First Trans Army Officer Arrested For Treason, EU Gas Prices Double Due To Terror Attack On Russian Gas Pipelines


First ever trans male to female military officer was arrested for passing military secrets to Russia, supposedly.  Our present war with nuclear Russia continues to cause global problems leading directly to massive, rapid energy inflation since the US and Russia are both major energy export powers.  Luckily for everyone, the Middle East is temporarily quiet.  The war in Europe continues to relentlessly expand and the economic cost is rapidly shooting upwards and the euro and the pound decline rapidly in value as inflation rages out of control.  But there is Putin!  Is this worth stopping the Russians who live in eastern Ukraine from wanting to be separate from the other ethnic half of Ukraine?


Of course not!  It makes them more determined to no longer be ruled by western Ukrainians!  Is forcing these people to be ruled by Ukrainian right wing radicals worth risking WWIII?  I would say clearly, ‘NO’.  Why?


Because ALL EU countries are splitting apart along the exact same sort of religious/ethnic/language/culture lines!  Europe is a huge crazy quilt of languages, religions and languages. There is no ‘EU language’, everyone uses English when talking with each other and England is no longer part of the EU!  This is so amazing to watch.  England is splitting apart, internally, too.


All EU nations cobbled together via wars and marriages by elite royals is now splitting along language/race/religion lines. This is now unstoppable.  Only powerful dictators like Napoleon or Hitler can stop this…via brutality of the worst sort!



The US probably did the terror act, breaking the gas lines to Europe.  This is now blowing up in Europe’s face as prices soar ever higher by the hour and inflation is now a rocket heading towards the stratosphere.  This clever scheme will blow up in the face of the Bilderberg gang.  It is like trying to win a war via committing suicide.  Wait, Japan did this!


It didn’t work.


The US is being hammered, as usual in fall, by a hurricane.  This has been, for the most part, a very quiet hurricane season so far.  But what has happened has been very strong.  But Florida has a good leader who rapidly prepared for this hurricane immediately before it even hit Cuba!  DeSantis, so far, has succeeded in minimizing the deaths of hurricane victims, I think but we won’t know for a few more days:



DeSantis had to demand that Biden talk to him and coordinate with him.  Finally, the senile old coot tried doing this.


Meanwhile, in my home state, the communists who now run NYC off the cliff continue to drive everything and everyone…off the cliff.  Here is one example that is very infuriating:



This young laddie is a gangster thug.  He won’t live long, of course.  Right now, he is allowed to run loose, committing crimes, drug dealing and shooting guns and no one can stop him since the NYC DAs and judges here are insane and treasonous pigs:


A teenage drill rapper who walked off scot-free after being accused of shooting a cop during a scuffle earlier this year cried after he was ordered held on $100,000 bail on a new gun charge Thursday.  Camrin Williams, a 17-year-old gangbanger who goes by the stage name C Blu, broke down in tears as he was led out of Bronx Criminal Court in handcuffs following his arraignment.


This poor child is a baby, emotionally.  And is extremely dangerous and utterly irresponsible.  HE SHOT A POLICE OFFICER SIX MONTHS AGO.


Judge Joseph McCormack ordered the teen held on the cash bail, or bonds of $250,000 or $300,000, during the hearing.  Williams was picked up on the new weapons chargeTuesday for allegedly holding a loaded gun at Garden Street and Crotona Avenue in Belmont.


“[Williams] is a self-professed member of the Crips,” Bronx Assistant District Attorney Alana Brady told the judge at the teen’s arraignment. “[Williams’] social media contains multiple posts with firearms and implications of willingness and ready ability to shoot any member of [the] opposition.”


The NYC police are furious this person is allowed to run riot due to age when he obviously is extremely dangerous to everyone including the police.  When they chased him six months ago, he pulled a gun on the police officer who is also black.  As they struggled, he pulled the trigger and shot the policeman who was lucky it hit his leg and not his chest or head.


