Santa Parade Train, Elon Musk Uncovers CIA Operative Jim Baker Infiltrator


A small town in Tennessee had a Santa Parade today and in the middle of the parade, a freight train came through and it was part of the parade by accident.  This is how Real Hometown America is like.  In a town near my little town, the trains still run right through that village and it is all part of Americana.  Well, more news about Elon Musk who is an American Hero: he didn’t release more information today because a Bilderberg SPY was infiltrating his business and eliminating things, etc.  Now, that man is gone and Elon resumes uncovering many crimes.



Ah, the Baker gang!  Hey, the first family to land in New England named ‘Baker’ were my ancestors long, long ago!  My mother’s grandmother was a Baker.  Anyways, this Baker thought he could play dirty tricks on Elon, a man who is 100% a genius.


Tricking geniuses is tricky.  Namely, don’t do it!  Elon is now very much in the crosshairs of the Bilderberg gang and they use the CIA and people like Mr. Steele who is related to me and Mr. Baker who might be related to me, to carry out various nefarious schemes that are illicit or illegal.  Yup.  Family pride here!


I was beginning to get worried.  Already, the evil devils in our government are investigating and pushing to take Elon to trial like they did endlessly to Trump.  I really worry about this.



That is, Mr. Baker was cooking the information his boss wanted so it would be altered in ways so he could hide vital information from the world’s smartest man.


And they knew what that name meant: the Biden gang had a spy inside Elon’s organization!



Absolutely, he is a Dark Arts CIA operative!  I grew up inside the CIA operations and thus was able to successfully tangle things up repeatedly.  I am not surprised that Elon is being tagged by CIA operatives!  Of course, they want to infiltrate and control him.  Well, this fight I am 100% on Elon’s side and I am very happy he now has body guards and he better have guards that can check to see if explosive devices or poison reaches Elon!


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8 responses to “Santa Parade Train, Elon Musk Uncovers CIA Operative Jim Baker Infiltrator

  1. snoosebomb

    yes ‘Real Hometown America ‘ is a great antidote to clown world exposure , i watch a gang in utah , ‘ matts towing , fab rats , trail mater.

  2. TinaB

    “Join me and brilliant Georgetown history professor Thomas Zimmer, author of Democracy Americana and host of the ’Is This Democracy’ podcast as we discuss where democracy is in America post the 2022 midterms.

    The Declaration of Independence might talk about a country where all men are created equal, but if we’re honest with ourselves, that’s not what everyone wants.

    History tells us there are those, an entire party in fact, who’d prefer to have a certain group in charge and know they don’t need the majority to achieve it.

    They simply need to convince enough people in the center that their worldview is better than what the left is offering and we could find ourselves in permanent minority rule.

    The truth of the matter is, our country is incredibly divided, and it’s up to us, every single one of us, to decide which way we want to go. There’s no middle ground left, no more excuses to be made, people must choose.”

  3. TinaB

    The above video is PoliticsGirl… she’s great! HE is spot on… smart guy!

  4. qbutnoa

    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), UK imported 4 billion cubic metres (bcm) of LNG from USA in 2021, 11 bcm of LNG so far this year.

  5. Transportation costs is much higher than getting Russian fuel via pipeline.

  6. Zeke

    Interesting videos –
    In body of article re. train on village street and
    In Comments re. Zimmer interview.
    Thanks. Entertaining and informative.

  7. Jim R

    The “get Russia” effort is so much more important than burning all that greenhousey fossil fuel to refrigerate the natural gas down the -162℃… even if it means the Obama mansion on Martha’s Vineyard will have water in their front yard in the year 2175. It’s a sacrifice they are willing to make.

    On the off-chance that they can send Russia back to the Yeltsin era, and pillage it.

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