Woke V Woke: Elon Musk Ribs New York Time Worker’s Strike


Elon Musk is laughing at the New York Times, one of the most low IQ newspapers on earth. They think they are very smart in Manhattan but they are really maliciously stupid and right now, are attacking Elon Musk.  Nonstop.  But they are stopping to demand their overlords pay more money for fake news reporting!  Imagine that!  But any fool can write fake news.  They write the same junk as other fake news employees, there are many amusing videos showing an army of news clone clowns repeating the same mantras over and over again.


Worse, they think they are fooling us.  We can see in comments in my own news site these sorts of pathetic people who think, repeating mainstream news stories shows them to be smarter than myself, for example.  It is so pathetic.  I love watching Elon Musk joke about them over and over again.  It makes them all mad as hell.



Senator Cruz is having problems with his teen daughter who was educated in SJW schools to be a sexual confused child, she has no idea what she is so she tried to kill herself.  Of course, leftists blame daddy for her confusion but we know where this confusion happens: IN SCHOOLS and this was true in the 1960’s when this all began, I was there, I was dead center there, right when it began.


Now on to old Roger Stone: he is back on Twitter now and very happy about this about face:



And this Congresswoman is supposed to be ‘insane’ and ‘stupid’:


She is 100% correct.  She is very often 100% correct.  So mainstream news defames her and abuses her and sneers at her while their own little pitiful world is falling apart at the seams.


Here is good old Andy Ngo in the endless fight to stop Oregon leftists from utterly destroying that state:



He also posted this tweet about ANTIFA that supposedly according to Biden, doesn’t exist:



And last of all, there is the business deal between Putin and Biden for an exchange of prisoners:



Good grief, and we are at war with Russia?  How hilarious.


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6 responses to “Woke V Woke: Elon Musk Ribs New York Time Worker’s Strike

  1. qbutnoa

    City of London, “Edinburgh Reforms” = Big Bang 2.0, Jeremy Hunt (evil scum) = “Leaving the EU gives us a golden opportunity to reshape our regulatory regime and unleash the full potential of our formidable financial services sector”. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/britain-lay-out-financial-reforms-turbocharge-growth-2022-12-08/

  2. snoosebomb

    @1 , isn’t that what Truss had going ? banks all debt no reserves

  3. qbutnoa

    Yes, but also, “There will be a plan to “rigorously review, repeal and replace” EU regulations ranging from disclosure for financial products, listing requirements and prudential rules for banks” = every dollar on the planet will flood into the (unregulated) City of London = *very* dangerous. Only one thing has changed since Brexit.

  4. qbutnoa

    EU sanctions, Russian crude oil supertankers from Murmansk now sailing past Europe (Rotterdam) and instead heading to India. https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/industry-and-energy/2022/12/more-russian-arctic-oil-murmansk-redirects-india

  5. snoosebomb

    ol joe just reversed US nuke policy of no first use . this will be handy when the russians take ucrane .

  6. All nuclear powers keep ‘first use’ going in their plans. This has always been true. I used to give speeches about this many MANY years ago.

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