Elon Musk Is Freaking Out Communists Who Run Twitter Off The Cliff


Twitter is being shut down in all major DNC cities today.  I have no Twitter right now, not since yesterday.  I suspect the employees are shutting Twitter down but have no proof of this.  In the past, when the news showed Musk winning Twitter, Twitter would crash and burn suddenly in NY, for example.  I noted this in my news here each time.  The banning of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green for posting a REAL story based on REAL data is the final act of this gang of communists destroying Twitter.


Twitter was up in NY last night but is down again, this morning.  I suspect the staff in NYC is freaking out right now and making things collapse, deliberately.  It won’t save their jobs and we all way anxiously for Musk to take over and make that stupid website functional, again.



Bilderberg gangster online headquarters at Facebook are face-planting themselves as their business rapidly dies due to…guess what?….CENSORSHIP.  They turned it into a communist regime censoring everyone there and refusing to return money raised there unless someone sues these creeps.  No one sane wants to use that platform because it is the Titanic: sinking fast.



Facebook is doomed.  It is a tainted brand.  It is doomed 100% due to censoring everyone and being total creeps to customers trying to use this stupid service.  I hope it gets closed down entirely now.  Or sold for pennies to…Elon Musk, of course!


Here is a hilarious article from this week by ‘stock experts’ showing zero understanding how internet businesses operate once they go on the ‘fall off the cliff’ mode:

View at Medium.com


According to long-term forecasts, Meta (FB) will reach $272 by the end of 2022 and $360 in 2023. The stock of Meta Platforms, Inc (FB) will continue to increase in value, reaching $470 in 2025, $580 in 2027, and $765 in 2030.


Here is this quarter at FacePlantBook:



So, it has to go up over $100 in the next three months?  I doubt that greatly!  Doubling in value in 3 years: ridiculous.  It is dying due to acting like a communist regime!  Censoring people online=websystems die!  This is so very simple to understand, I can’t believe people are this dumb.  But they are.  Dreadfully dumb.


Speaking about dumb, our President is dumb.  This shows up more and more.  His ability to lead leads to hellish events running out of control.  The latest mess is with OPEC: they joined Russia, a fellow OPEC member, and decided to cut the oil supply to Europe, too.


White House is “Having a Spasm and Panicking” as OPEC Agrees to a Major Cut of 2 Million Barrels a Day



So, Biden’s solution is to attack OPEC across the board.  That will not work, of course.  What will he do?  Bomb Saudi Arabia?  Cut pipelines in the Middle East that go to Europe?  HAHAHA.  Good lord, this is so predictable and utterly insane.  All I have to do is think of the stupidest things the US can do and he does it!


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15 responses to “Elon Musk Is Freaking Out Communists Who Run Twitter Off The Cliff

  1. TinaB

    OH FFS! Who gives a shit about TWITTER! Why are so obsessed with TWITTER! You cant live without TWITTER ems?

    You are the QUEEN of …. GASLIGHTING! and manufacturing boogeymen and hysteria!

  2. Nina

    EMS: So, Biden’s solution is to attack OPEC across the board.

    “The White House statement also said that Biden will continue to assess whether to release further strategic oil stocks to lower prices.” – Reuters

    In other words Biden might continue to deplete the strategic oil reserves.

    “If the OPEC oil cartel assists the US in suppressing oil prices, it would bring negative impact to their own economy for generating less oil income. The OPEC does not want to “pay the bill” for US strategies, analysts noted.” – GT

  3. qbutnoa

    Germany, Glencore Nordenham zinc smelter (165,000 tonnes of zinc & alloys annually), curtailing production, Glencore has already mothballed/closed 1 smelter in Italy and 1 smelter in Holland so far this year, multiple things are blamed = energy crisis/China (lack of demand)/sanctions/Russia (lack of supply)/other conundrums. https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/third-european-smelter-closure-compounds-zinc-conundrum-2022-10-06/

  4. Nina

    Seems like Biden is not the only one who has offended the Saudi crown prince. Britain also snubbed him by not inviting him to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. Putin on the other hand seems to have good relations with the Saudi royals. Putin also has good relations with Iran, another major oil producer.

  5. snoosebomb

    Hey ! re; nord-stream , none of us did basic research , there are 4 lines , only 3 were broken

  6. Jim R

    there are 4 lines , only 3 were broken

    I did not know that! Thanks for the info.

    And of course, there are various antique pipelines in the network across eastern Europe. Unfortunately mostly closed off now, but on the off-chance Europe comes to its senses, maybe everybody won’t freeze to death this winter.

  7. Zeke

    Despite all the pearl clutching, teeth gnashing, rending of raiment, pronouncements of doom, we can all rest easy that Europe won’t “freeze to death”.

    Some people crave and have grown attachment to pathos and wallowing in despair.


  8. qbutnoa

    UK, pension funds, mini budget (unfunded), long dated government bonds, market turmoil, meltdown, doom loop, rolling margin calls. Liability Driven Investment (complex derivatives) schemes are blamed. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/oct/06/bank-of-england-confirms-pension-funds-almost-collapsed-amid-market-meltdown

  9. qbutnoa

    New Zealand, late spring time, Polar blast sweeps north, unseasonably chilly, Christchurch experienced first October snowfall in > 50 years. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/weather-icy-blast-sweeps-up-country-snow-flurries-in-taupo-and-near-wellington-strong-wind-slows-traffic-on-harbour-bridge/Z7WOEF3PJTH7TJCC34G6KOU3NM/

  10. lou

    off topic

    ELAINE has warned about Pitbulls,
    Two young children were mauled to death by two family dogs, and their mother left hospitalised, in Tennessee.

    The dogs attacked the 2-year-old girl, a 5-month-old boy, and their mother on Wednesday afternoon in the home located north of Memphis near Shelby Forest State Park.

    The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said the children were pronounced dead at the scene and their mother was taken to a Memphis hospital in critical condition.

    Video posted online in the aftermath of the incident showed first responders surrounding the scene on Wednesday evening local time.

    Officials have said the two dogs appear at this time to have been pit bulls, and that they were taken by animal control.

    /Ignorant people have APBT around pre teens. just a matter of time.

  11. Pete

  12. Harsh reality always comes with General Winter.

    I marvel that so many people can’t see this obvious stuff.

  13. Petruchio

    Ol’ Joe Biden has been called around here ‘Beijing Biden’ and for good reason. We can see in the latest news–pipeline explosion, OPEC cuts production–that Big Oil owns a huge piece of Biden as well.

  14. thomas meier

    Elon Musk tells his 108 million Twitter followers a resolution to Ukraine and Taiwan. So, how does the Gov’t wrestle control of the narrative from Elon. The judge lets him win his case to void the Twitter deal thus allowing Gov’t censorship to continue. Elon wins.

  15. Zeke

    Around here Trump is called draft dodging ‘Ole Bone Spurs’ (even though there is no record in his medical history) and tax dodging “I can’t release my taxes because they are under audit (forever) “but I’ll release them when the audit is over (not). (Never bs).

    He does have the power to mesmerize weak minded fools – even to treasonously attack our own government.
    Even braggadocios Josh Harley hiked up his hoop skirt and ran yelling and screaming and crying like a little girl once out of sight of the mob he hypocritically fist pumped encouragement to.

    A sad state of affairs.

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