NY City Democrats Want Law Preventing Landlords From Doing Background Checks Of Tenants

I was once a landlady in NYC.  I started up this Landlord Civil Rights organization in Park Slope which is where many new home buyers were suddenly landlords and thus, tormented by insane NYC laws that make life impossible for landlords which is why vast, over a million housing units were systematically destroyed back in the 1970’s.  Rent control laws slammed into hyper inflation especially the high cost of heating the buildings!  No one was allowed to raise the rents to cover heating costs so abandonment of buildings was the only solution.  We are now going into the exact same mess in NYC today as back then as ‘liberals’ simply try to do reverse business and simply pretend there is no inflation as well as forcing landlords to rent to mainly black criminals.


This cynical business by Democrats is old hat.  Like I say here now, they did all of this before.  It was shown to be totally nasty and nearly killed NYC.  Many US cities are already killed via forcing ‘school integration’ while not controlling children in schools forcing families who want good education for their children to flee.  When these same Democrats force landlords to rent to outright criminals, the other tenants will flee and the homeowners who rent lower story apartments to pay for city taxes, etc. end up living with criminals who will of course, be criminals at home.


I have said this many times, most criminals are very lazy.  If they can steal from their own landlords with impunity they will steal nonstop!  It takes forever to go to court to remove dangerous or destructive tenants already!  The end result of all this is always the same: the cities lie in ruins, smoldering ruins and cannot recover unless another political party gets rid of Democrats.



This case is typical of NY laws concerning landlords.  The pandemic made things even worse for landlords because they were forbidden from evicting anyone, any time for nearly 2 years. The landlord in the above video are being punished for the destruction of property done by the illegal squatters!  This is exactly like this was like in the 1970’s.


I used to give speeches about this going into black communities to talk about how destroying rentals destroys black neighborhoods making these uninhabitable.  Here is news from equally insane California where things are increasingly collapsing due to liberals destroying law and order:



‘Temporary’ can’t be for three years!  This is insane.  Liberal judges want chaos and destruction and I remember when no landlord could win cases in NYC many years ago thanks to liberal judges.  We had ferocious fights over this!  People love voting for freebies.  People want to have happy times and don’t understand happy times end very unhappy as everything collapses.


Way back during this stupid ‘shut down’ that really never happened, leftists were free to run en mass all over all DNC cities, day and night, looting and burning and destroying everything and at the same time, we were told, poor people couldn’t pay rent due to being ‘locked down’ except not one of them were ever ‘locked down’ even at the beginning of this epidemic.


What is most infuriating, landlords still had to pay property taxes while the government forced them to keep faithless tenants exploiting DNC fiats issued by DNC rulers who want to make their illegal alien/criminal voter base happy.



Elon Musk is on the warpath now, directly fighting the entire Bilderberg gang from top to bottom.  I support him in this 100%.  I know first hand how nasty that gang is and how they operate and Elon is on a fast learning curve, figuring out who these people are and why they are bent on destroying much of civilization in their madcap scheme to eliminate most humans.  Stupid people ignore all this even as the gang sponsors demonstrations demanding we eat worms and live in small huts or better still, cease existing.


I cannot understand how people can be this stupid especially anyone reading what I post here.  How can anyone ignore all this?  Worse, see it and think it is no big deal.  ALL ‘communist’ victories lead to mass starvation and destruction of the families and communities tricked into supporting ‘communism’.


Liberals are totally insane and here is a typical example of this insanity:  https://www.foxnews.com/world/hundreds-pose-nude-australian-beach-raise-awareness-skin-cancer



How stupid is this!  So, they pose naked, greet the sun, none are wearing hats, even.  The reason pale people from the cold North get skin cancer is due 100% to sun tanning, running around near naked, etc.  To stop this we need mainly to wear hats and hat wearing is nearly vanishing now.  Baseball caps give minimal protection but at least it is some.  When I go around with my big hats in public, people stare at me like I am crazy.


No, they are crazy.  I grew up in sunny southern Arizona and always wore hats to the point, in high school, the nickname my fellow students gave me was ‘old Auntie Hattie’ which I loved.  I wonder how many of them today have had to suffer from skin cancer problems!  Quite a few, I bet.


Now for the last story, good lord:  https://nypost.com/2022/11/26/biden-walks-up-to-glass-to-take-creepy-selfies-with-kids/



Yes, that is Joe Biden staring in a hideous way at two little girls.  Innocent children, they are amazed the President is standing behind them, staring at them.  Good lord.  How creepy is this!  He can’t touch their hair or sniff them, though.  There is this glass window in the way.  Obvious actions like this makes my hair stand on end!  Liberals can’t see this being bad because much of what liberals do is bad in the first place.  Imagine if Trump did this to all little girls?  Good lord.


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7 responses to “NY City Democrats Want Law Preventing Landlords From Doing Background Checks Of Tenants

  1. Nina

    Many Chinese have had enough of the severe covid restrictions, and they are protesting in several cities. Many of the protesters are young students.

    Protesters openly urge Xi to resign over China Covid curbs

  2. lou

    1–And, so what? There are countless shootings a year.
    Whats your point?

  3. Nina


    “So what?” I understand that you don’t give a rat’s ass about gun violence, and its devastating impact on society and people’s lives. I care a great deal about this social issue, and i will continue to do so.

  4. lou

    gun violence,..thats passive voice journalism.
    Its men committing crimes, not ‘gun violence,’.

  5. When citizens are disarmed, the STATE kills millions!

  6. lou

    now the city’s DA has given me yet another reason to avoid the hell hole.

    New York City DA Bragg downgrades over half of felonies to misdemeanors

    Yes, he is an orc, and he’s looking out for his fellow orcs preying upon Whitey and each other.

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