YouTube Fears Elon Musk, Try To Stop Him

I was watching on my iPad, the Elon Musk manned space craft moving towards the moon landing site while lying in bed this morning when I decided to go downstairs and write about this while watching.  Downstairs, I learned that the video was REMOVED by YOUCAN’TUBE jerks!  This astonished me but then, it has been leaked that Elon is going to compete with YouTube and not censor everyone with a slightly different opinion than the SJW gangs on YouCan’tTube.  I find this all very funny and obvious how all leftists operate: censor everyone and anyone as well as each other.  BORING!



Another older video by Elon is still up.  A good view, SpaceX Live was functional yesterday.



I do say, Musk moves fast when motivated. He seems to have endless energy!


The entire Bilderberg Gang in Europe have announced that they DEMAND censoring citizens who wish to post stuff online.  They will take away, communist-style, Elon’s business if he dares to allow free speech:


European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, has demanded that Elon Musk increase the number of Twitter censors in the European Union.


And this is exactly why my own ancestors had this American Revolution thing and we also embraced in our Constitution, the First and Second Amendments which the globalists are desperate to destroy.


Breton issued a warning, saying that Europe, “will not have a trembling hand” and that Musk “knows the European position perfectly.”


This is not the ‘European position’ this is the BILDERBERG GANG’S position.  They can never, ever allow free speech.  Their minions on the left can openly revolt, riot, glue themselves to artwork in museums, stop traffic, etc. and nothing happens.  People daring to dispute all this, on the other hand, has to be terminated or else.


“He is in the process of reducing a certain number of moderators, but he will have to increase them in Europe,” Breton said in an interview with Franceinfo. “He will have to open his algorithms. We will have control, we will have access, people will no longer be able to say [just] anything.” He added, “hate speech is over.”


‘Hate speech’ by leftists is continuous in Europe. They scream and yell while spilling milk, calling this ‘poison’ and they destroy civilization, openly and these bastards in the EU think this is totally OK.  But citizens discussing the invasion by foreigners or overspending or going to war with Russia is bad…these people have to be stopped, silenced.  How dare they raise objections!



Elon Musk is definitely revolutionary and is causing great joy with anti-woke citizens while the Bilderberg gang goes insane with rage, desperate to stop him somehow!



Good comments to this story:


It’s sad to realize that almost the 90% of the company “workers” were actually not working and only acting as politic comissars.


They were the ones blocking sales if you tried to buy any sort of ad that had any sort of right wing feel to it, the current sales team rejected it


Elon will go down in history as the “Dad” that had to straighten out an entire generation of kids.


Elon is having a blast.  Yesterday he found this at Twitter headquarters:



Now he made it clear he wants to pull down YouTube which is easy since YouTube is YouCan’tTube:



Meanwhile in Arizona, where I grew up and saw politics from a front seat since my dad was friends with all the top politicians of both parties way back, 60 years ago.  Now, Arizona has been invaded by millions of people from far away or next door, California which is worse.  It is now a total mess made this way with malicious deliberation:


#AZREVOTE – Patriots In Arizona Plan HUGE Protest In Front Of AZ Capitol This Weekend

I do like the Republican lady running to be governor not giving up. Hope she can get all the fake votes flushed out of the system and can replace this with normal voting which requires registration, proof of being a voter, etc.  That is, normal voting systems not the mess that allows anyone to vote anywhere in anyway possible just like in corrupt NY and California, both utter hell holes due to this crappy voting systems imposed on us by the Democrats:


BREAKING: “SEE YOU IN COURT” – Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh Files FIRST Lawsuit Contesting Rigged 2022 Election In Arizona

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again: Ronna McDaniel and GOP Skipped Town after AZ Election Chaos and Massive Voter Suppression


Ronna is Mit Romneys niece. That explains everything. She got the results she wanted. She worked using the donations of gullible republicans to keep Kari Lake out of office. When are We the People going to say enough…


Yes, Biden is insane, senile and disgusting. Good grief.  Arrest Biden.


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8 responses to “YouTube Fears Elon Musk, Try To Stop Him

  1. Nina

    I misjudged the situation in China. The zero-covid strategy has turned draconian. It is disrupting the economy, harming people’s livelihood and wellbeing, and tarnishing China’s image abroad. It has simply gone too far, and this is now hampering China’s own development.

    I used to root for China because China represented a different path of development that emphasized lifting people out of poverty. This was something i found very admirable and encouraging.

    But as Xi has consolidated his power and removed any opposition, it seems like his leadership style has become more rigid and inflexible, leaving no room for any compromises.

    I will continue to watch China closely to see where the country is heading.

  2. Xi is a Mao clone. I knew, personally, the top leaders of China after Madame Mao’s death, some of them actually lived with me for a while so they could learn about the USA!

    They are all dead or long retired, this all was 40 plus years ago! Today, the people in China who were very young or not even born yet, lived without the horrors of Mao and his insane wife. So they fell for the communist ideology all over again.

  3. lou

    So they fell for the communist ideology all over again.
    due to genetics? some collectivist gene?

  4. Zeek

    @ lou

    Stop being a Troll !

    low IQ lou; stop it!

  5. Zeek, a major troll, hates trolls. You need psychiatric help!

  6. lou

    5–his comedy is unintended.

  7. Zeek

    Troll Alert !

    lou is at it again.

    lou da troll.

  8. lou

    7–thanks. you are a comic.

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