Ireland Latest Free Country Forbidding Free Speech, Protects Invaders

Irish Government to Criminalize Hate Speech, Effectively Silencing Those who Hold Different Opinions- Penalty is up to 5 Years Imprisonment


All of Europe is passing laws forbidding many forms of speech based on sex, skin color, religion, etc.  Whatever itches the skin is going to put people in prison for talking about these things.  In the US, the entire left is united in demanding ending our First Amendment rights.  They, too, want to forbid jokes or discussions or anything that they are or do.  We are to ignore all this or go to prison for discussing these things even if this is in private.  1984, the book, is an instruction manual for leftists.


Canada is right next door to the US and has no First Amendment Rights and censorship is skyrocketing there as the government slams down any citizens who dare argue about anything the government is imposing on them.  Here is one of the truckers who protested draconian covid laws and how his truck was trashed by the government after he got it back again (after fighting in court):

Meanwhile, also in Europe, teachers are being punished for mentioning that the 9/11 terrorists were Muslims:


The teacher’s remarks, couched in woke terms, were made in an attempt to dress down Muslim pupils who had heckled Khakan Qureshi, a speaker who had been invited to the school to talk about his experience being Muslim and gay.


And the school and the government in England want to force Muslims to be gay or trans and is anxious to push this scheme.  But discussing 9/11 in a mixed classroom with some foreign Muslims is verboten:


Qureshi said that “hard-core” pupils at Wood Green Academy in Wednesbury in the West Midlands “kept on saying that you cannot be gay and Muslim, because that contradicts the Qur’an,” and later received death threats, according Mail.


And these Muslims then went out and threatened to KILL the teacher so he was removed!  Not the ‘students’ who should be deported for being associated with rank terrorists.  No, that won’t happen.  The LBTQetc. to infinity community is on a war path all over the NATO nations:


Shockingly, this happened in Oklahoma, of all places:


During a Nov. 11 tabling event, the chapter allowed passerbyers to test how fast they could throw a baseball. They then compared the men and women’s top speeds.


A group of students wanted to show that men and women are different.  This is no surprise to me.  I did ‘male’ things all my very long life and it is HARD WORK. And dangerous, too, which is why 90% of all females refuse to do this, too.


“Come throw a ball as hard as you can & then tell us if you think men in women’s sports is fair,” the group posted on its Instagram account.


There is an easy solution: women can compete with men and then lose.  I lost often but kept doing it because it was a challenge and to this day, still goof around, competing with men.  The times I do win, I feel great!


In response, OU employee Cait Davanzo made fun of the event, while also taking an aim at “cis men” on campus.


This fake female who works at the school decided to strike back:


“I’m holding a similar event where it’s just queer women athletes chucking dodgeballs at cis men’s heads until they cry,” the comment reads.


It wants to heave balls at normal men and then laugh in malice and hate.  On the other hand, all the men replying to this creep laughed and said they would love having a ‘shoot out’ with Cait!  It can throw balls at them and they will catch the balls and throw them back at it.  Great fun.


PS, all my very long life, I  have thrown balls like boys.  This was due to playing with boys and balls my entire childhood.  Sheesh.  I do underhand throws when tossing tools and stuff from roof tops to workers below, that way they can catch it all, safely.



Many young people think it is hip to be sexually deviant and defiant.  Yes, get all systems wrecked!  This way, people are eliminated from the gene pool.  Young people have no idea the price they will pay over their lifespans due to all this nonsense.  Speaking of nonsense, the Kardashians are the stupidest females on earth:



She was so shaken by the news that she went out the next day, parading about LA dressed in these demonic clothes!  She is part of the organization that designs and sells this junk.  Most people mocked Kim’s ridiculous excuses:



Her ex husband chimes in:



And the mainstream news is defaming Ye and calling him names and telling everyone, he is with Nazis and etc.  He works hard to be in the news and knows all the levers to pull and tricks to play.  All this is getting utterly ridiculous now.


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9 responses to “Ireland Latest Free Country Forbidding Free Speech, Protects Invaders

  1. TinaB


    ELAINE: I will fix your mixed up post here:

    [ems you] I clearly don’t know how to have a conversation without attacking and insulting people who disagree with you so wtf am I about?

    I and my ilk love whipping up fear in people! I exaggerate and outright LIE in my desperate attempt to co-coerce people to believe me! Do I even KNOW what free-speech means?


    ELAINE: No, Tina, you have no idea what ‘free speech’ means. It means you can say things but SO CAN I. And I warned you, I was going to edit your rants but you continue to attack and attack with personal attacks so I am fixing these so they reflect reality, not your troubled mind.


    “Freedom of speech is not regarded as absolute by some, with most legal systems generally setting limits on the freedom of speech, particularly when freedom of speech conflicts with other rights and protections, such as in the cases of libel, slander, pornography, obscenity, fighting words, and intellectual property.

    Some limitations to freedom of speech may occur through legal sanction, and others may occur through social disapprobation.”

    Comment from video below:
    “Free speech as described in the first amendment was never intended to extend to radicalization of religious, or ethnic groups, in order to overthrow a government. It wasnt meant to “cleanse” the neighborhood of people you hate.”

    Anyone supporting trump at this point is clearly deranged… a diagnosis that they have EARNED all on their own.

  2. qbutnoa

    Europe/UAE, massive criminal network responsible for “flooding Europe with cocaine” is busted.

  3. Jim R

    I, for one, am a trans-illegal-alien.

    Even though I have a fixed address, etc. I _identify_ as an illegal alien. of color. unknown gender. no speekee anglais. my pronouns are gibs/medat.

    … i dunno where i’m going with this, so i’ll just drop the mike now …

  4. lou

    Elaine, Ireland is the only other land beside USA
    that has the anchor baby rule.
    It is finished.

  5. lou

    Do you even KNOW what free-speech means?

  6. qbutnoa

    EU, natural gas imports, Russian seaborne LNG replaces Russian pipeline somewhat.

  7. Pete

    My promouns


  8. Zeek

    Elaine has latent dictatorial impulses.
    When she “fixes” someone’s post she obliterates and erases it and replaces it imposing her own fiat in its place.
    As Tucker Carlson might ask – ‘is she the satanic queen of the flies’?

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