Climate Protesters Irritate Everyone, Xi Surrenders To Chinese Protesters


These pathetic children fed propaganda think they are ‘saving the earth’ by their many obnoxious actions.  They want to shut down all systems like all naughty communists.  ‘Kill all humans’ is their motto, really.  These stupid leftists are not protesting China’s cruel covid rules that are crushing the workers and poor in China!  Nope, they concentrate on the possibility that the weather might warm up a tad!  Oh no!  Meanwhile, the grip of the deathBilderberg gang continues to be pried off of our throats, bit by bit.



Yes, these childish leftists think being crazy is all they have left on the left.  Yes, being crazy is normal for them all.  Here the lunatic fringe trying to stop a concert:



Meanwhile, in communist China, the crazy covid rules are causing chaos and major US corporations doing business there continue to cooperate with the crazy communists:



Meanwhile, in the US, the far left, the entire DNC, the President of the US are all freaking out because Twitter is banishing ANTIFA…oh my…and other terrorist operations like the TALIBAN on Twitter.  How dare Elon do this!



Twitter now carries many stories about the Chinese People’s Revolution there and even YouTube is allowing this real news, too.  After open defiance of the CCP in China, Xi suddenly said, the covid virus isn’t so dangerous after all and he is no longer going to lock down everyone in frequent prisons in a vain attempt at stopping germs:



Meanwhile, in the US, organized crime is destroying economic systems in all DNC hell holes:


The surge in organized retail theft will shutter storefronts and further drive up costs for consumers already grappling with high inflation, economists at the Heritage Foundation said.


The article discusses everything on earth except for this one, stark thing that is destroying the economy in all major DNC run hell hole cities.  Black crimes.  Indeed, in the Fox News comment section to this story about stores being looted systematically, is this conversation about commercials today that is totally verboten even on Fox News:



90% of all national commercials feature blacks and if married, mixed marriages with blacks.  This is obvious, in our faces and nonstop.  I thought it would last a month or two, two years ago.  Now, it is even worse than in 2021.  White males appear only as lower class working staff or as stupid and needing information from blacks who tell them about what they should buy.


This is 100% the Verboten Topic of the Year.  No one in any systems is allowed to discuss how all our commercials and movies and TV shows are glorifying/using blacks and demonizing/firing all white males who can only appear as villains or stupid people.  This is relentless, ongoing and total and is illegal under the Civil Rights Act which included white males as protected from rank racism and denial of work due to skin color!



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12 responses to “Climate Protesters Irritate Everyone, Xi Surrenders To Chinese Protesters

  1. Hell Soonish

    Elaine you really don’t know how things work in China.

    Even if the government wanted to ease lockdown rules to save money and boost economy, they have to make it so that the people wanted it, so all Covid deaths going forward will be blamed on these protesters that wanted no lockdown.

    The government gets to say we told you so and tell everyone they saved all these lives during lockdown and all bad things now are caused by idiot protesters.

  2. TinaB

    @lou yes ems is SO nice to let white supremacists such as yourself comment on her blog!

    Like her cult hero trump she welcomes and loves adoration from pretty much anyone so keep it coming! Isn’t she terrific!

  3. TinaB

    I have posted 2 comments that have not shown up? Did miss free speech advocate “ban” me? This will be my third….




  4. TinaB

    well ems lookie lookie – your hero elon has banned Kanye… what happened to the “new” free speech platform?!

    Oh rats, not another one of your heroes swiftly falling from grace! Say it isn’t so!

    I’m here for it – you know it!

  5. Nina

    People are ‘eating pet food’ because they can’t afford real food anymore

    ‘I’m still shocked by the fact that we have people who are eating pet food,” Mark Seed, who runs a community food project in Trowbridge east Cardiff, told the BBC.

    ‘There are people who are trying to heat their food on a radiator or a candle,” he said.

  6. lou

    This will be my third….and hopefully last. good bye.

  7. qbutnoa

    UK, Sajid Javid (bent as a 9 bob note), the very corrupt rats are deserting the sinking ship.

  8. qbutnoa

    USA/Russia, Edward Snowden (happy & thankful) granted Russian citizenship in an order signed by Vladimir Putin, under the Russian constitution he cannot be given up to a foreign state.

  9. qbutnoa

    G7/EU + Australia, price cap on Russian oil (seaborne crude) takes affect on December 5th = The price cap will allow non-EU countries to continue importing Russian oil by sea, but it will prohibit shipping, insurance and re-insurance companies from handling cargoes of Russian crude around the globe, unless it is sold for less than the price cap.

  10. Pete

    Zelensky has now banned the
    Ukrainian Orthodox Church LOL

    He has banned political opposition
    and taken control of all media.

  11. The Bilderberg gang loves that dictator. They want his powers here, too.

    What saddens me is how so many fools fall for this. Note poor Tina.

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