Apple Goes Full Xi Buddy, FTX Goes Full Rip Off Scam


Former FTX CEO – Sam Bankman-Fried – Admits FTX Didn’t Buy Bitcoin for Clients – Just Took Their Money (VIDEO)


I warned about bitcoin from day one.  It was obvious a fraud system identical in nature to previous historic mass frauds.  It persists despite near internal collapse as new fools are harder to find as even dim witted people figure out, bitcoins are insane. Naturally, since bitcoins are a con, it attracts other cons to exploit easy to trick victims of their own greed.  The creators of the FTX fraud openly lived wild lives with zero responsibilities and people fed them billions of real money.  Will this stupid bitcoin junk die off for good?  A fool is born every day!


How sad, using real money to buy fake money.  Then, the Pikachu slap on the head happens: why, this is indeed a very bad financial choice!  The hope of buying fake money was, ‘a fool is born’ and would elevate the value of this useless junk and voila!  The person participating in this fraud would be super rich due to getting real money and handing over this fake money.


The victim now has to find a dumber fool to sell this fake money for profit and for the last year, the numbers of dumb people who have money to spend on fake money no longer have all that much money to give to dishonest strangers and so the scheme is folding and collapsing yet again.


‘Broken’ Crypto Fund Hits Record 42% Discount as ETFs Hum Along:


The $11.4 billion Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (ticker GBTC) has plunged more than 74% this year, outpacing the cryptocurrency’s 64% decline. That gap has widened dramatically over the past week, dragging the price of GBTC to an unprecedented 42% discount to the value of the Bitcoin it holds, according to Bloomberg data.


Eventually, all this will end badly for fools.  As per usual, a fool must fall off the cliff before waking up!


Speaking of fools, leftists continue to play their winning role in being as corrupt, stupid and vicious as possible.  So, ‘My Pillow’ has to be censored and punished for the crime of supporting President Trump but Balenciaga can’t be punished for using little boys under the age of 7 to pose with violent sex fiend toy teddy bears?


This is utterly insane and shows how evil these stupid people can be when allowed to show their true colors, in public, in ads for selling women’s clothing and gear:



This business should be shut down for child abuse!  Good grief.  Now on to poor Krazy Kanye West.  He is obviously totally insane now.  But I thought he was insane, years ago.  All of Hollywood is insane.  He fit in perfectly.  But then he decided to go whole insane and is now totally in the grip of lunacy which is, alas, totally normal for California.


And for a moment of pure humor:



I love the opening to this video:



Tim the Crook Cook is the Wicked Stepmother with the poisoned apple.  Apple is cooperating with the communist dictators in China to prevent people from using the internet to get and send information we all need, that is Real News in China where real news is illegal.  The NYT and mainstream TV news are very jealous of the Chinese dictator, Xi, who can control the news this way.


Like all leftist scams, they promise freedom and then enforce enslavement.


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