Elon Musk Tweets All Secret Tweets Conspiring To Control 2022 Election News

BREAKING: HERE IT IS: Elon Musk Reveals Why Twitter Suppressed Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Story


People with brains who aren’t totally corrupt have known all the details of the many crimes of the Biden family.  It is online all over the place and clearly shows serious multiple sex/money problems of that clan.  It is painfully obvious and all of these criminals should be arrested but all the focus for the last half a decade has been focused on Trump because he was out to fix the broken system so beloved by con artists and criminals.  Elon Musk, the hero of the day so far, has taken pains to reveal internal tweets between the leaders of the DNC and the staff and heads of Twitter’s operation systems.  They conspired, after MEETING each other at the DC BILDERBERG SECRET meeting to plot how to steal elections, four years ago.  Now, they tweeted each other this last election, plotting to strangle real news:



Elon has the magic key to all Twitter accounts including those that the Real Rulers want hidden from view.  Alas for them all, Elon is God and Sees All.  So they have to run around, yelling, waving their arms and telling us, we are going to roast to death unless we stop eating cheese, drinking milk or heating homes/driving cars.



When the bosses demanded staff censor the New York Post Biden sex/money from communists scandals, the people working for Twitter hesitated.  ‘Isn’t this how communists operate?’ was asked, basically.  Here is the history of ‘how to censor media like good communist tools’ started 6 years ago:



Nearly all major online platforms were run mainly by communist tools of various levels.  Twitter was one of the worse of the lot.  All communist leftists at Twitter threw a snit if even a tiny bit of real news showed up.  Fake news all the time was their goal.



There was this Brit who wrote a book about all this many years ago.  He called it ‘1984’.  Everyone was forced to read this book by college if not high school.  Many young people thought this was a training manual for operations when running government and media systems.


So we were all dragged into a 1984 living system of evil!  I think that book should be banned because it is their training manual!



After banning nearly all conservatives INCLUDING TRUMP of course, the few remaining could complain and have things removed but they had little reason to do this since Twitter would not let them censor their own postings, that is, stop the same flood of stupid comments/cartoons that leftist teams, often Twitter employees, would put up every time a conservative posted a tweet.



That was HUGE news back then and Twitter along with ALL the platforms INCLUDING GOOGLE, censored this story and would not allow us to post this story.  I was able to post it due to literally owning my own site which I pay for every year.



This was a coup.  And it wasn’t just Twitter, it was everyone on the left who had control of all systems.  Talking about it was verboten but it got out, anyways thanks to people like myself so the second gear was monstrous: accuse anyone reporting this very real news was really a Russian agent!


This was pure McCarthyism.  I remember that time, my father came under fire during that horror but was protected by Eisenhower who knew my dad due to WWII activities.



Absolutely nothing was ‘safe/trustworthy’ posted online at these websites back then.  It was pure propaganda, many lies, defamation of character, etc.  All that was protected and promoted by California leftists.  All had a very evil goal: stop anyone who wants free speech!



Dorsey is a jerk, a liar.  I knew what was going on back then!  And he didn’t know?  HAHAHA.  What a moron.  A total idiot!  All  he had to do was look at some of the NY newspapers!  Reading the NY Post would have been most enlightening.  Seeing the headlines is ridiculously easy to do.


The uproar caused by this attempt at covering up the Truth was big online back then.  How can so many of these supposed ‘geniuses’ unable to get news like I get news so easily?  They should also read RT news from Russia, the reporters there are very accurate about US news.


Here is Elon’s latest tweet:



Last night, Congresswoman MTG posted this:



Arrest everyone who scammed the US voters!


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13 responses to “Elon Musk Tweets All Secret Tweets Conspiring To Control 2022 Election News

  1. Ken

    Musk’s disclosure of these past tweets may be laudable for exposing crooked politicians, but it will be bad for business. People now know that whatever they tweet will become part of a permanent record that can come back to haunt them years into the future. As a result, people will be hesitant to use Twitter going forward.

  2. Zeke

    How “secret” is a meeting if everybody knows about it?

  3. Zeek

    Trump’s the real criminal.
    He’s like OJ looking on every golf course in Florida for the killer of Nicole. Try looking in the mirror.

    He bandies around the term too easily, it’s obfuscation, dissembly, transference.

    Its worshippers are so easily bamboozled.

  4. lou

    3–whats secret is what is planned n executed [pun intended].
    got it? I didnt think so.

  5. Zeek

    . . . . . T R O L L

  6. Pete

    NAZI attack Orthodox. wow

  7. qbutnoa

    G7/EU/Australia oil price cap, Russia = “will not accept” & will not supply oil to countries that implement the cap.

  8. Pete


    NAZI blood ritual!
    Your tax money at work LOL

  9. Pete


  10. About China: my family has been involved in Chinese politics since 1972. I have been a meddler, big time, for the following 20 years.

    Today’s rulers of China are all younger than me and grew up during those years. They, like leftists here, learned how to ignore reality and cling to the PAST so they reproduce the worse of communism’s many hideous mistakes.

    They have to learn harsh lessons now.

  11. Zeke

    Yada yada yada

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