More Riots In China, Desperate People Fight Useless Covid Lockdown!


Full scale revolt is coming to China!  The constant covid lock downs are pushing half a billion people into revolt due to it being utterly useless, totally insane and very destructive!  When someone supposedly has the germs, they are hauled off to concentration camps like various minorities already are being hauled into and this infuriates all the Chinese people and I expect the Xi dictatorship to collapse due to this lunacy.  Our own country has been run these last two years by Maoists in the Democratic Party and we are seeing more and more people resisting this lunacy they push about germs or the weather or sexual identities, etc.  All this is crashing and burning now!


And here is what a top Bilderberg German thinks about China today:



I really feel for the Chinese people.  I once fought for their basic civil rights many years ago!  They want what we had here, once upon a time.  The Maoists here love the Chinese dictators and want this, here.  This is why they are all freaking out with Elon Musk opening up Twitter to all people to post what they wish there.  That is totally verboten, only Maoists can post there!  At least, up until this month.


All of Hollywood is hot for censorship.  They want everyone under lock and key!  Free speech is evil, according to all these creeps in California.  These sorts of authoritarian lunatics also want social chaos.  So none of our cities are safe and our borders are a mess and everything is being looted or broken or burned.  Our capital, Washington DC, is a mess.  Here is today’s sad story from that DNC hell hole:



This charming young man who became a Muslim while in prison, I am presuming, was once a soldier,  became a criminal and then joined the Muslims who put him on a proper path.  He then went forth to work in his community and was killed.  He did this to himself!  Read the story below:


Man Who Helped Pass DC’s Soft-on-Crime Bill Fatally Shot and Killed on the Same Day it Passes


This poor man worked hard to pass a bill that led directly to his own doom.  He thought, putting violent black males in prison was bad.  So he wanted them all in the streets and they returned this favor by killing him.  You get what you pay for in the real world.


The Washington Post reports Blowe had spent over five years in prison for robbery, and the experience “instilled in him a passion to right inequities he believed he encountered.”


He didn’t go for law and order, he wanted no laws or orders at all.  This won’t work for black males.


After getting out, he joined DC Justice Lab, one of the groups that pushed to overhaul the city’s criminal code. He testified in support of the proposed bill in December.


He turned his life around.  Only to be gunned down for being in the way of a bunch of criminals who wanted to loot DC.  The gunman stole a car, crashed into the Marine’s car and then got out of his car and killed the Marine.


The Marine Corps veteran, who was diagnosed with PTSD, was working as a security guard and was taking coworkers home last week when he was shot and killed when a gunman “emerged from a stolen car after a crash with Blowe. Authorities said they believe Blowe also possessed a weapon, as they recovered a gun next to his body… Blowe’s family said they did not know he had a weapon.”


Looks like Blowe drew his gun, too.  How utterly normal this is in all DNC hell hole cities.  They are all exactly the same from top to bottom.  Here is the organization this poor sad man worked with:



I went to the DC Justice Lab twitter account.  No one is allowed to comment at this ‘justice’ tweet site!  How typical of leftists.  Never debate!


And today’s cartoon from Inforwars which is not allowed on Twitter still:



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3 responses to “More Riots In China, Desperate People Fight Useless Covid Lockdown!

  1. Nina

    Millions of people are being locked down in several large mega cities across China. They do not have access to aduquate food supplies or medicines, and they can not take their children or elderly parents to hospital when they are sick.

    Most cases are asymptomatic, but even then you have to go to a crowded makeshift hospital and stay there for several days. Only a few eldrely people with underlying diseases have died of covid in the past few days in China.

    These lockdowns are excessive to put it mildly. Like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.

  2. qbutnoa

    When all you have is a sledgehammer, then everything is a fly.

  3. Communists always kill via starvation/freezing all people. The hard communists took back control of China and voila: everyone is locked down and starving again.

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