Free Speech Versus Communist Censors: Elon Musk Wacks Apple’s Tim Cook The Crook


Apple computers has finally gone full Bilderberg gangster and is threatening Elon Musk because he is upsetting their effing APPLE CART!  They secretly suck down 30% of the profits from their sales on Twitter.  Elon doesn’t want this anymore so they will throw him out of the Apple Store Cart.  But he has an army of lawyers and lots of loot and is developing systems to rival or destroy Apple’s dumb monopoly!  I loved Apple years ago.  Now, it has turned evil especially since the 2019 secret meetings just outside of DC by the Bilderberg gang leaders who decided to steal elections, stop Trump and Rule the Earth while starving/freezing the rest of us to death.


Elon Musk is now my hero.  He was a ‘get along with the gang’ guy who was a ‘liberal’ but he has finally figured out that ‘liberals’ are really neo-Nazi/Maoists lunatics who want to destroy everything and reduce us all to savagery like we see in poor China today.  Musk in on a roll today:


He is revealing all the trade secrets of our ruling elites who run the internet and use this to enslave us, not free us:



Apple, like all California operations, lives in this stupid bubble they created.  This bubble is now pure total hell.  It is chaos and filth.  It is super dangerous, super ugly and hurtling off this cliff into super destruction.  I am shocked how far this has fallen!  I once lived in the Bay Area and knew all these people back when my brother-in-law was a computer systems developer and I did spot work for his business in the early 1970’s.  The rise of Apple was due to being functional and LISTENING TO USERS.


Now, it wants to fleece users.  It wants to use users.  It hopes to hide its nasty side from us but this is impossible, the internet will spread all this and it is spreading and all moves to stop this spread will make Apple look worse and worse and like Disney, for example, suicidally insanely self destructive.  Elon asked readers this question:



Earlier, Apple stopped using Twitter:



This actually happened on CNN:



Orwell called this ‘doublespeak’.  Free speech is threatened if you talk freely!  Wow.  My very first demonstration organization efforts, age 16, was at the University of Kansas.  The police came and told me, I couldn’t give the speech.  I argued with them.  Within just ONE YEAR I was giving speeches about freedom in EUROPE as it exploded with student demonstrations and was then arrested and deported, age 17 years old.


And I became aware that the far left hated free speech in Oakland, CA, during the Stop Fascism Conference where the Maoists threatened to kill me for delivering a speech they didn’t like.  Here is good old Bilderberg bully, Tim Cook’s twitter stuff, in one week, he posted three or four items one of which was the usual SJW tripe:



So, ‘everyone thrives’ except the 100 million plus Americans who want free speech, not communist crap, eh?  Good lord.



The Biden crew pretends they know nothing about ANTIFA activities and riots.  They think it doesn’t exist!  Arrest all Democrats in collusion with ANTIFA and who pretend there is no ANTIFA even though most ANTIFA criminals live exclusively in Democratic cities and states!  As Elon forces all the internet Bilderberg gangsters to face reality, I am pleased that Senator Cruz is working hard to do the same.  Go, Team!  We have them all on the run now.



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3 responses to “Free Speech Versus Communist Censors: Elon Musk Wacks Apple’s Tim Cook The Crook

  1. Pete

  2. qbutnoa

    City of London, ‘Brexit freedom’ change is coming = big bang 2.0, inefficient post 2008 crash rules “ring fencing” retail/consumer and investment/speculation divisions within banks to be ‘relaxed’.

  3. Pete

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