And this kid was going to be turned loose again!  This is so insane.  After a huge row with everyone, the judge decided to have a high bail for the out of control little monster.  This is all so typical.


NYC voters chose a former cop to be mayor hoping he would stop crime but he did the exact opposite, he increased crimes:


For the month of July 2022, the number of overall shooting incidents increased in New York City compared with July 2021, highlighting the continuing need to eradicate gun violence and end the perception among criminals that there are no consequences for violent crimes. Citywide shooting incidents increased by 13.4% (178 v. 157), driven by upticks in Brooklyn, southern Queens, and Staten Island. Additionally, the number of murders citywide increased for the month by 34.3% (47 v. 35) compared to the same period last year.


Overall index crime in New York City increased in July 2022, by 30.5% compared with July 2021 (11,619 v. 8,906). Six of the seven major index-crime categories saw increases, driven by a 40.6% increase in grand larceny (4,588 v. 3,262), a 37.2% increase in robbery (1,730 v. 1,261), and a 25.6% rise in burglary (1,325 v. 1,055).


Impeach the mayor of NYC.  He ran of false credentials and on being anti-crime and then let crime run riot after winning and still won’t lift a finger to stop this.  And NY voters were idiots to vote for him but then, most were tricked by lying leftist media giants except for the NY Post that didn’t support Adams.  Guess where this stupid mayor is right now?  Puerto Rico!


Our city has strong ties to the people of Puerto Rico and we’re proud to assist them in their time of need. We’re also very aware of the devastation Hurricane Fiona has brought to other parts of the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, and more must be done to assist in their recovering. If you’d like to donate, please go to for a list of trusted organizations that are assisting throughout Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the larger Caribbean. As we speak today, staff from various city agencies, including New York City Emergency Management, the Department of Buildings, New York City Parks, and Department of Design and Construction are on the ground assessing damage to infrastructure and essential services caused by heavy rains, flood, and wind.


He does nothing to save NYC.  But is saving Puerto Rico.  Good grief.


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36 responses to “First Trans Army Officer Arrested For Treason, EU Gas Prices Double Due To Terror Attack On Russian Gas Pipelines

  1. Nina

    “Is forcing these people to be ruled by Ukrainian right wing radicals worth risking WWIII? I would say clearly, ‘NO’. Why?”

    According to the US, EU and NATO it is.

    As for letting criminals and antisocial people roam around freely, doing whatever they want, this is a recipe for lots and lots of misery. People need to feel safe in their own towns, neighborhoods and homes. Safety and security are essential human needs.

    I have experienced having antisocial neighbors, and it is a very stressful and unpleasant experience to put it mildly.

  2. qbutnoa

    Holland, record 17.1% inflation (calculated by EU methods), Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag said ‘I was shocked, it is terrible’, Minister of Economic Affairs Micky Adriaansens said ‘You wonder how bad it can get’, energy prices (up 114%) are to blame.

  3. Jim R

    Now Biden is threatening to escalate to nuclear war. It is the same pattern as the false flags in Syria, “Assad is gassing his own people”, where they find a misplaced cylinder of pool chlorine or something, and use that as an excuse. Before the “gas attack”, there was a public “warning”. Well, now Biden is “warning” Russia not to nuke the Ukraine or whatever. And forgetting MAD — Russia is perfectly capable of nuking everything if it comes to that.

    And where is the anti-war left? The rainbow tranny army? Didn’t they know they can change the whole government just by showing up to the Capitol? Where are those guys/gals/critters who were so worried about cow farts? Woketards are the biggest warmongers.
    … despite the NATO rule against admitting a member that is currently involved in a war.

  4. qbutnoa

    UK, Daily Mail newspaper, Nord Stream pipeline, massive amounts of methane have been released, Putin is allowed to speak and points the finger at the USA/Britain.

