Apple’s Crooked Tim Cook Surrenders To Elon Musk The Great


So, Evil Apple creep, Tim Cook, decided to meet with Elon Musk to work with him instead of committing economic suicide.  Apple is in very deep do-do now due to their relations with the very cruel and evil Chinese communist regime which abuses Apple workers.  Digging his way out of his own mess he created, Tim hopes that getting along with Elon will mean Congress under the Republicans, won’t look into Crooked Cook’s crazy buddy buddy schemes with a brutal totalitarian regime in China.  Apple oppresses Chinese workers!


Apple is all about fake liberalism.  They aren’t ‘liberal’ at all, they are totalitarian just like many others who incidentally, meet secretly regularly at Bilderberg meetings, surrounded by military guards set up to prevent citizens of Europe or North America to see who goes to these meetings and what the hell they are doing at these meetings.




It appears, according to Elon Musk, that Apple has surrendered to him.  Their stocks were hit hard when Crooked Cook crapped all over Apple trying to appease his communist buddies in China!  So now Apple is pretending to be our friend again.  Like with evil Google, this is a front.  Meanwhile, Apple will continue secret meetings with other Bilderberg monsters to plot how to stop Elon Musk and the rest of us peasants who are tipping over their Apple carts.


The Chinese dictator Xi has temporarily crushed the latest uprising but it is costing him his arms and legs and brains.  No one likes him anymore.  Only vile people like Tim Crook Cook like Xi.  Most sane humans fear or hate Xi.



Communist Kisser Cook also has gone to DC to try to meet with Republican leaders now that they control the House.


He suddenly noticed that his company is a communist tool and is very dangerous and stupid, a bad combo.  So he wants to kiss up to everyone who isn’t a leftoid lunatic.  Great.  This clown supported the leftoid lunatics until…YESTERDAY.  I must congratulate Elon Musk for yet another great victory!  That man is a true genius.  And super brave.


But a warning to Elon: the Bilderberg gang uses murder and terror to stay in power!  They would not hesitate to nuke much of the world population to keep in power.  They talk all the time about there being too many pesky humans, too!  They have greatest anger against you, Elon and an army of assassins to do dirty work for them.  Ask Kennedy about this matter, use a psychic to make a link to his spirit.


Or you can talk to me!  I feel them playing around with the Outer Darkness!  Or you can go to this fine young man:



Elon is already aware of this fine person who knows how the Bilderberg gang operates and use black magic, etc.:



Go, Elon!  You are breaking the death grip of the Bilderberg gang on humanity!  We need you, we love you!  Don’t stop!


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9 responses to “Apple’s Crooked Tim Cook Surrenders To Elon Musk The Great

  1. TinaB


    ELAINE: Sigh…time to correct Tina’s spelling errors again:


    I am like a little child… in awe of a shiny object! Bamboozled by Biden and now Bilderberg gang – hahahaha – both are liars and frauds – I love that type.


    ELAINE: correction working fine now


    Check out Martina Navratilova
    “Lying liar who lies about lies” – Martina Navratilova blasts Elon Musk amidst fake degree and illegal immigration allegations”

    That’s hilarious… but par for the course! Of course ems LOVES musk – he’s trump’s doppelganger! musk is a joke but of course she jumps on his bandwagon twisting herself into a pretzel to defend his “genius”!

    “The Boring company is not a tunnel/transportation company. It’s a PR company. It’s sole purpose is to distract investors from bad news at Tesla/Twitter. If you follow closely, every time there is crappy financials news at the above companies, there will be a new tunnel announced. It is basically the flame thrower.”

    “Tunneling, as first conceived by Musk, was the solution for surface congestion on Los Angeles freeways. Considering that it was nothing more than an underground bus lane minus the capacity of busses, it is curious that the idea never received the public derision it deserved. The same is true for the less-ambitious closed-loop system in Las Vegas.

    Where is the advantage over an above-ground, airport-style monorail built at a fraction of the cost and much greater capacity? Plus, the fact that the Vegas loop requires human drivers makes it less sophisticated than a Disney ride at Epcot.

    They might consider upgrading it with scary animatrons of Elon leaping from the shadows along the route. Which is only fitting since any less of a showman would have been laughed out of town. On rails.”

  2. lou

    Elaine is kind to allow 2 trolls who insult her to post.

    Elaine is the best.

  3. Pete

  4. Pete


  5. @4 , confounding isn’t it ? just ignorance – ghetto values ? in his case

  6. Jim R


    Second the motion! Elaine is the best!

  7. Pete

    @6 What is he thinking!
    Tesla Truck Rocks
    Elon Rules!

  8. I appreciate support here. I am constantly amused by the leftoids attempting and being irritating. Of course, they are irritating! They don’t realize how this backfires, though.

    Perhaps they will awaken. They sleep walk while yelling that they are ‘woke’ which is hilarious.

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