Slowly, Real News Is Taking Over The Internet Systems Thanks To Elon Musk

Elon Musk taking over Twitter is a classic game changer event.  The wall to wall fake news/propaganda systems is now collapsing.  Citizens now can compare information at Twitter with the uniform ‘information’ in mainstream fake news and spot the differences.  Reality enters the room and all the vampires are screaming as the sunshine pours in.  ‘Close the curtains, now,’ scream the media/political vampires!  These vampires conspired to break laws and to cheat and steal.  They depend on having media cover for criminal activities. They also intend to trick us into eating bugs and freezing to death based on non-existing ‘global warming.’  Time to put a stake through the hearts of these vampires.



The news about White House conspiring to silence stories about Hunter Biden, etc. and how mainstream fake news cooperated with this censorship or lying about real news…this is now ‘OLD NEWS’ and we should ignore it!  According to the White House:



Just below this video at Ted Cruz’s Twitter account is this surprising information:



Fauci lied about the communist Chinese Wuhan Secret Biowarfare Lab which the Democrats used to figure out how to use germs as weapons.  This backfired on both the Chinese and American communists.  Obviously, they know nothing of the many stories from thousands of years ago warning humans to not do dumb stuff like this.


After being OK with the Wuhan Flu mess, the man pretending to be a woman who is in charge of our medical systems overall, wants to have more and more innocent children forced into sexual medicines and surgeries that mess them up for their entire lives and which often drives victims to suicide, too:


Rachel Levine Calls on Doctors to Push Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery for Children (VIDEO)


So, when adults haul children, very young children, into doctor offices seeking to meddle with their natural sex systems in order to render these poor children sterile for their entire lives, do the doctors treat the insane adults or do they mutilate and destroy the little tyke’s bodies to conform with this insanity?  The answer is obvious: you make a lot more money destroying the children, of course!



The Democrats think the road to victory lies in destroying all children utterly so they no longer can reproduce.  Their real agenda is to prevent us from having children and to kill fetuses as fast as possible though it is better to make people sterile for life before age of reproduction.  This is utterly insane and totally evil.  But they are totally serious about doing this.  Speaking of utterly insane, here is some more insane news:  David Attenborough, killer of walruses, is very old and his body is literally disintegrating so he can’t fly all over the planet earth, whining about how we are all going to die of global warming due to people like him creating vast amounts of CO2 while ordering us to eat bugs and live in little huts while they eat beef and live in palaces:



The left side of his face is sagging due to brain damage.  His right lobes are collapsing so his left face is collapsing.  ‘The non-dominant lobe, which is typically the right temporal lobe, is involved in learning and remembering non-verbal information (e.g. visuo-spatial material and music). Damage to the temporal lobes can result in: Difficulty in understanding spoken words (Receptive Aphasia)’ and this poor man can’t learn anything new, he has to repeat what he was trained to say in the past.


As snow falls in warm Australia well into Spring and right up to the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and this clown thinks we are all going to be too warm someday.;-4;1&l=temperature-950hpa


Huge hunks of the continents in the Northern Hemisphere is -30 F, way below zero!  Global warming is not ‘global’ at all.


One more news story:

Biden Pulls Air Marshals Off Flights Ahead of Christmas To Drive Illegal Immigrants Around & Babysit Their Kids


Good grief.  This is so insane.


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7 responses to “Slowly, Real News Is Taking Over The Internet Systems Thanks To Elon Musk

  1. snoosebomb

    that story is going around , australia had a cold spring , its way to hot there now for snow

  2. lou

    Tina, countries including Canada to ban fertilizers.

  3. lou

    tina how to feed 8 billion? netherlands is a major food exporter, as is ukraine.

  4. snoosebomb

    that’s what tinabee wants

  5. Timothy Carroll

    @#2, Does that mean TinaB starves?! Thus removing another “useless eater” from the global warming planet? OH no! Perhaps she can heat a bag of d*cks, instead? Poor, stupid beeyatch!

  6. All the leftists imagine they would get all the food while we starve. History says, ‘Nope’ to that. They, too, will starve while their leaders eat like pigs.

    ‘Animal Farm’ explains how this works.

  7. BTW, both ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ are required reading in our schools. Evidently, the children are learning the wrong lessons!

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