China Full Revolt, Tanks In Streets, Google Hides Tweets About Fake Female In Charge of Nuclear Waste


Even as China’s Xi gets more ‘power’ the resistance to this evil reincarnation of Mad Madame Mao rises higher and higher.  Chinese captives in a brutal communist state are literally physically fighting the government in the streets so Xi called out army tanks last night to repeat Tiananmen Square mass murders yet again.  My heart goes out to the hard working, high intelligent Chinese people who are being cruelly crushed by monobrained moron communists!  Fight on, I am 100% on your side in this, yet again!


The entire EU is now run by communists.  They are systematically shutting down all systems especially FOOD AND FUEL as all communists do, every time.  The people there are beginning to get an idea how this evil will end: mass starvation and death in winter!  Farmers are forced to sell their farms to the communists who then SHUT THESE DOWN so people can starve.


It never ceases to amaze me how people can’t figure out that all communists want to do this.  I talk about this endlessly for a reason: it won’t show up in Google which is a communist censorship operation, but even stupid people should be able to figure out how this works and it is being put to work in all of Europe now.


Naturally, these communists will blame Russia which is NOT ‘communist’ at all!  This is pure history irony at work, of course.



Nearly all the comments to the above Tweet are highly aware of the ‘starve/freeze’ Bilderberg gang plans:



Support for Ukraine in the Russia wars is falling like a rock now in Europe.  The elites hope to keep this going despite this collapse in popular support.  One way to deal with all this is to not report any of this.  Finding news in Europe is more and more like pulling teeth of a tiger.


And now on to another thing Google is trying to hide as much as possible: another Biden mixed gender former male doing goofy things that destroys civilization:



I used Google, the Evil Engine, to see Twitter posts about the above story and got only TWO results, neither of which was this tweet:



This is more proof Google’s search engine is a bury the news engine.  The censorship is now so high, even elected government representatives of US voters is censored, suppressed and hidden from view.  Here is another tweet Google is censoring and refusing to ‘find’ when I tried using that useless search engine that operates out of Beijing, it appears.  Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet is censored by Google.  I have to click on Junior’s twitter icon and then scroll around to find his post about the ‘they/them’ leftist lunatic in charge of the US nuclear waste systems:



Trump’s son has nearly 10 million followers and nothing shows up! It is now utterly obvious that the communist sneaks running Google are censoring our political leaders, not just Trump.  This fraud called ‘Google’ isn’t a search engine, it is a ‘conceal engine’.  The idiots destroying Google should figure out how this ends: Google goes belly up eventually.


This takes time but it is inevitable.  All systems run this way go bankrupt due to being crappy things.  Nearly all of Hollywood is in the middle of going bankrupt right now as millions and millions of humans turn their backs on all of what Hollywood produces these days.  Instead, the crazy people in California double down on their crap so down it goes, into the toilet and we get to flush it down the drain.



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16 responses to “China Full Revolt, Tanks In Streets, Google Hides Tweets About Fake Female In Charge of Nuclear Waste

  1. TinaB

    “Her argument is the same argument that creationists use when pushing to have creationism taught along science as if it carried the same weight as science.”

    “The problem with an open public square, is the village idiot tends to eat, sleep, and verbally defecate there.”

    Culture of Life “News(?)” = verbal defecation

    @lou – why don’t you count how many posts I have made and how many you have made – ok – that is IF you can count past 10!

  2. TinaB

    @lou and hen you’re finished that task please identify who you are. My guess – an uneducated, uncompassionate, unempathetic, uninformed white supremacist.

  3. Nina

    What travel warnings do other nations give their citizens about US violence?

    It is worth noting that all these countries are neighbors or close allies that know the US quite well, and they have frequent and close exchanges with it.

  4. Nina

    I agree with you, especially on the ‘uncompassionate, unempathetic, uninformed white supremacist’ part.

  5. qbutnoa

    EU, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), privatizing immigration, NGOs (based in Germany and France) have repeatedly and stridently rejected allegations that they are in a (profitable) partnership with people smugglers and their networks, Italy/Greece/Cyprus/Malta disagree.

  6. snoosebomb

    i’m a member of a fringe minority with unacceptable views [ cdn joke ]

  7. TinaB

    34,000 views in 25 minutes! Haha! What ems would give!

    Let’s clone Brian Tyler Cohen please! HW is an idiot!

  8. Jim R

    “… after they were caught on camera …”

    How many of these freaks were caught on camera?

  9. Jim R

    Tinabee, I watched your red-bearded douchenozzle up there, until he said we need more censorship and propaganda, and then I decided to censor him by dismissing the tab with his video. He obviously has
    nothing worth listening to.

    And that’s the nice thing about a neutral marketplace for ideas. I get to decide what to watch, and not the terminally confused freakazoids running google and youtube.

  10. lou

    10..are you a racist?

  11. Zeek

    Troll patrol Troll alert ………

    T R O L L !

  12. Jim R

    11 — you have a red beard too?

    You’re on notice. You are only allowed to have red hair if you are female, with an hourglass figure. Like Jessica Rabbit.

  13. Stupid leftists don’t realize we all see how NONE of these creeps say a peep about massacring, imprisoning and starving millions of Chinese. They didn’t complain about the Urgars being put in concentration camps, for example.

    Note how tiny Tina can’t get the energy to say anything about Chinese Maoists, too. That is because this female/male/it online character has no character. At all.

    Pathetic. This happened when the communists attacked the Tiananmen Square protesters in 1989.

  14. lou

    14 Since you know history [self taught] you know about Maos Great Leap Forward and the Holomodor.

    Tina probably does not know.

  15. lou

    2 spammers have dragged things down.

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