Finally, Elon Musk Has Made Twitter Fully Operational And It Works GREAT Now!

Elon Musk is having a lot of fun now.  He finally fired all the useless, creepy leftists who were systematically destroying Twitter via locking out everyone including me, I could at best, see only one to three posts a day at sites!  Now, the platform is fully operational and to celebrate this and give us an idea how open it is, I decided to visit Elon at his home page to see his operational space craft in orbit around the moon and see his other very amusing tweets:



Here, he refers to stopping spam that is automatic via eliminating any and all sites that ‘type’ faster than I type.  And I can type pretty fast:


I have noted how, over the years, people unpopular with communists or other creepy people would have a tsunami of negative, often off topic posts every time, without variation, when they post anything on Twitter.  This was obvious bots at work.  I could detect this via the time frame of the first 100 plus postings.  Nearly instantaneous.


There are still crazy leftists who post fake junk at Elon’s site, here is an example from today:


Note how both posts are simultaneous and both are fake.  Here is real news about Elon from:



So, he has to still go out and tell everyone to ignore fake junk posted online by very evil communist agents who hate him with a passion, he being one of the world’s smartest capitalists!


Communist hate speech was OK on old Twitter.  Since 90% of this was really bots often off topic, posting ugly ‘jokes’ mocking anyone sane, this gave the impression that all people using Twitter were nasty jerks who are obnoxious and cruel.


Senator Cruz is friends with Elon Musk and posted this last night:


A member of Elon’s own staff posted this tweet yesterday concerning Elon’s space program:



Here is Elon explaining how businesses will prosper interfacing with Twitter and Elon from now on, compared to trying to do business via the other far leftist portals that are infested with petty tyrants and outright Bilderberg gangsters…god, I love Elon very, very much now:


Businesses should be overjoyed with these changes!  Now, they will be reaching an audience they want as customers.  The communists have flooded the businesses with insane demands they cease advertising on Twitter.  If any businesses fall for this crap, I hope they all go bankrupt.  Smart businesses should be run by smart people who do smart things, not mindless leftist junk that bankrupt the companies!



Yes, one of the lazy communists kicked to the curb thought she could mooch off of Elon one last time.  Elon is laughing, he better watch out, you can laugh to death!


Always interested in making money, Elon decided to mock the former Twitter gang who left goofy T shirts in the office by making a spoof of those ‘Stay Woke’ T shirts:



I absolutely love Elon Musk now!  He has a sense of humor.  Good for him!



He openly boasts that the vastly reduced staff works perfectly fine.  Last month, Twitter was nearly unusable.  Literally 50% of the time, Twitter totally shut down for 12 hours or more in NY and California every three to four days!  It was being sabotaged by employees, I said back then and now that they are all kicked out, it never shuts down in NY and is working fantastic again!



Yes, Elon!  I am VERY happy!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  This is a great day for celebration!  My own ancestors were at the first Thanksgiving and hope to be there for another 500 years!



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4 responses to “Finally, Elon Musk Has Made Twitter Fully Operational And It Works GREAT Now!

  1. qbutnoa

    London, Houses of Parliament, unisex lavatories (gender neutral toilet) = so all staff ‘can be their authentic selves at work’.

  2. Nina

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  3. lou

    3 OF COURSE.

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