Apple Computers Are Oppressors, Biden Doesn’t Care One Whit About Chinese Workers


Powerful, rich organizations and businesses have sided with fellow Bilderberg gang members to crush any and all opposition to globalist goals.  As we watch the brave, good people in China fight one of the nastiest dictatorships on earth, the roaring silence on the US left, the total silence of the entire Democratic Party, is amazing, historic and I expected these monsters to be silent!  All the hot heads on the left suddenly become cold and distant.  They openly hate the Chinese resisting the dictators in Beijing.  This is disgusting and hideous and proves, these monsters have no hearts, they are pure, utter evil.


Way back in 2014, Apple made the Brit news because Tim Cook the Crook was enslaving Chinese workers back then:



Liberals are totally OK with all this.  Tim the Crook is very ‘liberal’ so it is time to check out this monster’s Twitter posts.  This is one of the very last tweets by Tim the Crook from nearly half a month ago:



The only 2 other tweets were these:



The mess in Colorado was most likely an inside job by a sexually confused man so of course, Tim falls for the fake stories claiming it was a Trump supporter who did this.  Tim is beyond stupid now, he is evil.  So, this monster who oppresses thousands and thousands of Chinese workers want ‘everyone’ to ‘live and thrive as their full selves.’


But the Chinese people have to live as SLAVES, eh, Tim?  You monster!  ‘Evil’ Alex Jones carries this story about Apple slaves:



Andy Ngo continues his battle with violent communists who are protected by Apple’s Tim the Crook and other Bilderberg monsters:



The Rulers of the Entire Earth are busy unleashing all their evil minions who are allowed to run riot, literally, any time the Real Rulers wish.  Note how the Real Rulers were able to ship out of their own rich island communities a bunch of illegal aliens they invited into Texas!  They shipped these to NYC.  Thanks for nothing!  They all think they are ‘humanitarians’ while allowing and enabling sexual predators to molest children, for example.


These monsters love to scream that ANTIFA doesn’t exist and when it riots and murders and burns cities, this is ‘a small thing’ and they are ‘mostly peaceful’ when not rioting, looting or killing people.  Whoopee.  Here is the US House of Reps writing about ‘what is ANTIFA’ last year in an official document:



This deliberate insanity is deliberate!  Conservatives tend to not riot so any riot that does happen is blamed on them even when they are victims of leftist riots aimed at the conservatives!  And when in Congress, being questioned about all this lunacy, every blasted one of the Democrat leaders and minions say over and over again, they never heard of ANTIFA, have no idea about it or if they are the head of the FBI, all DNC FBI leaders agree, ANTIFA is not important and they have no meetings about ANTIFA and who cares?


This is criminal, of course, it is a conspiracy by all top Democrats to use ANTIFA as their Brown Shirts to scare people and attack political rivals, even kill them.




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18 responses to “Apple Computers Are Oppressors, Biden Doesn’t Care One Whit About Chinese Workers

  1. TinaB


    Elaine: I will correct you again:


    ems I KNOW I AM a creep too! There NOW can we have a civil discussion/conversation?

    And you’re a liar and a name-caller. You have the nerve to “change”: my post when you RALE incessantly about “free speech”.

    Did you forget about the Johnny Depp verdict? You are Amber Heard’s doppelanger except she’s far prettier than you ever were!

    Here let Sam explain “free speech” it to you but you’ll need your dictionary! Unlike you, he has decorum and dignity in spades…. take notes!

  2. TinaB

    What do you call an insolent person?
    Some common synonyms of insolent are arrogant, disdainful, haughty, lordly, overbearing, proud, and supercilious.

    supercilious – behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others.

    Oh look an exact description of YOU! Bye Felicia or should I say Karen!

  3. Nina

    Yesterday a saw an hour long interview with Alexandra Billings, a Broadway & Television superstar. As a trans woman she spoke about how lonely and ostracized she felt during her childhood because no one understood her.
    She tried to commit suicide three times. If only one physician had told her that she was normal, and that her feelings where normal, she would not have contemplated suicide so many times.

    This gave me a new and important perspective on the transgender debate. Even though i do not see the point in bringing children to a drag queen show with half naked people, we should be careful about labeling all transgender people as potential child molesters. This is dangerous.

    Most transgender people just want to live their lives in peace, while pursuing their own dreams.

  4. TinaB

    @Nina Amen sister! Thank you for sharing that – it warmed my heart so thanks for that too!

    At the end of the day, when all the material things are put away all we want is to love and be loved.

    Two things I read somewhere 10+ years ago and have stuck with me ever since.

    1. Treat everyone with respect – not because of who “they” are – but because it’s who “I” am. I can’t possibly judge another persons life nor would I want to. Childhood trauma is REAL! Gabor Mate is a saint!

    2. No one can MAKE us behave (angry, sad etc.) a certain way – our behavior is completely in our control. Why would we want to give that power to someone else? Especially someone we are not particularly fond of or abuses us (in any form).

    It has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it. So keep spreading the love, Nina, with your big loving heart. Salute 🙂

  5. TinaB

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a model for understanding the motivations for human behavior. It maps different motivations onto a pyramid, with each level representing a different human need.

    These include physiological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

  6. Zeke

    Operating theory;

    A lot of the crap ems and this and other sites spew out there – is just to agitate, CAUSE controversy – and thus generate traffic.

    Try not to be used and abused by her.

  7. snoosebomb

    very creepy , cdns advertising Maid kill/suicide program on tv . 10,000 + dead so far

  8. lou

    Elaine, are you aware of food plant arsons and various other starve us out pograms are happening?
    Sri Lanka banned chemical fertilizers, for example.

  9. lou

    8–Thanks. I am aware of Clayton in Portugal.

  10. lou

    HELPING INDIANS w Billions of dollars,

  11. snoosebomb

    hey cheer up , tinabee is getting globally warmed, big snow dump and cold temps into next week and its not even dec yet

  12. qbutnoa

    EU, online metaverse (tropical island) party, 44 people wanted to go, 5 turned up, cost = €387k.

  13. About suicidal people: MANY teens are ‘suicidal.’ Even I was, once. Most teens do this to get attention and then, when it actually works, it is too late!

    Being a teenager in crazy times is hard. There is immense confusion going on. Note how the wave of ‘I am really not a boy/girl’ is NOT happening in most places outside of Europe and the US and other European based cultures.

  14. By the ways, most cultures over the eons dealt with goofy young people by…SENDING THEM TO WARS. Yes, ship them elsewhere to invade and fight and kill, etc. Get all that energy out of them.

    The oldsters remain at home which is peaceful and quiet. Ask the ancient Romans about this! As for barbarians, guess who do the invading/killing/suicide charges, etc.?

    Young people!

  15. The vast sea of sex systems kicking into gear in teenagers is one of the greatest forces in nature and all animals have this surge.

    The older survivors of the violent youth ages tend to be cautious and ‘normal’ and don’t do crazy things, they know better.

  16. Zeek

    As Ticker Carlson might posit – ‘is Supkis a paid agent of the Republican Party elites? ‘And if she is – as she gives all appearances to be – why has she not publicly stated so?’
    Why does she worship such obviously bad people? What does she get out of it? Why doesn’t she publicly disclose? What is she hiding?
    What is her source of income? Why hasn’t she disclosed that. Why all the secrecy?

    (It’s fun to channel Tucker Carlson.)

  17. Do you realize how you are fooled by your leaders yet? What more proofs do you need so you ‘wake up’ instead of being ‘woked’ down?

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