Trump Brought Peace Biden Brings WWIII


Diplomacy collapsed nearly instantly when Biden entered the White House.  All over the world, wars raged in the most dangerous places.  Economic systems, hammered by covid restrictions and fatal ‘total shut down’ of economic systems in the foolish hope this would stop germs spreading is now causing global wars to break out.  Worse, the Bilderberg gang is freaking out as they lose power to patriotic people in many countries!  So time to start WWIII.  They really hate Trump for doing successful peaceful diplomacy and intend to prevent his return even if this means WWIII.


Petraeus stupidly claims, we will win WWIII:



He doesn’t mention that a billion people might die due to nuclear missiles.  A fine price to pay for a few provinces on the border of Russia and Ukraine.


North Korea reminds everyone that they can do the same, too:



Chaos is spreading and our rulers are 100% responsible for all this.  Strong, intelligent leadership by someone who is sane is required and this is what we are being denied at this point in time.  Chaos, corruption and crime is shooting upwards in all Bilderberg run countries.  This is because the gang’s leaders are criminals.


Here is some pathetic news from one of many cities in the US which are dying due to Bilderberg gang beliefs and systems:



How pathetic.  The Asians in US West Coast cities vote nearly 100% for the Democrats.  Now, they are whining about their fellow DNC voters, the black criminal class who loot, rape and kill Asians.  In LA yesterday, two black teenagers stabbed a Chinese store owner to death over a wig, for example.  The Asians made this possible via voting for criminals and gangsters.


Here is more proof the people of Seattle are stupid in the extreme:


Starbucks original stores are being abandoned in Seattle’s downtown due to violent black and ANTIFA rioters looting and burning and destroying everything there.  Starbucks supports this leftist chaos and is very annoyed a politician is standing in front of one of their many destroyed stores, promising to bring law and order back to hell hole Democrat cities.


The bellows of rage from Starbuck’s CEO is hilarious.  How dare she point out the obvious.  She is supposed to ignore Starbuck’s cooperation and funding of violent radical leftists destroying Seattle.


Here is how Seattle has voted in the last 30 years:



I have a transgender daughter.  She was born with birth defects in her male genitalia and suddenly, recently, decided to be female.  She never acted particularly female at all in her life.  But suddenly, she wanted to be one and now is one, in full.  I warned her two years ago to not support the DNC because if they rush the integration of trans females and do it recklessly and wrong, she would pay the price if there is a backlash.


For telling her this, she has refused to talk to me ever since so she is fated to go through the backlash in the worse way possible, alas.  And the backlash is beginning:


A Vermont girls high school volleyball team has been banned from using their own locker room after they complained about a transgender teammate who made inappropriate comments to them.


This is not far from where I live.  Vermont right now is all DNC all the way so all the lunatic things the DNC is doing is being done in Vermont.  I wonder if they will figure out why this has a nasty downside?


Teammates of the Randolph Union High School volleyball team allege the transgender player made an “inappropriate remark” to them while they were changing in the locker room.


The sexually active teenage BOY stripping himself in front of girls, probably got snarky with them.  So they complained.  The result was, they were punished and the BOY was given free rein to run riot in the girl’s dressing rooms with zero supervision from any sane adults.


The girls have been barred from using the locker room and must now change in a single bathroom stall, according to player Blake Allen.


I hope they sue.  But then, Vermont’s judges are Democrats. Good luck with that.


“It’s a huge thing. Everyone’s asking, ‘So, why aren’t you allowed in the locker room?’” Allen toldWCAX.


“They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable — so pretty much 10 girls — to get changed in a single stall bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes. Where if one person got changed separately, it would take a minute, like no extra time,” Allen said.


This is the beginning of the end of radical sexual policies of the DNC.  Eventually, even stupid leftist Democrat girls will figure out that they are now second class citizens.  I fought hard for women’s rights starting from when the Civil Rights Act was passed and I immediately sued the schools concerning all this.


I won without any trials because politicians flocked to join me in these suits so the schools did what I wanted, no contest.


Now, it is the reverse: women are being shoved off the stage again by males.  They have to switch gears, fast, or be content with being nobodies who have nothing and are nothing, again.  Their choice!


Here is a fine video of the Bilderberg gang, Mark Dice, like me, is highly aware of the black magic behind all the Bilderberg schemes:



Also a side note, I look out the window to the southeast and see the long loops of storm clouds one sees on the outside edge of hurricanes, going from horizon to horizon.  It will probably rain today.  This is the same hurricane that hit Florida, it went to sea, backed up just east of Long Island and NYC and is now rotating there, causing lots of rain.;-82.7;3&l=wind-900hpa


In two days, it is supposed to finally go out into the Atlantic Ocean for good, I hope.


