Musk Buys Twitter, Twitter Down In Key DNC Cities, War With Russia Screws Entire EU


The communists working at Twitter in California are still hard at work, censoring everyone using this website.  Today, they removed Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green.  Presidents and Congress people are censored for ‘wrongthink’.  This is why Musk is buying the joint and this week we were told, he will be in full control by next week.  But the censoring of citizens continues to roar onwards as the desperate leftists need to shut down our democracy just as they are about to lose power over us all.


Twitter is now down in the critical San Francisco, LA, New York and DCAtlanta, Kansas, Houston and now, Chicago and Boston areas, nonoperational within hours of the announcement, Elon Musk owns the joint.  I can’t access it, for example. I track this on DownDetector:


The left is increasingly desperate as things collapse around them.  We are supposedly winning the war in Ukraine, for example, but the entire EU is rapidly collapsing and will be in very, very dire straits in less than six months:



Poor people in Europe won’t have any heating this winter.  The illegal aliens invading Europe will be cast back into the streets again in the middle of winter, too.  The rich won’t notice higher energy bills so they won’t be bothered and won’t notice the obvious until raging mobs go after them and destroy their palaces.



Germany was the central manufacturing powerhouse for all of Europe until this year.  Due to lack of materials from Russia, who supplies over 50% of what Germany needs for manufacturing, this is now in full collapse as prices shoot upwards and supplies stored for this war, dwindle rapidly now.


I predicted this would happen and I also predict that the support for war with Russia is about to collapse, too.  People thought like in WWI and WWII, this would be a short stroll to victory.  It never is.



All of Eastern Europe wants Germany to give them money now.  Stuff that happened nearly 100 years ago is being hauled out and used as an excuse for more money.  We see this in the US, too.


Blacks, after mooching off of welfare for half a century want ‘reparations’ for things that happened over 150 years ago, too.  VP Harris even made this demand when the hurricane hit Florida.  That is, blacks should get government aid first due to things that happened 150 years ago.



Macron, the French overlord, boasted about how France will feel nothing of the suffering in the rest of Europe just last month.  Now, he is freaking out.  Also, half of France’s nuclear power plants are turned off right now, too!  So much for ‘energy independence’!


The NY Times has to print fake news nonstop, they have no choice now:


So, chatter on the far right about anger issues is the excuse for illicitly and illegally raiding Trump’s private home and ransacking it entirely, seeking something, anything to hang on his neck?  How insane.  Trump goes around the country giving prep speeches to followers!  He isn’t scheming for anything, this is all very much out in the open for all to see.


The NYT wants us to live in a Castro/Khruchev/Mao society with zero civil rights, not free speech, disarmed and helpless so they can torture us all.


Here is more fun news from a city totally run by far leftist Democrats who hate law and order and let innercity gangs run riot, everywhere, all the time:



And this explains why the men watching this did nothing:



Kayne West makes the news yet again, yanking the leftist chain causing them to freak out, screaming mad:


Kanye West Shows Off ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt at Yeezy Fashion Show in Paris


The communists have been screaming that white lives don’t matter for three years now.  Whites are finally waking up to this lunacy and striking back but the genius here is, Kayne West is doing this.  They can’t hit him, he is SuperDude!



And inEngland, invaders are going to be put on fancy ocean liners where they get free food and bed while British citizens are being thrown out of their homes for NOT PAYING ENERGY BILLS!  As I keep saying, open revolt is a skip and jump away now.


Last of all, I used to live in Park Slope.  Came there after vast black rioters destroyed the neighborhood of 5 Avenue and northwards to Bed/Stuy.  I put my own money and time into restoring the community and succeeded.  First step was to replace the top cop at the 78th Precinct and get a better person into that office who would work with me.


This is now dead in the water as the 78th is now run by incompetent, corrupt idiots as crime shoots through the roof yet again:


My dear friend, Captain Hill, no longer runs the 78th Precinct police station in Park Slope.   I no longer live there, too.  Leftists live there and they now live in a hell hole city that is rapidly collapsing.  The new Captain put into power there is now being sued by staff due to his wild sex and handing out financial favors to women officers:


A top Brooklyn cop at the center of an alleged love triangle played favorites for his precinct girlfriends and blamed one of his lieutenants for the press leak about the scandal — retaliating by booting her to the lobster shift, a new lawsuit alleges.


The present occupant in that position is a pro-crime black male.  Back when I took over the place and booted the Captain and got the wonderful Captain Hill into office there, crime was also out of control.  This was due to a refusal to do basic police work!  Duh!


NYPD Lt. Kamal Roper told The Post that the shift switch, which included a change from a daytime weekday assignment to a midnight slot with weekend work, was the last straw for her in the “hostile and stressful” environment created by police Capt. Frantz Souffrant in the 78th Precinct.


