NY Times Whines Strong Dollar Hurting Foreign Countries!



The New York Times participated in the creation of the Bilderberg gang right after WWII.  They are a huge arm of this noxious elitist operation to control all humans on earth (which has failed in the past and is failing even worse, now).  The NY Times is pure propaganda.  Right now, they are telling Americans who buy much of our stuff from overseas especially China, that we are being nasty for having a strong dollar.  We need a weak dollar to encourage our exports!  Which never catch up with our greater import red ink even in the best of times!  What is also very funny is, the Russian ruble has gotten stronger, too.  Due to the war, the euro and pound are weaker!  Naturally, the NYT refuses to talk about how wars operate in all this.


First, let’s talk about the harm that’s being inflicted. Patricia Cohen of The Times reported on Monday that the strength of the dollar is driving up the prices of imported food, fuel and medicine in Nigeria and Somalia while pushing Argentina, Egypt and Kenya closer to defaulting on their debts. In Indonesia, she wrote, people protesting against higher fuel prices have clashed with police.


The dollar is NOT driving anything.  OIL is driving this.  PERIOD.  And guess what?  The US is a major oil PRODUCING nation!  And guess again: so is RUSSIA.


 The euro has fallen from more than $1.20 last year to less than a buck — about 98 cents lately. The euro’s weakness raises the cost of imports that are priced in dollars, such as oil, which worsens Europe’s inflation problem, notes Torsten Slok, the chief economist at Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm.


And the euro fell in relation to the ruble, too.  None of this is mentioned in the stupid article.  The NYT thinks they are very smart.  This makes mocking them even easier.


For the Federal Reserve, though, the strong dollar is mostly great. It makes imports cheaper, which helps lower inflation. It also cools off the U.S. economy through trade: Because imports are cheaper, some will displace domestically produced products, and the strong dollar makes exports from the United States more expensive, causing some U.S. exporters to cut output. Normally this chilling effect would be bad, but the U.S. labor market has been so hot that the Fed welcomes some cooling off.


So, the cheaper goods from Europe will be cheaper except Europe’s ability to produce these goods is…collapsing!!!!  They can’t do this because…of the high cost of energy!  Worse, the outright lack of energy systems that are operational.  Europe, due to hysteria on the far left, has been eliminating their nuclear power plants while destroying the oil based infrastructure, too.


This suicide mission is now being enforced on all of Europe via warfare.  The terror attack on Russian gas pipelines is now causing havoc in the NATO nations.  Russia is now rapidly enlarging energy pipelines to Asia since the EU said they don’t want any Russian energy products and this will permanently cripple the EU economically and physically.


The far left has been screaming about global warming for years and years now and now the EU, where these hysterical screams were treated as sane, is going to see a population crash, an economic crash and violent revolts against leftist regime actions.



Here is a paragraph that is totally insane:


Taking other nations into account isn’t purely altruistic. It’s also realistic. If Fed rate hikes cool growth abroad, that will feed back into slower growth in the United States — say, by shrinking the market for U.S. exports. If the Fed and other central banks don’t take such feedback effects into account, they could overdo their tightening.


We still run gigantic trade DEFICITS year after year!  This is bad!


The US exports to the EU will collapse due to the people there having to spend all their money on energy products now that Russia, their #1 energy provider, is locked out!  Interest rates have nothing to do with all this.  War, on the other hand, does.  Handing out more money to people at low interest to buy oil and gas will only make oil and gas more expensive as energy export countries raise the price of these things.


The US inflation/stagnation business back in the 1970’s to 1980’s was 100% caused by several major wars and the oil boycott due to these wars!  It was a war thing, not an economic thing.  The frantic printing of more money was to pay for the wars and to keep people happy, welfare money was poured into the economy causing prices to rise even faster just like today, the warmongers in DC are increasing funny money game stuff to keep voters voting for warmongers especially in the Democrat cities.


