Category 4 Hurricane Orlene Will Slam Into Mazalan, Mexico Tonight

A major category 4 Pacific hurricane, right on the heels by less than a month after the previous Gulf of California hurricane went up the gulf all the way to LA, California, this new hurricane formed very rapidly in the last three days to become a major hurricane.  It is probably going to begin hitting  Guadalajara State right now!  The first bands of rain and wind are running right in front of this hurricane.  This will not be the first major hurricane to hit this Mexican state!


There is nearly no news about this hurricane in US media.  What news there is very slender and old, from when the hurricane was not as strong as this morning:


Orlene is expected to eventually weaken before reaching the coast of mainland Mexico early next week.


Certain portions of Mexico could be in for three to five inches of rainfall, with local amounts reaching ten inches, creating the risk of flash flooding and landslides. The National Hurricane Center warned of “life-threatening surf and rip current conditions” along the coast of southwestern Mexico and the extreme southern part of the Baja California peninsula.


According to the NOAA, this is now a MAJOR hurricane and it will slam with full force onto the islands in front of Mazatlan, Mexico.  This and the mountainous landmass of Mexico will slow down the 130 MPH winds to 115 to 120 MPH which is still pretty powerful.  Of course, the real danger to the city of Mazatlan will be storm surge which will be big due to the higher wind speeds over the ocean.


The city is mainly on the flatter lands next to the Gulf of California/Pacific Ocean and I have no idea what Mexico is doing about this because there is nearly no US news about any of this happening!



Here is a satellite shot of Mazatlan from the Mexican government:


Here is a prediction map which shows the hurricane Sunday morning is already a category 4 storm:


The hurricane’s rain is nearly all in the leading edge of the storm.



Look at the rain satellite photo below: the Pacific Ocean has a belt of proto-hurricanes forming rapidly and there may be more full hurricanes hitting Mazatlan, Mexico this month!


Here is ground zero for the hurricane today:



Observatorio de la Malecon de Mazatlan is a Victorian observatory built on the shoreline that will bear the brunt of this storm.  It is now an amusing museum.


To the south is Stoner’s Surf Camp if anyone is interested in being an insane hippie there:



This shoreline is hit by major hurricanes every 50 to 100 hundred years or so:


The 1943 Mazatlán hurricane was a powerful tropical cyclone (at least Category 4) that lashed the southern coast of Sinaloa on the morning of 9 October 1943. The hurricane went essentially undetected before it made landfall just south of Mazatlán on 9 October with a pressure below 958.6 millibars (28.31 inHg) and maximum sustained winds of at least 136 miles per hour (219 km/h). The hurricane destroyed two small towns and half of Mazatlán, killing at least 106 persons, injuring 102, and leaving over 1,000 homeless. Total damage was estimated at $4.5 million (1943 USD, $56 million 2008 USD). The hurricane was the strongest on record to strike Mazatlán.


Moving ashore as a powerful hurricane, the storm destroyed the small towns of El Roble, now in Mazatlán Municipality, and Palmillas. The storm partially destroyed Villa Unión (a town now in Mazatlán Municipality) and severely damaged the port at Mazatlán. In these towns, approximately 100 persons lost their lives.[1] Though the storm was reported to have struck “without warning”,[25] most residents in the destroyed cities ably reached safety in higher ground.[26] The hurricane destroyed about half of the buildings in Mazatlán, and near the ocean, the combination of strong waves, high winds, and rainfall heavily damaged many hotels and houses.[25] The storm damaged water systems, leaving people without potable water or sewage systems.[27] In a 50 miles (80 km) portion of the coastline, the storm severely impacted the communication and transportation infrastructure. The airport at Mazatlán sustained damage to its radio tower, and for at least 18 hours, the only communication between the city and the rest of Mexico was through the radio of a plane in the airport.[25] Total damage was estimated at $4.5 million (1943 USD, $56 million 2008 USD).[1]


This storm is about the same!  People should be very alarmed!!!  There are more than twice as many people in the path of this hurricane today.  The government is betting the storm will be a category 1 when it hits the city of Mazatlan.  I hope they are right but fear the coastal part of the city will be hit hard.



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10 responses to “Category 4 Hurricane Orlene Will Slam Into Mazalan, Mexico Tonight

  1. TinaB

    First, hurricanes are heat engines, powered by large expanses of hot ocean. The ocean is absorbing over 90% of the excess energy trapped in the Earth system by human greenhouse gas accumulation, and this means more available energy for more intense storms. Second, a hotter atmosphere can hold more water vapor, which (along with hotter ocean water and stronger winds) translates into more rain. Third, higher sea levels from accelerating land ice melt and ocean thermal expansion mean additional supercharging of storm surges relative to established coastlines and low-lying land. All of these supercharging mechanisms will continue to worsen as global heating itself worsens.

    “Climate breakdown is far more intense in 2022 than even many scientists expected, yet the world still isn’t treating this like a crisis”

    “I became a climate activist 16 years ago. Back then, not many people cared about climate change. The eye rolls were audible. Media coverage was scarce, and what little there was glibly included “both sides”. It was frustrating and tragic to see such a clear and present danger and to know that it was still mostly avoidable, yet ignored by society.

