Russia Pipeline Sabotage: Biden Works Nonstop Starting WWIII

And the pipeline is blown up.  Naturally, the Bildergberg media is pushing hard that Putin blew up his own pipeline for…unknowable reasons that make zero sense in any way or another.  Lies about Russia is all over the place which is why our rulers are censoring a lot of the news from Russia which I can still, somewhat connect to these days.  The Bilderberg gang is watching their world collapse.  Germany won’t have cheap Russian gas and the Germans depend on CHEAP gas to make profits in manufacturing which is now collapsing due to inflation and lack of energy.


Now that the pipelines were blown up as Biden said would happen, the US and mainstream fake news is pushing hard that Russia did this even though there is no reason for Russia to do this.  Putin is furious about this event, naturally.  Germany is now doomed.  China and India will overwhelm systems Germany dominated.


I trust Russian news more than Bilderberg news, there is no reason to believe anything in US/EU systems these days:


MOSCOW, September 29. /TASS/. The Nord Stream pipeline incidents took place in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark and Sweden, an area that is fully controlled by US intelligence agencies, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the Soloviev Live TV program on Thursday.


Commenting on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipeline leaks on Wednesday, Zakharova recalled that officials in Washington had asserted early this year that Nord Stream 2 would never go into service. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman demanded, among other things, that US President Joe Biden issue a reply as to whether Washington had carried out its threat over the pipelines on September 25 and 26.


Of course, the US will say nothing.  I remember all the wars I have watched over many years.  The CIA works wonders, creating wars where none should happen.  Or they enable agents or feed money to radicals who then take down governments and then the President declares war.


We had this on January 6, the riots that day were engineered and fueled by CIA operatives who were hired to lure young white males into attacking the doors of Congress.  Then, the government arrested many of the citizens who walked into the front doors that day, not knowing about the riot at the other end of the huge building complex, and they were charged with ‘crimes’, too!


Blowing up the pipelines is a fantastic way to start WWIII.


Word of warning: over the long run, we have lost every war we fought starting with the Vietnam War.  Even when we win, we lose during the following ‘peace’ and end up worse off than before.



Russia is furious about all this:



Here is Tass, another Russian news service:


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday called the incident “sabotage action” and warned that “any deliberate disruption of active European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and will lead to the strongest possible response.”


On Wednesday, Zakharova asked who exactly the warning would apply to.


“I don’t get it. MEP Sikorski thanked the US for what had happened, so whom is Ursula ‘threatening’ there?” she wrote on social media.


Zakharova was referring to the reaction to the incident by Sikorski, now an EU lawmaker, who posted a photo of the site where the explosions occurred on Twitter with the words: “Thank you, USA.” He described the incident as a “special maintenance operation.”


And it certainly was a ‘special maintenance operation’ courtesy of the entity that works hard to launch wars, that is, the CIA.


Europe continues to collapse and the question is, will Europe disintegrate before Russia?  Winter is coming.  Russians always do well with General Winter on their side.



This is going to be very interesting to watch.  As things disintegrate, will the EU populations figure out who really rules them?  Are they aware of the Bilderberg gang?  All the royals in Europe belong to that gang!  All the mainstream leaders belong, too.  The new Prime Minister of Italy HATES the BILDERBERG GANG!!!


She knows exactly who and what they are which is why the gang is flipping out about her winning the election.  I wonder if they will assassinate her?  They didn’t kill Trump…YET…but tied him up legally.


They have nothing on this lady.  She isn’t super rich.  She wasn’t super powerful.  She is out of the blue, a winner who is ‘one of the people’ who the Bilderberg gang wants to crush and starve to death and she is determined to stop them.


Forbes Magazine notices that Germany is doomed:


Starved of the abundant Russian energy that long fired the nation’s industrial engine, German businesses have already been curtailing production and halting investments. Business and consumer confidence is tumbling, approaching the lows reached during the 2008 global financial crisis. Germany’s government is now drawing up plans to cap the price of electricity and gas, officials said this week, acting in case a similar proposal by the European Union isn’t enacted swiftly.


Germany’s rulers laughed at Trump when he was President.  They disrespected him and sneered at him.  Now, they are being utterly destroyed by the monster they supported and they are utterly helpless and hopeless.


Sheesh, I played hardball politics in Germany way back in 1968, while still a child, so to speak.  I drove the German government nuts and was deported!  HAHAHA.  The Germans are not all that sophisticated, by the way.  They think they can just makes stuff and people will then obey them.