There has been fast turnover of Captains at this Precinct.  Ever since Giuliani left, the cockroaches lurking in the systems were suddenly allowed to run riot and they took over more and more systems until the communists in the DNC got all the positions polluted with criminal cops.


Souffrant garnered headlines in June when he alleged that he, his former girlfriend Detective Ileen Estevez, and Officer Noemi Sierra were the victims of cyber-bullying in the department, consisting of false accusations of scandalous trysts.


The proof is in the puddings: if there are no sex scandals, things wouldn’t be collapsing there.  But things are collapsing due to incompetent cops who are fiddling around, not doing their jobs.  All should be fired!


Roper, a 22-year veteran, claims in the suit that Souffrant gave the two female subordinates cushy shifts and tried to pad their arrest stats.


When I moved to NYC, this sort of thing was totally out of control.  Everyone voted DNC all the time and so things went to hell, fast.  I decided to carve out my own area back in the 1970’s and examined how the laws worked and then proceeded to do many, many citizen arrests.  Mayor Beame refused to work with me so I campaigned for Mayor Koch, he won…and then stabbed me in the back.


But at first, he worked with me.  First task was to find a good Captain for my Precinct and he was Captain Hill, a smart, wonderful man who understood how to do sane law and order that wasn’t racist at all.  I then went across Atlantic Avenue into the most dangerous part of Brooklyn to give speeches to black audiences about how they, too, can have law and order.


This is how I met Al Sharpton who tried to start a riot against me!  But I won.  My supporters were wonderful people who won, big time, and crime began to shift to other parts of NYC where no one was fighting crime and Park Slope flourished.  Arresting a bunch of corrupt Democrat leaders went a long ways to stopping general chaos, too.


Park Slope still has a much lower crime rate than the black parts of Brooklyn but it is deteriorating rapidly.  Rot at the top always means rot at the bottom.


In Tucson, AZ, where I grew up, crime is soaring, too:


See entire video here:


Now on to how the left is going insane: creepy very rich Bilderberg ladies are sneering about women’s rights and ‘power girls’ and so forth and their way of doing this is to be cheap strippers who no longer are stripping but running around, literally naked all the time while sneering at everyone:


Gay dress makers love doing this.  These leftist females who hate Trump love doing this.  These females think they are very smart and powerful when they are really stupid tools of the elite males.  Note how the males are not naked in public.  Just the stupid females who think they are super smart doing stupid things.


And last of all, NYT reports financial chaos:



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20 responses to “Musk Buys Twitter, Twitter Down In Key DNC Cities, War With Russia Screws Entire EU

  1. Kerry

    All of this ties back into the last conversation.

    You aren’t seeing Videodrome.

    The whole dog story may or may not have happened. But they had to put it out there because they were fomenting energies.

    On that day 9/28, Mars was conjunct SIRIUS (the dog star).

    These people were taught by their entities to use “star” energy.

    Bella Hadid and Florence Pugh are not females. Both are deformed males who have been given female hormones from practically infancy. They are sacred temple hijra.

    Men getting angry over this is misplaced toward real females. When really they are reacting to other males asserting their aggressiveness and dominance over them.

  2. TinaB

    Oh and since you brought up MTG…. what the hell happened to her “marriage” and her “family”? Was she having “nasty sex” with someone OTHER than her husband? NO! Say it isn’t so!

    I’m not religious and have never read the Bible (I guess SHE would call ME a “heathen”) but can you point me to the passage that condones HER behavior?

    For the record, I have never cheated on anyone nor have I ever left my children (I am childless and unlike Herschel Walker don’t have “secret” ones and unlike Ivanka Trump I did not have an abortion when I was a teenager) nor would I EVER if I had any.

    So really? WHO is the heathen?

  3. TinaB

    Saudi Aramco says the world is totally misreading the oil market and too focused on ‘short-term economics’

    “Everyone in the U.S. wants to voice their political opinions whenever the word “oil” is mentioned. Oil is a limited commodity. It pollutes the environment. It was the commodity that industrialized the world. It is used mostly for non-fuel purposes.

    It will be around for a long time, but it is not infinite.. Those on the “left” who trash oil companies have no idea the investment cost and technology required to find new oil. The oil companies finally understand that it is no longer a good to invest in new projects as green energy increases.

    Therefore, the wise approach is to decrease the supply proportionate to the green energy increase. The “right” believes it is their commodity to consume, heck with the environment, go out and buy a large gas guzzling truck and mount too many flags on it. The price is reduced by demand destruction, there is no oil company in their right mind searching for new discoveries. The left and the right are the problem, at least in America.

    The truth is that no one in their right mind wants to become a petroleum engineer and an oil CEO will not foolishly spend the cash flow searching the oceans and God knows where for more supply. Suggest you adjust to EVs, solar, hydrogen, nuclear, etc., and save the oil for making fertilizer, tires, solar panels, EV parts, chewing gum, lipstick and a zillion other non-fuel uses.”