Here is Russian news, which has real news at RT online, mocking Europe’s elites who this week, passed rules for buying natural gas, a price cap:  https://www.rt.com/news/563822-eu-gas-difficult-winter/


The ministers failed, however, to agree on a price cap on wholesale natural gas, which was one of the key demands issued to the European Commission by a group of 15 EU member states ahead of the meeting. In a joint letter, the group argued that a price cap was the one measure that could help the bloc “mitigate the inflationary pressure, manage expectations and provide a framework in case of potential supply disruptions.”


So, they will tell Norway and Saudi Arabia, they must sell natural gas at a much lower price than anywhere in the world.  And guess what happens next!


While the European Commission has not completely ruled out the possibility of a price cap on natural gas, it has warned that such a move would weaken the bloc’s ability to secure gas supplies in the global market. The issue will reportedly be discussed at a later date, according to Lithuanian Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys.


This is painfully obvious.  Who would sell natural gas cheap to the EU?  No one, of course!  This is constantly tried with food prices during inflation times.  Set low prices on bread, for example, and loaves of bread vanish.


While the US is at war with Russia with dire consequences, mainly in Europe right now, the Democrats are going insane.  The marriage rate in the US is collapsing due to social disorders so of course, why not increase sexual chaos to the max!



For some insane reason, the Democrats want to pander to confused teenagers or even little children and eliminate all parental controls.  Sex change stuff causes permanent damage to sexual organs.  The hormones used in this causes brain changes, too.  Helping confused young children who vulnerable to social pressure to change sex for childish reasons to get attention from both adults and peers is very dangerous.  The media celebrates all this and features this in news and social arenas.


Anyone doing this is petted and praised and cheered onwards by an army of leftists running media systems!  It is very popular now, like the Beatles in the 1960’s.  Kids are screaming for this.  They want this.  They get tons of attention when doing this!  And it is killing them.


Speaking of killing, the black community which is the rock hard base of the entire Democratic Party now, is killing each other at a mad rate and are killing other ethnic/religious groups, too as blacks run riot, nonstop, in all DNC hell hole cities:  https://nypost.com/2022/09/30/message-from-democrats-where-emt-alison-russo-elling-was-slain/


Two days before a maniac stabbed to death a veteran EMT lieutenant and grandmother in Astoria on Thursday, defund-the-police-promoting Queens Councilwoman Tiffany Caban and Assemblyman Zohran Mamdani released a “public safety” guide discouraging merchants from calling the cops.


The EMT lady went out to buy lunch.  She was attacked by an insane man who is, as in all DNC cities, allowed to run riot nonstop and never put in an asylum like in the old days, and is now permanently dead.


The guide from the two Democrats urges small business owners to dial 311, seek mental health services for people with mental illnesses, and engage in “community mediation” instead of calling 911 to summon the police when there is trouble in many cases.


The DNC people elected by NYC voters and illegal aliens who now vote here, want crazy people to run things so they can run riot and have no controls over what happens so we have hell hole cities.




People warned NYC that voting for Democrats would lead to high crime rates.  I said this, myself.  Giuliani cleaned up the city!  Crime collapsed when he was mayor.  The after effects ran all the way until recent years but now it is out of control again like in the bad old days.


That assessment is hardly universal. Crime rates often fluctuate and New York City remains safer than it has been in decades. It has made a habit in recent years of frustrating predictions that violence is poised to explode following moves by the city’s progressive mayor, Bill de Blasio, to ease police enforcement.


The above graph doesn’t show the last year’s murder rate which is double the numbers of this graph.  Here is a graph that shows the murder rate over the years.  From 1980 to 1985, the rate dropped rapidly in NYC.  These were the years that Koch was mayor, I was running around, taking down criminals and pushing the DNC to do things so that by 1980, 5 Democrat leaders were arrested (or committed suicide) and suddenly, the crime rate went down!



Why did it go up again, even higher?  Well…the Housewife from Hell, Mrs. Levy, moved to New Jersey due to crummy NYC schools.  The systems I built up in Brooklyn collapsed and crime soared to the heavens.  I avoided the city like the plague and the plague of murder took off like a rocket.


