Arizona On Fire: Katie Hobbs Caught By Elon Musk, Cheating In Election!


My very first political actions were in Arizona back in 1965 when I forced the state to stop Daylight Savings Time because I had to go to school at a ridiculous hour in the morning back then.  Arizona is in the news because Katie Hobbs, the top prosecutor in Arizona, was running for Governor and wanted to eliminate all rivals via colluding with fellow criminal Democrats to have Twitter eliminate anyone Hobbs wanted silenced.   The entire DNC did this in Twitter and all of them should be arrested for ELECTION FRAUD.


Here is one of my favorite Congresswomen, Rep. MTG:


Playing dirty tricks is common, actually.  It happened to me!  It backfired because I got to meet with Rudi Giuliani, the young prosecutor back then who then tapped my phone and thus, discovered a web of deceit and arm twisting by Democrats in Brooklyn and Queens.


Here is the pure panic in Arizona as the Democrats shove into office, the criminal who broke a number of laws, in order to win via cheating:


BREAKING: Arizona Certifies Rigged 2022 Election, Declares Katie Hobbs Winner


So…here we are yet again!  The election in Arizona is now blown straight out of the water!  Kari Lake really won the election!  It has to be turned over to her, pronto.  Just yesterday, the DNC gang pressured Arizona to install the criminal, Katie Hobbs because they knew something was going to blow up today.



They KNEW about the information Elon Musk was going to reveal because this is stuff they, themselves, wrote and read several months ago!  Well, time to kick the DNC candidate to the curb and prosecute her for fraud.


Now on to the interesting side story about Europe committing economic suicide.  Russia is rich in many natural resources.  Europe wanted to pick and choose these while attacking Russia.  I predicted all this would end with the EU needing many things and not getting these except at very high prices on the Black Market.  HAHAHA.  Good lord.




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9 responses to “Arizona On Fire: Katie Hobbs Caught By Elon Musk, Cheating In Election!

  1. Zeke

    More baseless allegations of fraud by the Trumpardian posse.
    Elon Musk found nothing.
    What happened with his playing with rockets rocket enterprise? Similar with the Boring Company.
    He’s a dilitant.

  2. snoosebomb

    from dick morris ;; how the Fk does this even happen ? where do these numbers come from ?

    ”It happened in 2022 and now it is happening again in 2023. Republicans are about to lose yet another election for the exact same reason: They won’t come out and vote early. As of Saturday, Dec 3, 52% of the early votes have been cast by Democrats and only 39% by Republicans.

    So, while Republicans sit by passively and wait for the calendar to read December 6th, the Democrats have already voted and damn near won the election. 890,000 Democrats have voted but only 667,000 Republicans.”

  3. Zeek

    @ SoB – What do you care? What is your interest?
    You live up there in Canada.
    Tell us.

  4. qbutnoa

    Southern Germany, one 14 year old girl stabbed to death, one 13 year old girl stabbed & in critical condition, main suspect is a 27 year old Eritrean asylum seeker, Putin’s war on Ukraine not blamed (so far).

  5. snoosebomb

    because it is interesting ,,

  6. Zeek

    Ok. Thanks.

    Thanks for answering.

  7. Pete

    Coming soon to a Netflix near you!

    A Christmas tale of how a couple
    could only make a living trashing
    their own family.

    Privileged Grifters Gone Wild

  8. Those two are the worst liars on earth. Even in their own stupid video, they used Harry Potter events to pretend the photographers were hounding them, not covering the Harry Potter movie opening events.

    I hope the Royal Family sues them for defamation of character. On the other hand, that family is INSANE as well as too privileged and my family ended up in the New World centuries ago due to needing to escape being beheaded.

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