Another shot across the prow of the EU.  Britain already left the EU.  Now, some of the newcomers who thought the EU was nifty are learning a harsh lesson.  They are slated to be starved/frozen to death by the EU leaders.  I warned them all.  I hope they continue to figure out the obvious.


Here is a cute video of a man braving the hurricane in Florida to save a cute kitty cat:



A nasty black rapper died this week.  How very not unusual.  The white females at the New York Times love people like this specimen:


The leftists all love blacks who do horrible, destructive things to themselves.  Make yourself as ugly as possible, be scary, be out of control and the whites adore this and beg for more.  This is very racist, obviously.


The mental and physical collapse of many black males continues:



This Chicago career criminal was released from prison and was arrested for attacking a woman.  No bail got him out onto the streets and this often happens, he went outside and attacked three women!  This is ridiculous and only happens in DNC hell hole cities which is why they are all hell holes.


He did even more, he stole a minivan and then drove around the city, attacking random women!  The judge’s name who released this felon to run riot is Mr. Ahmad.  She is new to being a judge, placed there to do stupid things just one year ago!


She said she thought her experience as a public defender was important when she switched to the other side of the courtroom.


“I spent days and days in the lockups at 26th Street,” she said, referring to Cook County’s main criminal courthouse. “I understand what custody does to folks, I understand what it does to families, and you want people on the prosecution side who understand those issues.”

An illegal alien was attacked by a typical inner city, DNC hell hole resident, a big black man with a very long record of nonstop crimes:


An Uber Eats delivery man told The Post on Tuesday how an ex-con described by cops as a “super perp’’ stabbed him on the Lower East Side without saying a word — and bystanders did nothing.


“Nobody helped,” Bharatbhai Patel told The Post.Law enforcement sources said Cooper, whose nickname is “Big Coop,” is so well known to police that he’s earned the moniker of “super perp.”


I don’t live there anymore so I wasn’t there to do something.  We are back to the good old days of 1977.


Stealing expensive cars and then going around, creating mayhem: this is the DNC at work.  A high school black girl was hanging out in Queens and was killed by assassins shooting at someone else but who had poor aiming skills:


A 17-year-old high school basketball player was fatally shot on a Brooklyn street Wednesday night, police and sources said.


The teen was hanging out with several people outside of 1225 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights when two male gunmen approached the group and opened fire just after 6:15 p.m., cops said.



A Senate Democrat leader explained how Biden was going to stop inflation created by the government printing money and then spending it wildly:  IRS AGENTS seizing everyone’s hard earned cash!  That, and inflation, of course.  Very popular…if you want to start an insurrection.



Yes, the IRS and the army of illegal aliens and criminals are the basis of the DNC war machine.  This will run the US…off the cliff.


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15 responses to “Russia Pipeline Sabotage: Biden Works Nonstop Starting WWIII

  1. snoosebomb

    you gotta wonder what the german leaders must be thinking , in private they know Us dun it , i bet they never saw that one coming

  2. Zeke

    I get a kick outta all these Commie and Nazi hunters.
    But they haven’t produced any yet!

  3. qbutnoa

    Norway/Denmark/Poland, Baltic Pipe, new gas pipeline, 10 billion cubic meters annual capacity (Nord Stream 1 = 55 billion cubic metres), starts 1st of October.

  4. lou

    Inflation hits 70 year high in Germany.

  5. Petruchio

    Of course it is CNN that put John Brennan on the air to speculate on the Pipeline explosion. Brennan is the Ultimate Deep Stater. Brennan has ZERO credibility. Russia has a huge incentive to NOT sabotage its own Power. No wonder CNN is tanking in the Ratings. CNN is just a mouthpiece for The Deep State.

  6. JT

    A few reasons for Russia to blow it up…

    A distraction from puppet government annexations
    B reason to send Navy to protect gas pipes and disrupt marine traffic.
    C terrorism false flag, now Russia can blow up Norwegian pipelines and blame ‘terrorists’.
    D Fear, pretending not to care, unpredictability

    Russia knows Nordstream 2 will never open, Germany already announced it months ago.

    So there are plenty of reasons for Russia to blow it up.
    We will see what the story is in coming weeks.
    C is my guess.

    Nothing new from Russia, this is what they always do.