  5. Pete

  6. Jim R

    “massive amounts of methane”

    Well you know, Russia is just trying to keep everyone warm (greenhouse gas). Although you’d think it would be better to use it to heat the homes of the Germans, other Europeans, and England.

  7. snoosebomb

    my hypothesis , the bilderbees , think of history and creative destruction . Real prosperity began from the european ashes of WW2 and WW2 itself solved the collapse of the great depression.

    & Bretton woods, hey! we need one of those !

    so lets try that again ,,, call it the ‘great reset’

  8. Jim R

    The ZeroHedge story I linked to in #3 has been updated. It looks like NATO blinked. Decided not to launch the nukes, at least not this weekend. Maybe they won’t add the Ukraine to their little club.

    We really should get president Trump to go talk to the Russians. He is no match for Lavrov, but he is a lightyears better diplomat than the potato-in-chief.

  9. Zeke

    Monstrously vile Putin’s blatant Land Grab is reminiscent of Hitler’s ‘annexation’ of the
    Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia which led to WWII.

    There are many parallels between Putin and Hitler.

    Putin must be stopped irrespective of his tactical nuclear weapons brandishing threats.
    Never give in to blackmail; it only invites and encourages more such bad behavior.

  10. qbutnoa

    h/t UKColumn, TurkStream gas pipline, 31.5 billion cubic meters annualy, half to Turkey, half to the blakans and central Europe (Serbia and Hungary). EU (Holland) sanctions on Russia means maintenance has been suspended = TurkStream lies 3km below the sea in waters with high seismic activity. Specialized ships regularly monitor the pipeline for damage in order to quickly make repairs. The equipment needed to do this is largely imported from the West.

  11. qbutnoa

    UK/EU, PM Truss (anti Brexit/pro EU fuckwit), European Political Community (a new club for European countries) = the Conservative Tory Party will now blow up and destroy itself.

  12. Timothy Carroll

    @ #11 -Zeke/TinaB, once again proving he/it is a stupid f*cking bitch. Ukraine has ALWAYS historically been a part of Russia, particularly since Catherine the Great.

    Go gargle with some douche water, a@@hole! Might help your “thought processes”. Dumb F*ck!

  13. lou

    o t



    The case of Amhad Arbery and the three (white) Satilla residents who are presently doing “hard time” for defending themselves is a prime example of prosecutorial misconduct and double jeopardy, which MUST be addressed and outlawed.
    Arbery was a criminal POS who was casing construction sites for tools and other materials that he could steal and sell. He was observed at the same site previously on video as well.
    As there were break-ins and increased criminal activity, the three men were merely defending their neighborhood.
    Arbery refused to be questioned which was within his right.
    Arbery felt “disrespected” by being questioned and “doubled back”, attacking the man with the shotgun. Arbery attacked the man by pulling on the barrel of the shotgun causing it to fire. Anyone familiar with firearms knows that pulling on a barrel of a shotgun can cause it to fire. Arbery has that one fatal “flaw” that is present in all black DNA.

  14. Petruchio

    “he NYC police are furious this person is allowed to run riot due to age when he obviously is extremely dangerous to everyone including the police.” This punk is delusional. You don’t have to be psychic to foresee this Black punk resisting arrest and getting shot full of holes.

  15. lou

    There are many parallels between Zeke n Tina.

  16. Zeke

    Flattery will get ya nowhere.

    Ya should stop relying on slurs to prop up, cover over deteriorating mental function.

    No one should allow their emotions to outrun their intellect.

    Neither of those two effect policy that affects multitudes. Get it?

  17. The reason I was banned from mainstream media is due to being able to motivate people to do the right thing.

    Many years ago, back around 1980, NBC, CBS and ABC would allow a public announcement on any public topic. I used to appear on these!

    I loved these little bits because I lived a hop and jump from midtown Manhattan and could go there to be filmed.

    Then suddenly, they all stopped doing this. ‘No one is interested’ they said, I and the others who appeared on these tidbits were furious.

