Leftist President Attacks Dutch Farmers Overturning Tractors, Arrests To ‘Stop Warm Weather’

The war against all farmers is getting more and more violent as Maoists who rule much of Europe thanks to giving the people ‘socialism’ that is, free food, fuel and housing, are now implementing their ‘eliminate most humans’ program: no more food or fuel for the working class people!  The claim is, producing food and fuel is destroying the earth so people have to stop using food or fuel and voila: the Earth will be saved.  This is pure insanity, of course.  But all communists are insane and brutal.


So, farmers protesting this insanity and their elimination as working people, are now being brutalized by the military in the EU even as the war in Ukraine turns more and more fascist/communist crushing of churches and enslaving everyone in the name of ‘freedom’ which is verboten in all of Europe.  There is no ‘freedom’ at all, there.


The People have been disarmed even as they are being invaded by armies of young foreign males.  Crime is shooting upwards and inflation is shooting upwards and the people are slowly wakening up to this scheme to eliminate the elderly and poor.  Will it be too late?



I was amused by this tweet.  My family came to the New World hundreds of years ago just like they went to France 1,000 years ago.  Humans do this all the time, all over the place.  We call this ‘history’ and all humans, without exceptions, do this all the time.  Liberals want to ‘fix’ this by simply starving everyone else to death while of course, not starving themselves to death.


Ahem.  Good luck with that scheme.



The governments of the Netherlands are ‘liberal’.  Liberals gain power via handing out goodies to everyone.  They then ‘run out’ of goodies and starve everyone and use brute force to do this, too.  Then have to be defeated in some military way, violently.


No tweets about farmers from the President of this poor country.  There is this top tweet from several days ago:



Yes, he is 100% for the Ukraine fascists who openly displayed Nazi gear.  He thinks they are fantastic and wants more of this sort of violence, too.  Against his own farmers, of course.


Now on to the other news, the news about Twitter being coerced into censoring the Hunter Biden NY Post story continues to roil our rulers.  They want that story to go away!  They don’t want anyone to know how the richest people on earth in the Bilderberg gang run our government!


So, here is the Media-ite story making fun of the working stiffs who produce all the junk ‘news’ for mainstream fake news, whining about the Hunter Biden tweets being published by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk:  https://www.mediaite.com/online/the-twenty-seven-most-embarrassing-reactions-to-taibbi-thread-about-twitter-censoring-hunter-biden-tweets/



These fake news communists are all in a frenzy trying desperately to bury this news and get their minions to focus on one thing and only one thing: ELON MUSK IS RICH.


Being fake communists, this means the real communists in the streets will react properly and prop up the richest people in earth who want to persuade us, we have to cease eating real food so the earth won’t be warm again…YIKES.  HAHAHA.


That is, we are supposed to be angry that a very rich man is not doing this to us!  He is ‘evil’ and they all are ‘good.’  So the owners of Apple or Google or Facebook (which is going bankrupt now) and other people who go to the Bohemian Grove every year to practice black magic, they are all the ‘good guys’ and Elon is ‘evil’ because he is letting people get online and talk to each other, openly, no rank censoring!


Oh my, that is pure evil…to dictators like these clowns.  Here is yet another communist clown working for mainstream news, whining about the need to CENSOR real news:



Um, the people this clown is talking about are not ‘editors’ they are ‘censors’ who prevent news from appearing, not making news better and easier to understand.



All these goofballs who work for the richest men on earth should be paraded in the streets with a sign ‘I work for the richest men on earth’ around their necks, Maoist-style.  We can then throw cow feces at them.  Now for one last tweet from Rep. MTG who is having great fun watching all this:


And I hope she can do more work in Congress now!  Here is a revealing tweet from a sane person online:



Note how all the media giants are chattering madly with EACH OTHER about Elon Musk revealing the inner workings of Twitter which was used to take down Trump in an election but pretend there is no news in PUBLIC so no one can connect the dots.  Keep it secret, keep it safe, as Gandalf says!


Yup.  A bunch of orcs here.


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5 responses to “Leftist President Attacks Dutch Farmers Overturning Tractors, Arrests To ‘Stop Warm Weather’

  1. lou

    Elaine, at 7 to 8 minutes, protesters

  2. qbutnoa

    Germany, migration crisis, 1 million Ukrainian refugees and 200k asylum seekers so far this year. https://www.dw.com/en/migration-to-germany-to-hit-12-million-in-2022-report/a-63978746

  3. qbutnoa

    Sam Bankman-Fried interview with the Financial Times newspaper. https://www.ft.com/content/a1df1d73-9932-4d1b-b63a-c0c82241a236

  4. lou

    attack on Carolina power plant.

  5. Too early to tell if it is an attack or incompetence or coincidence. Hope this is investigated properly.

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