    But things have turned out worse than I dreamed possible. I underestimated the depth and intransigence of society’s collective climate denial. Despite climate breakdown being far more intense by 2022 than I thought it would be – it all feels like a decade or two ahead of schedule, somehow – the world still isn’t treating global heating like the emergency it is.”

  2. TinaB

    ems complaining about the lack of news coverage haha that’s rich because when they do she just accuses them of being fake! LOL! BTW there’s tons of news on it. I have a pin in my hand ems would you like me to burst your bubble?

    UK scientist David McKay warns we approach multiple tipping points – maybe the most important warning of the year.

    From Stanford, Professor Rob Jackson, Chair of the Global Carbon Project, says controlling methane is our best chance for a livable climate. NCAR senior scientist Kevin Trenberth returns to explain the basis of it all: earth energy imbalance.

    Scientists reach new conclusions about climate tipping points. YouTuber Simon Clark calls it “the scariest paper I’ve ever read”. From ocean currents to Arctic ice – the workings of this planet are not stable. Sixteen giant Earth systems can switch from one state to another, at temperatures close to present day.

    In this segment we get to the bottom. Really climate change should not just be measured by surface temperatures, much less a global average temperature. All kinds of difference energy flows are changed by the greenhouse effect, not just heat. Scientists prefer the term “Earth Energy Imbalance” (or EEI).

    Doctor Kevin Trenberth, scholar emeritus from NCAR, the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research returns to explain the most fundamental fact behind climate change. Kevin is now working with the University of Auckland as well, in his native New Zealand. This is our third interview with Trenberth – working from his new textbook on climate fundamentals for all of us: “The Changing Flow of Energy Through the Climate System”

    “In this segment we get to the bottom. Really climate change should not just be measured by surface temperatures, much less a global average temperature. All kinds of difference energy flows are changed by the greenhouse effect, not just heat. Scientists prefer the term “Earth Energy Imbalance” (or EEI).”

  3. TinaB

    And why tf are you quoting NOAA? I thought you said they are all corrupt? Where are all you right-wing cult scientists? Forget about NOAA – what does Tony Heller have to say?

    The funniest thing for me is that YOU KNOW full well what’s going on. It’s sad really because but for your massive ego, you COULD have chosen to educate and help people.

    If you need some assistance in learning how one does that you need only watch the following video. This is how you DON”T GET BANNED from TV! Maybe you should have used a little discretion while slaying your “manufactured dragons/boogeymen” on TV?

    This is courage! You pale in comparison. She has more courage in her baby fingernail that you will ever have!

  4. TinaB

    Acidification of the western Arctic Ocean is happening three to four times faster than in other ocean basins, a new study has found.

    The ocean, which absorbs a third of all of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, has grown more acidic because of fossil fuel use. Rapid loss of sea ice in the Arctic region over the past three decades has accelerated the rate of long-term acidification, according to the study, published in Science on Thursday.

    Researchers from the Polar and Marine Research Institute at Jimei University, China, and the School of Marine Science and Policy at the University of Delaware in the US, say rapid sea-ice loss exposes seawater to the atmosphere, promoting takeup of carbon dioxide at a faster rate than in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Antarctic and sub-Antarctic basins.

    “In other ocean systems, acidification is being driven by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is increasing at a rate of around 2ppm [parts per million] per year,” said Wei-Jun Cai, a marine chemistry expert at the University of Delaware and one of the paper’s authors.

  5. qbutnoa

    UK, MP Suella Braverman (India+Hind & anti woke), Home Secretary, Channel migrant crisis, 30k so far this year, out of control, need to take dramatic action, foreign paedophiles & murderers & other (drugs) convicted criminals cannot be deported (EU modern slavery act), makes her blood boil, making a mockery of the UK + sovereignty & this has to stop, Britain could quit the European Convention on Human Rights (EU judges in Strasbourg still rule), too many low skilled workers/students with dependents coming into the country & not contributing to the economy, a very steady stream of cheap foreign labour not wanted. *But*, PM Truss = dash for growth/kick-start growth, promises to cut net migration torn up, open the floodgates to cheap foreign labour in uncontrolled numbers. BTW, I believe this woman will be the next Tory PM.

  6. lou

    Tina, how many people froze to death this year?

  7. Whistleblower


    Israel caused the Havana Syndrome cases, the weapons involved of which (the cases, that is) are inner speech reading drones; in other words, they surveil one’s thoughts when one is targeted.

  8. All communist countries are insane. They are also uniformly abusive of humans, too. Hideous places to live or work.

    The above junk posted here is insane and stupid at the same time.

    No one can ‘read thoughts’ via electronics, one can mess up the brain with electronics!

  9. Jim R

    As for mind reading, I have seen the occasional article about researchers using superconducting magnets to detect tiny electrical currents inside a subject’s head. It doesn’t give a whole lot of detail, but they can sense the location of electrical activity and record it. The magnets are in a helmet affair on the subject’s head.

    But of course, you are correct — they can’t read thoughts from a distance, all they can do is inflict damage.

    There is a transmitting device that causes people to hear things, by inducing tiny temperature fluctuations in the inner ear. The local post office was testing it some years ago, it was annoying. You’d go in and hear music and advertisements, and there was no way to screen it out. Thankfully they turned off after a few weeks — the employees probably threatened to quit.

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