    We knew why these were stopped!

    When I was camped at the UN for a MONTH, the only TV show showing the Chinese students who were in my care was CNN, a young, upstart TV station. Ted Turner himself, would talk to me on the phone back then.

    Now, CNN is Clown No News Network. Good lord.

  18. Zeke

    @ Timothy Carroll

    Timmy, Timmy, Timmy …..

    Don’t tell me, you ‘know-it-all’ dipshit.
    Get on a plane and fly over there and tell the Ukrainians that they should stop fighting (and winning!) against the Russians.

    Because ….. ya know ….. historically ….. and from the time of Catherine (what’s so great about her) they were/are actually Russians! LOL. Ya dope.

    You slack jawed knuckle dragging idiot. Your stupidity is only exceeded by your arrogance.
    I won’t stoop to your level of using foul language.

  19. lou

    20–And who owns much of the media?

    news media? jews media.

  20. Zeke

    there are many parallels between lou and an overflowing cesspool.

  21. You should know, you live in that cesspool you moan about, Zeke.

  22. Lou, you are out of date now. Go look up who owns what. What is our ‘media’ now?

    The big one is anything on the internet, this is why Fox TV which is not old style broadcasting, is hammering the older media giants.

  23. Zeke

    Once again Big Momma steps in to fight lou’s battles for him.
    Whah whah boo hoo

    Zeke doesn’t need anyone doing that for him.

    also – – the Ukrainians are kicking Putin’s arse!
    Go Ukraine!

    Putin is collapsing rapidly now. The coup de grace may be a state coup.

    Putin is isolated, alone, trying to watch his back. Adversaries, enemies, and assassins are gathering rapidly now.
    Circling like vultures.

  24. lou

    25–Are you saying Chinese now own the media, among other thing?

  25. “Is this worth stopping the Russians who live in eastern Ukraine from wanting to be separate from the other ethnic half of Ukraine?”
    Exceot thsy don’t. You can get a lot of people to vote the way you want by holding a gun on them but now the Kremlin admits THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE THE FUCKING BORDER IS!
    Russian conscripts have been found with no food, no ammunition, wearing flip-flops. Those will work well in winter, won’t they?
    @#15 “Anyone familiar with firearms knows that pulling on a barrel of a shotgun can cause it to fire.”
    Only if someone’s finger is already on the trigger, ready to shoot it. Now pull my finger.

  26. Did you notice the news is from the Ukraine fascist leaders? Do you read Russian news?

  27. I will note here now that all of Europe is freaking out over the aspect that nuclear war is a finger pull away. Europe will be eradicated.

    The collapse of diplomacy began in earnest when the Bilderberg gang removed Trump.

  28. Zeke

    Correction :

    The Bilderberg gang did not remove Trump.

    He was voted out by the majority of the American voters. Including myself.

    I know you can’t accept facts but that’s your problem.

    Was it Stalin who said ‘if you repeat the big lie enough it will be believed’?

    Trump lost the election and lost big.

    By repeating the big lie you are attempting to steal my victory and that of some 81 Million or so Americans of our vote, our victory. It’s pro-Trump anti-Americanism,

    Yes, Biden won in our binary system but I would have voted for Daffy Duck just to deep six ‘the Donald’.

  29. Zeke


    Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda

    Proponent of the Big Lie often repeated.

  30. lou

    Do you read Russian news?

    I do not.

  31. Zeke

    Ukrainians are forcing Putin’s Russian invaders out of their country.

    Headlong rapid retreat.

    Go Ukraine !

  32. And Europe is collapsing into economic and political chaos. Way to go.

    I marvel at how childish people are, the leaders of NATO have no brains and don’t have the slightest understanding of how ECONOMIC warfare operates. Don’t any of them read real history?

    Obviously, not.

  33. The EU is ‘winning’ via jumping off a cliff. Only when one goes ‘splat’ does one realize the truth.

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