  4. TinaB

    Marjorie Taylor Greene in tantric sex divorce drama

    The Georgia Republican didn’t hide her carnal capers, which stretch back at least a decade, a source said

    “Controversial congresswoman and conspiracy queen Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been hit with divorce papers because of a propensity for cheating with a tantric sex guru, according to published reports.’

    So ems why so “mum” on this “news”? Just curious ems – with all your WISDOM – is “tantric sex” the same as “nasty sex”? Asking for a friend….

  5. TinaB

    Marjorie Taylor Greene in tantric sex divorce drama

    “The Georgia Republican didn’t hide her carnal capers, which stretch back at least a decade, a source said”

    Oh dear! Why so mum on this “news” ems?

    And being that you have so much wisdom – is “tantric sex” the same as “nasty sex”? Asking for a friend….

    Btw this is the second time I have posted a comment and it doesn’t show up. What’s up with that?

  6. TinaB

    “But the Daily Mail reports that a sexual affair with the polyamorous tantric sex guru effectively torpedoed the marriage before she allegedly moved on to a personal trainer. Neither denied the affairs, the Mail added.
    Article content

    Personal trainer Justin Tway said: “I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.”

    Sources told the newspaper that the Georgia Republican didn’t hide her carnal capers, which stretch back at least a decade.”

    Oh dear! It looks like MTG is a bit of “slut” – are WE still using this word ems?

    GAWD the hypocrisy of these people – just like the CATHOLIC church PREDATORS! You do realize that these IMPOSTERS have caused more damage than ALL trans people on this planet put together ? Yes? smh

  7. Nina

    Regardless of what we might think about Russia or the US, or China, the prospect of a direct clash between major powers are quite frightening. De-escalation is urgently needed. Those who keep fanning the flames of war are literally playing with fire.

  8. Nina

    Riyadh, Moscow ready to announce oil production cuts during OPEC+ meeting

    According to the paper, Saudi Arabia is seeking to raise oil prices “in a move set to anger the US and aid Russia.”

  9. Nina

    The Saudi royal family are not happy with the US, and decided to retaliate by cutting oil production by two million barrels per day, which was announced by OPEC today.

    Biden has apparently insulted and humiliated the Saudi Crown prince at more than one occasion. Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members are also dissatisfied about the attempt by the G7 countries at capping the price of Russian oil, fearing that the same tactic could be used against other oil producers as well.

  10. qbutnoa

    Nord Stream 1 & 2, owner/operator, majority Gazprom (Russia) + others, currently unable to inspect the damage (crime scene), Danish authorities = necessary permits to carry out an inspection could take over 20 working days.

  11. qbutnoa

    European People’s Party/Germany/Berlusconi (Bunga Bunga), some German MEPs not happy with Italy right wing (Fascist) election win, must be stopped, not friends, firewall convention, protect peace & democracy, fundamental EU values, worrying precedent, “the European project in danger”, “…seriously question the real and deep reasons behind the clear electoral defeat of the left in Italy”.

  12. Timothy Carroll

    TinaB-For the record, I have never cheated on anyone nor have I ever left my children (I am childless and unlike Herschel Walker don’t have “secret” ones and unlike Ivanka Trump I did not have an abortion when I was a teenager) nor would I EVER if I had any.

    Hardly a herculean feat when no man would touch you with a barge pole, similar to other screetching Karens who don’t know when to STFU!

  13. qbutnoa

    Nord Stream 1 & 2 have 2 pipelines each. Nord Stream 2 still has 1 pipeline operational and was under high pressure.

  14. lou

    12–D Trumps georgia wife [wife 2?] also had an abortion when young. her boyfriend or fiend sold the tale to a tabloid.

  15. Zeke

    @ 12
    Timothy Carroll

    You stupid PoS, take a dose of your own medicine & STFU.
    The more you post the more you reveal yourself to be a highly defective dumb arse.
    You need to pull plop your ugly head and face outta yur arse butthole and get some O2.
    How can any one person be a fool such as you.

    Do the World a favor and curl up and die you stupid dumb PoS. Quit wasting people’s time. Quit wasting oxygen.

  16. Pete

    @13 thanks

  17. Timothy Carroll

    @#15 Thanks, TinaB! Take a page out of your own book you sick, demented pervert.

  18. Nina

    FBI says murders rose last year in the United States

    According to the new report, the number of murders increased from 22,000 in 2020 to 22,900 in 2021.

    Officials, however, warned that the FBI statistics were incomplete and excluded some major cities, like New York and Los Angeles, due to a new data tracking system.

    The new data also suggested that 58% of the homicide victims were Black, 37% were white and 14% were Latino.

  19. lou

    19, something like 400,000 Black people have been murdered, in the last 40 years [or 50 years] in USA.

    BLM is a horrid joke.

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