some discretion once in awhile – it could do you some good.

  10. snoosebomb

    ” fear porn ” what are your posts ?

  11. qbutnoa

    Germany, MP Friedrich Merz, conservative opposition leader, is critical of migration system/refugee policies as inconsistent/without limits, accuses (> 1.1 million) Ukrainian refugees of ‘welfare tourism’, milking the state, taking advantage, problem getting worse, German population right to consider it unfair = shouted down of course.

  12. “Leftists excel in denying reality.”
    On, Elaine, you can be so funny sometimes. Tell that to all your friends who still think donnie dump won in 2020.
    Now look at the latest projections: Ian is going to slap the hell out of DeSantis country. Good times!

  13. shawntoh

    TinaB, how could you?

    Please don’t mention the word, p***. That’s not a proper word in a family friendly blog like EMS’s. Why can’t you redirect and huff and puff [and toot*] your anger to lift that hurricane out to the Gulf of Mexico!

    Thanks for helping out like that where can and just jump in where you can, and hang on… and remember…

    “Run from water… Hide from wind”…

    Please, those of you who have some magical powers left but can’t admit it then please do the following…

    Visual the present and future hurricane(s) entering into a multi-dimensional time-warp and being transformed into cool air to air condition parts of the lower 50 states of the USA on demand, especially in a California run-off election cycle…

    Thanks for your cooperation and use only marked evacution routes!


    * Here’s the original group in their glory, I give you, ladies and gentlemen and other gender persuasions… Puff & Toot…

    Here’s some cultural ballet for y’all, dig this…

  14. snoosebomb

    @ 1 , huge news being downplayed , who the hell is actually running things ?

  15. Timothy Carroll

    @#16well…..let’s see….rhymes with “choose”…small hats .

    J_WS……wouldja like ta buy a vowel?

  16. Pete


    The Baltic pipeline to Poland will open Oct 1.
    Nordstream and Baltic pipe cross each other.

    The US blew up Nordstream just as
    Norway to Poland pipeline opens!

  17. Nina

    The Spanish language version of Granma has extensive coverage of the hurricane.

    En vivo: El paso del huracán Ian por Cuba

  18. Pete

    Who is behind all this? hmmm

  19. snoosebomb

    well , maybe ” someone ” will blow up the Baltic pipe ,,, what goes around ,,,,

  20. Timothy Carroll

    @20, (((Nuland))) = (((Noodleman))). The entire administration, including Bathhouse Barry’s, is infested with them. You will recall her serving cookies to Ukranian troops back in 2014?

    Nuland-“F*ck the EU!”

  21. snoosebomb

    22 , yes i really wish Putin could hypersonic them , DC , pentagone , langely va . every f*n asshole GONE !

  22. Pete


    I second the emotion lol

    USN ships spotted in this area recently.

  23. qbutnoa

    UK, mini-budget/tax cuts, rampant inflation and cost of living emergency, international backlash, rare public criticism in a stinging attack from the IMF, sharp criticism from credit rating agency Moody’s, Janet Yellen “monitoring developments very closely”, Russia not blamed.

  24. All global warmists still refuse to commit suicide to save the earth. I am shocked. I thought they believe what they spew! Tina is a fine example of this refusal to practice what she preaches.

    Well, they will blame this hurricane on ‘global warming’ even as it is typical of hurricanes during both warm cycles and cold cycles. This is beyond silly.

    And yes, hurricanes during both cold and warm cycles are very dangerous! Duh!

  25. lou

    22–more like ‘jew land’.

  26. lou

    12–Tina lives in fear, I guess.
    No one here responds in a + way to her screeds.

    warm, cold, floods, quakes happen. not due to carbon.

  27. By the way, Tina is like all crazy leftists: accuse everyone of doing what it does!

    It (we don’t know if it calls itself ‘she’ yet) does nonstop ‘fear porn’ hoping to trick people into doing things leading to mass starvation and freezing to death in winter. This makes the person doing this a ‘criminal’.

  28. lou

    30–Buzz is many will freeze TO DEATH in Canada this winter.
    Tina, did you read this?

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