What stopped this in its tracks very swiftly?  My buddy, Rudi Giuliani, who put those Democrats in prison back in 1980!  The solution to rampant murders in NYC isn’t banning guns, it is banning Democrats!  By the way, in upstate NY, I am fully armed.


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10 responses to “NY Times Whines Strong Dollar Hurting Foreign Countries!

  1. Nina

    Europe, and Germany in particular, shot itself in the foot by cutting of its largest energy supplier, Russia.

    Die dümmste Regierung Europas

    As for the strong dollar, some countries have already begun the process of de-dollarization to reduce their dependence on the dollar, and to protect themselves from reckless US sanctions.

  2. Nina

    The US wanted to condemn Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territories in the UN Security Council, but Russia naturally vetoed it. Albania, Britain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, the UAE, and the USA voted in favor of the resolution. Brazil, Gabon, India and China abstained.

  3. qbutnoa

    Turkey, the 4 regions in Ukraine annexed by Russia rejected, says it is a “grave violation” of international law. https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/turkey-rejects-russias-annexation-ukrainian-territory-2022-10-01/

  4. qbutnoa

    Trans Adriatic Pipeline (>3 billion cubic meters annually) – crossing Bulgaria and Greece, which is connected to the Southern Gas Corridor pipeline – located across Northern Turkey, which is connected to the South Caucasus Pipeline – located across Georgia and then Azerbaijan to the city of Baku on the Caspian Sea. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen = “This pipeline is a game changer … for Europe’s energy security. And it means freedom. It means freedom from dependency on Russian gas”. https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/greece-bulgaria-pipeline-starts-operations-boost-non-russian-gas-flows-2022-10-01/

  5. qbutnoa

    From the London Times (paywall), MP Simon Clarke (Secretary of State for Levelling Up & key ally of PM Truss), criticised the “very large welfare state”, government departments would have to “trim the fat”, for too long Britain has lived in a “fool’s paradise”, must reduce public spending to help to fund the government’s £45 billion of tax cuts (for the rich), plans include significant cuts in public spending to shore up government finances, a new age of austerity. https://archive.ph/dr8mg#selection-967.17-967.25

  6. Jim R

    As some analysts have pointed out, Russia has (a lot of) conventional oil still in the ground. Just drill into the oil bearing strata, and it comes gushing out!

    The USA was a major oil exporter in WWII, and continued to ramp up its production following the Hubbert curve, peaking in 1970. Since then we have drilled in the arctic, drilled on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, fracked, imported form Canada ( cooked down tar sands ), and so forth. These developments have resulted in some production increases, but not at the rate of 1945. At this very moment we are burning the SPR to depress prices until the election. We can still look forward to depletion.

    As Dmitri Orlov pointed out, Russia has oil because their communist government stifled the economy and slowed exploration. So of course the fantasy of the warmongers is that we will overpower Russia and steal their oil, much like we have done in Iraq, eastern Syria, etc. Meanwhile Russia has gotten in touch with their inner capitalist and is making soft-power deals with Iran, China, Venezuela, etc. and doing business with several African countries.

    It is increasingly looking like Saudi Arabia went past its Hubbert peak a while back, and is no longer the powerhouse of OPEC. Of course several other Arab countries are still large producers. But it remains to be seen whether Arab gas can replace the Russian gas for Europe. Might be a cold winter over there.

    Modern wars are all oil wars.

  7. Jim R

    — oh, and to add to the misery of depletion, the O’Biden administration has been canceling oil leases and pipeline projects, ensuring that there will be shortages, Hubbert or no Hubbert.

  8. snoosebomb

    yes , they are in a very good position & they can turn that energy into goods

  9. lou

    will UK see hyperinflation this winter?

    like 200%.

    For example in America a burger and fries was $7.99 in 2019.
    Now it’s $13.89.
    America is at 80-90% inflation on avg.
    The UK is going to be significantly higher! And yes, that’s hyper inflation.

  10. Not all things inflate, many deflate which brings down the rate significantly. But yes, in all oil based wars, ALWAYS the price of food and fuel shoots way upwards usually by around 100%.

    I have seen this all my long life. Oil wars hurt the poor the most, world wide.

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