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16 responses to “Trump Brought Peace Biden Brings WWIII

  1. Nina

    I have just watched a documentary about two transgender women in Norway, and it gave me valuable insight into the daily struggles that these people faces. Many of them feel rejected by both family and society, and they often move to larger cities where they can be with likeminded people.

    There is also a lot of hatred towards these people which is very sad and wrong. As long as you are a good and well behaved person, people should leave you alone.

    Problems arises when these people want to be regarded fully as a female, which among other things means that they want to access women’s toilets and wardrobes. As a woman put it: if a person with a penis came into the women’s wardrobe that would make me very uncomfortable. This is a legitimate concern in my opinion.

  2. qbutnoa

    Germany, which normally leads the drive for austerity and is the poster boy for strict fiscal rectitude, has gone it alone and announced a massive €200 Billion Euro energy crisis bailout package, the money will be borrowed on the markets and breaks all the rules of the EU’s fiscal surveillance system. The other EU countries had hoped for a united/EU wide bailout and are *unhappy* with the “rich Germany first” approach, there is much criticism (including Germany’s Federal Audit Court) in particular from France and Italy. Germany’s misguided dependence on Russian gas is blamed for the crisis.

  3. TinaB

    Thanks for sharing that Nina! I agree it is sad and difficult to understand and navigate and some compassion and learning is definitely a step in the right direction.

    My heart breaks for the brave Iranian women!

    If only I had a fraction of the courage as Masih!

  4. qbutnoa

    Amprion GmbH (biggest German power grid operator), chief technical officer Hendrik Neumann, winter warnings, highly stressed situation, electricity shortages and bottlenecks, may have to slash/halt electricity exports to other EU countries (mainly France, which has half of its 56 nuclear power plants shut down for maintenance & because of corrosion problems). War in the Ukraine is blamed first for the energy crisis along with other technical issues, *but*, the German government’s “political and ideological aspects” for which the “The government needs to draw the political conclusions and take the political responsibility” also gets a prime mention.

  5. snoosebomb

    Fashion !

  6. Kerry

    The percentage of people who are transformers are very, very few. They look like a monumental force because the controlled media propaganda portrays it larger than life.

    The whole power structure is comprised of transformers. What we are experiencing now is their attempt to heat up the waters so they can unleash themselves upon us.

    Most of the hapless regular people (not crisis actors) caught up in this are MK Ultra Monarch programmed people. Direct Trauma programming. They were subjected to the highest level magick and demonology.

    The “secret societies” are just the faces. There are much, much deeper things going on.

    Dice revealed nothing and says very little. Most of what he wrote in his book was taken from Anthony Sutton. Dice NEVER explains their religious epistemology.

    Neither do you for that matter.

    Both of you might as well not say anything at all. We’ve all grown past it.

  7. Kerry

    Can you see their hints and make the connections?

  8. qbutnoa

    TikToK/ByteDance social network from China, same as Facebook and Google, tracking users across the world wide web regardless.

  9. “Strong, intelligent leadership by someone who is sane is required…”
    That disqualifies your boy donnie. If he was in power Ukraine would be a Russian vassal state and we would still be afraid of Russia’s army instead of watching it run from places they’ve supposedly “annexed”.
    Those vaunted “Guards” battalions couldn’t guard an outhouse.

  10. Nina

    U.S. national debt exceeds 31 trillion USD amid rising interest rates

  11. John Culhane

    Ukraine War Planned YEARS AGO Documents Reveal

  12. Good lord! Want me to talk about the OuterDarkness and how it operates? I have first hand knowledge. I got this via being HIT BY LIGHTNING BOLTS, for goodness sakes!!

    The rich and powerful view the denizens of the OuterDarkness to be tools to be used which is LUNACY. My own ancestors thought this ridiculous until they were HIT BY LIGHTNING BOLTS.

    Good grief. Now are you happy, Kerry? Visitors who have experienced LIGHTNING BOLTS with me usually run away and never speak to me again out of fear.

    One of my own professors did this to me, he sneered that my ability to know when lightning will strike and it seeks me out, then opened the door and a lightning bolt hit the door and it nearly killed him.

    He said I was not to go to his classes anymore and ran off.

  13. The controllers have very specific religious and philosophical views that no one ever speaks about except for the really religious Christians.

    It isn’t about the demons being used for tools, it is the other way around and the ones at the top are quite happy with it.

  14. lou

    12–good lord…pun unintended?

  15. “Want me to talk about the OuterDarkness and how it operates?”
    Oh boy… here we go.
    No, I think I’ll pass on the high weirdness for now, thanks.

  16. Zeke

    Did ya ever notice – so many of the Trump worshipers – are weirdos in other areas too.

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