    Donbass 1939
    Pipeline 1939

  7. JT

    At least now we know that real OG Russians are tougher than the fake ones in Moscow.
    The real Rus are kicking the ass of mongols and other minority nationalities of Russia in Ukraine.
    Wonder why russian fascists are not happy about this, it should make them proud?
    Ukraine the real OG Rus is winning against all fake Russias minorities and nationalities.

  8. shawntoh

    Elaine and everyone…

    I’m confused. When did the USA have a alliance with NORTH KOREA? VP K. Harris says we do… Um, what’s going on here?

    Somebody help me out here. We are really in for an INTERESTING “ride” to 2024 at this rate! Whoa…

    Peace be with ANYONE who reads this!

  9. shawntoh

    Rappers are NOT known for their longevity in terms of lifespan. The short and interesting career path seems to be the norm. For example, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and so on (I’m not a big fan of rap, but I can acknowledge the importance of it as an artistic medium in some cases).


  10. shawntoh


    EMS was at ground zero in Bed-Stuy when rap emerged from NYC (and other parts of NYC) in the 1970s and “The Housewife From H***” role was born and EMS seems to have especially tapped her inner warrior into action for the good of the community, which is commendable, as I doubt I’d be able to deal with that situation for very long (…How about you, TinaB and Zeke?).

    However, I have some concerns about Bed-Stuy, even with the cool brownstones that EMS help restore and despite being touted as the place to move to because…

    – It’s a “cultural capital” with the The Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art. EMS, did you ever visit that place? What’s it like?
    – “Next-level nightlife”, having the “best” bars in Brooklyn. After reading the book, Last Exit to Brooklyn, I’m not sure if I want to go there and getting drunk there is probably the LAST thing you want to do, I would think, going out at night in NYC!
    – “Eats for everyone”… But this is NYC, it’s going to be EXPENSIVE! I just looked at a online menu of a popular place in Bed-Stuy. Forget it. I’m sure the food is great but I cannot afford it!
    – “Parks”… Hebert Von King Park and Fulton Park are the two mentioned here but how safe are they since I note that Bed-Stuy has “… an above average crime rate and property crime for NYC”? EMS have you been to any of these parks? What was your experience, if you could share? Thanks in advance…
    – “Nice neighbors”… Williamsburg, Bushwick, Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill are cited as good places, too, located besides Bed-Stuy and there is mention that it takes 30 mins. to get there by J Train. Considering the situations riding the subways, how safe is it really? EMS, do you know anything about these neighborhoods and the people? Thanks for sharing if you can.


  11. shawntoh


    Please stay away from Jodie Foster and cast, and, IMHO, if you want to know what it was like, as in what EMS is referring to as the days of 1977 in NYC… The solution? Hey, just watch the movie, “Taxi Driver” (1976), especially the night scene in the small grocery. I won’t spoil it by describing it and I know some people who simply refuse to watch the movie due to the controversies surrounding the movie to this day.

    The movie, “Rocky”, which won best picture in 1976, is the way many of the folks in the USA wanted to believe is the reality of their picture of USA in the collective mind set of cultural consensus, and, “Rocky” fits nicely with the USA “rags to riches” narrative.

    However, I conclude that (and I know people will argue with me on this topic…) the movie, “Taxi Driver” (1976) is more realistic, and is more compelling, though gruesome, and that movie is so well crafted*, I’ve never had a desire to even watch “Rocky” again after seeing it on cable TV many, many years ago!

    As for me, I just listen to the band, The Clash, with their song, “1977” and “Plastic Bag” by the band, X-Ray Spex (lyrics… “1977 and we are going mad!”).

    So relax, killer, you’re gonna be alright, I’ve seen a lot of people and I know…

    … and I’m staying home to watch the video and will be getting the book as I don’t drive and I cannot find it… As in… The Last Exit To Brooklyn…*


    * Siskel and Ebert liked the movie and I’ll need to watch it again…

  12. Jim R

    @JT, the Russians built the pipe. The head end of the pipe is in Russia. If they want to disable the flow of gas, all they need to do is turn it off, which has the added benefit of preserving the sunk costs of the pipe. Russia has no incentive for a crude act of sabotage. And it will probably be up to Russia to repair the damage, if the EU ever comes to its senses.

    On the other hand, there is video of Biden threatening to blow up NS2, there were US-flagged aircraft and sea vessels loitering around that Norse island in the days before, and there is video of the Navy testing out a small robot submarine (not sure when or where it was taken)…

    So of course, the immediate conclusion of the news media: the Russians did it!

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