The Entire Economic Systems Set Up By Our Top Bilderberg Gangsters Are Collapsing Now


All SF Tech giants are firing massive number of workers this month.  Most of these entities being fired are lazy females.  More than one video has appeared online where a female working for a major internet corporation boasts about the cool working conditions with free catered food, time spent suntanning on the roof, ‘sleep rooms’ to recover from partying all night, etc.  This is a mountain of dead wood at the very top of these spoiled brat operations.  Will those ‘leaders’ be fired?  Or are they firing the low level staff who do all the heavy lifting?


The entire Bilderberg gang operatives online are freaking out over the fact that Elon Musk is allowing normal US citizens to return to Twitter and not be censored by communists.  How dare they get online, these stupid patriots!  This is immensely funny to watch:



Yes, the violent leftists whine about ‘lives in danger’ when they are the main ones doing all this ‘dangerous violence.’  It is remarkable how nakedly they all lie about political violence.



Jordan Peterson, a prime target of leftist rank violence, note how in the past when he tried lecturing on campuses, the far leftist students would attack the venue and smash windows and beat up people coming or going to Peterson lectures!  Most of this was never reported in the mainstream fake news outfits, of course.


Here is a funny tweet from Elon posted minutes ago, this morning:

For some strange reason…obvious…Twitter now is growing rapidly in usage and people who saw no new followers suddenly, starting just one week ago, are seeing massive growth in followers:



Congresswoman MTG is inviting Elon Musk to come to Congress and to discuss opening up the entire internet to normal users again instead of only letting far leftist radicals run the internet like a communist concentration camp:



Full scale battles at the Apple Foxconn factory in China.  This is so insane.  And utterly evil.  And like a terrifying SF story.


Apple has gone full evil now.  This is disgusting.  It is what happens when businesses go fascist/communist.  Crushing workers while living in palaces, the detached top people have no idea the horrors they are creating.  This latest video from the China hell hole so beloved by the Democrats, it is too horrifying, disgusting, terrible…makes me ill.


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3 responses to “The Entire Economic Systems Set Up By Our Top Bilderberg Gangsters Are Collapsing Now

  1. Zeke

    Here is your Cliff Notes for Elaine’s entire thought process: brain map.

    “‘Everything is collapsing rapidly now”’.

    I just saved you a lot of gobbledygook gibberish.

    {Go away and check back in two weeks; it’ll be the same thing; “‘Everything is collapsing rapidly now”’.)

    Haw haw hee he he heh.

  2. Jim R

    The Entire Economic Systems Set Up By Our Top Bilderberg Gangsters Are Collapsing Now

    — by design.

    This is the globalist answer to Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. It’s “Noooooo, make America a 3rd world sh¡thole!” It is the ultimate result of TDS.

  3. Pete

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