Arizona Declares Katie Hobbs Winner But Email Leaks Reveal Hobbs Cheated With Twitter In ‘Election’

Click on the ‘read the full conversation on Twitter’ to see the excellent research bringing up the various crimes and deceptions Democrats in Arizona used to ‘win’ the recent election (aside from also letting illegal aliens come here illegally and then vote for Democrats letting them in, illegally!).  Katie Hobbs won a close election via conspiring and colluding with leftists running online conversations.  They conspired to ban, silence and lie about conservatives in various devious ways that are utterly illegal, illicit and insane.


Everyone is now being sued.  This conspiracy of Bilderberg businesses and Bilderberg gang politicians was hatched…get this…at secret Bilderberg meetings just outside DC periodically over the last 7 years!  What a coincidence!  And to think, I have been yelling about this for 7 years, too!


Amazing.  Well, it is now going to trial and about time.  I grew up in Arizona and exploited by father’s many high political connections to do things in Arizona like…stopping Daylight Savings Time there due to being forced to go to school at 5am in the dark, for example!


Good to see activists working hard to bring justice there these days!



Using the FBI as tools to lie, cheat and steal elections was a huge mistake.  The FBI is compromised, the politicians are frauds and we see the mess this has created.  Wherever these criminals win power, we see higher crime rates from top to bottom.  Every street thug knows, they have free rein when the DNC is in charge!  Arrest all of them.  Every last one of them.


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12 responses to “Arizona Declares Katie Hobbs Winner But Email Leaks Reveal Hobbs Cheated With Twitter In ‘Election’

  1. Jim R

    . . . but who will arrest all of them?

    That’s the question.

    Perhaps the Chinese police?

    What will the SCOTUS say about this? Does it even matter?

  2. TinaB

    38k views in 13 hours – how many have YOU had? Maybe try MORE inflammatory language!

    “Smart men don’t tell you how smart they are.
    Rich men don’t tell you how rich they are.
    Tough men don’t tell you how tough they are.
    Honest men don’t tell you how honest they are.
    Con men do.”

    And apparently “con-women” too – I’m looking at you ems!

  3. TinaB

    oh dear – these comments could easily be directed at you ems!

    “trump is not a genius. He’s a series of recordings. Press play. Rewind. Repeat.”

    “They also supposed a POTUS having a minimum of honesty and decency.
    They never could imagine a Person been voted for POTUS who completely lacks both”

    “On CBS news yesterday, a reporter was asking who people voted for in the early voting as they were coming out of the polling. One person said that they voted for Warnock and they asked him why and he said because he thought that he would do the best for the people of Georgia. Then they asked another gentleman who said that he voted for Walker and again they followed up with why, he said with a shrug that he was a life long Republican. This wounded my soul, because Herschel Walker doesn’t care about the people of Georgia, he’s from Texas and that’s just the least of his failings.”

    “That’s very common. Misplaced loyalty and lazy brains,not to mention outright abject ignorance. Some people see one of their own in Walker.”

    – WOW! cult leader supporters have clearly refused to “think” for themselves! very sad ems that you are trying to instigate “not thinking”!

    And you censor people who question you! YOU are a fascist – period.

    YOU should be arrested for inciting violence – is WordPress aware of this?

  4. Zeek

    Elaine is swooning over Drumpt.
    She has a ‘case of the fantods’. Mark Twain
    Samuel Clemens.
    Dictators appreciate and love each other.
    Someone fetch the smelling salts.

  5. lou

    4–then why do you post here?

  6. Zeek

    . . . . . Troll watch

    . . . . Troll alert

    . . . . T R O L L !



  7. You fools!

    HAHAHA…everything is now unravelling thanks to ELON MUSK. For example, we now have rock solid proof that the Democrats cheated in the Arizona election. Hobbs is in extreme danger now of being arrested!

    Everything is being turned on its head, every day sees more inside information how the DNC strongarmed Twitter and colluded with leftists working for Twitter to CHEAT IN THE ELECTIONS!

    Naturally, leftists don’t care if they cheat, I often point that out. Cheating is OK with them but they can be put in prison for cheating. It takes some effort but is entirely doeable.

  8. Katie Hobbes will end up in the Federal pen. She is shown to have been the engineer of the vast cheating done in Arizona and more is going to show up as Elon digs up all the interesting data.

  9. Nina


    I watched the entire interview. This was very insightful Tina, but it was also kind of frightening to hear about how easy it is for right wing, populist demagogues to captivate the minds of their followers.

  10. lou

    A 10 year old killed his mama over tech gear.
    guess the killers gender n race. › us › wisconsin-boy-10-charged-adult-killing-mom-amazon-purchase
    Wisconsin boy, 10, charged as adult in alleged killing of mom over …
    A 10-year-old boy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is being charged as an adult after allegedly shooting and killing his 44-year-old mother last week because he was mad she wouldn’t buy him a VR headset.

  11. snoosebomb

    out of conTROLL

  12. snoosebomb

    tina/nina/zickie since you follow the science ,,, please explain to us igorant hillbillies , what is the role and importance of co2 saturation in the theory of ‘climate change ” ?
    hmm ,,,, what do i hear ? crickets , really loud ones like a summer night ?
    well then why don’t you take your bloviating female hysteria and waste it somewhere else

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