Trudeau Scared Of Warm Weather While Nearly All Of Canada Freezes To Death


Just 2 long months ago, the Bilderberg gang had their frequent World Economic Forum events where they talked about the need to have WWIII due to Ukraine and at the same time, we are all going to roast to death (if not nuked to death) by ‘global warming’ which they call ‘climate change’ due to it being too cold for too much warm weather.


The loops of weather moving around the earth is being disrupted by one of the longest La Nina events.  This causes continents to switch from very cold/wet to very warm/dry cycles that last roughly 3 to 4 months per cycle.  I have lived through long la Nina events in the past, that is, the 1960’s to the 1970’s.


Since the Bilderberg gang is pushing the ‘global warming’ scam as hard as possible, all state run weather forecast systems are being forced to lie about the weather in order to whip up fears we are going to roast to death unless we kill all the cows and make everyone eat BUGS.


I wish this was a joke but it is not a joke.  All leftist dictators end up killing all the cows and forcing people to eat bugs.  History is crystal clear about this.  The leftists who insist on posting this propaganda at my site never talk about their goal of making everyone else eat bugs.


This is very annoying and anyone who thinks they will get goodies from these monsters will soon learn how to eat worms and grasshoppers.  Bon appetite!



England is facing a cold December now:


Scores of schools have been closed and public transport disrupted as cars get stuck in the snow blanketing parts of Scotland, with the severe cold snap forecast to last for at least a week.


In Aberdeenshire, which faced most of the disruption, the Met Office reported instances of “thundersnow” as thunderstorms struck alongside the flurry.


A host of weather warnings are in force across much the UK, some until Sunday, and the Met Office has warned that the ice, snow and sub-zero conditions brought by a blast of Arctic ice will last for at least a week.


The Bilderberg gang gave the British poor people this wonderful advice:


Health authorities have issued their own alert and have advised people to keep the main room in their homes heated to at least 18C where possible, with drivers warned to check their cars and carry provisions in case of a breakdown.


They are to huddle in one room just above freezing level!  If they have no more money for fuels, they are to flee their homes and go somewhere warm!  Very simple, eh?  Meanwhile, the Brits are freezing to death because of RUSSIA.


You see, they went to war against Russia!  I warned everyone, Russia wins winter wars.  Since the tool used by NATO to fight Russia was to cut off Russia’s gas/oil sales to Europe.  So cheap energy vanished, Russia turned around and began selling much more expensive oil and gas to everyone outside of NATO!  Duh.


So the EU people get to freeze to death.  Well, the elites WANT THIS.  They LOVE THIS.  Note that they show no sign of changing course, the poor will die and guess what?


The Bilderberg’s plans all along is to freeze poor people to death.  I warned about this for years now.


Europe is a lot warmer than CANADA.  Canada is freezing to death except for a thin sliver of land right next to New York’s northern border.  Here is a temperature map showing the white regions which are more than 25 below zero to 65 below zero temperatures:



Buffalo, NY and Rochester both had bad blizzards last week and were buried in snow but this didn’t bury Montreal.  Only places east of the Great Lakes got that snow.  But this weekend, the last sliver of Canada will get buried in snow, too. Here is the snow cover map:



All of Alaska and nearly all of Canada is already buried in snow.  This is ‘global warming’ that is going to kill us all if we don’t eat bugs!  These news stories illustrate how insane the crazy leftists are when it comes to simple weather problems:



For example, on November 20th, these Tina clones in Britain did ‘bold protests’ stopping traffic and defacing artwork to protest warm weather.  Nine days later, British Columbia in Canada was buried in snow.  Now, one month later, Southern Britain is going to be buried in snow, too!


Now the alarmists are reducing to explaining, making the earth warmer is making it colder due to being ‘more intense’ which is very childish.  No, we are in a La Nina cold cycle and these are very brutal reminders of what lurks in the NEAR, not distant future: another Ice Age.


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6 responses to “Trudeau Scared Of Warm Weather While Nearly All Of Canada Freezes To Death

  1. Jim R

    Amusingly, that little intro video lists cold weather in Dallas as an symptom of global warming. …

    Also, someone should inform the WEF that bugs are not particularly good as human food. I mean, raising enough bugs to feed everyone will require more energy and resources than the equivalent in cows, chickens, pigs, etc.

    If you’ve ever tried to raise mealworms to feed a small insectivorous animal, you’ll know that it is more of a technical challenge than raising chickens.

  2. TinaB

    Oh look ems – one of your relatives! You must be related – right? Both of you are bigots! And snowflakes – I mean literally crying – really?

    Call 1-800- cry now!

    “Imagine being so hate filled that you’re moved to tears because the law won’t let you impose your hateful beliefs on other people.”

    “The world is changing and we accept gay and trans people whether you like it or not. So the most simple answer is to mind your damn business and look deep as to why gay rights bother you so much. Unless you’re some closeted man who’s upset he cannot deal with living in his truth. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Your rejection of human rights is the reason why ppl are leaving your religion in droves.”

  3. Jim R

    This just in —
    DNA From 2 Million Years Ago Reveals Arctic Utopia That Was 50-65 Degrees Warmer
    According to researchers from the University of Cambridge and University of Coppenhagen, the northern peninsula of Greenland – which is now a polar desert – once contained boreal forests of popular and birch trees that were teeming with wildlife

  4. And 2 million years ago, there were many different naked apes in the world, all over the place. Most were eliminated by the Ice Ages and the main survivors were all clustered in part of Africa, near the equator.

    These years were called ‘Ice Ages’ by scientists.

  5. Jim R

    Today’s warming scaremongers are quibbling about a 2 or 3 degree change in average temperature. Note that the article says 50 degrees warmer! The equator was probably hotter back then too, and nobody lived there.

    And, as you have often repeated, we are in an ice age right now. In an ‘interglacial’ period.

    Bottom line is, we don’t know what the weather will be like 100 years from now. Or even next year.

  6. No, the equator TEMPERATURE barely changes from Ice Ages to Interglacials. The RAIN does change, a lot. During Ice Ages, much of the water is locked up in vast ice sheets! This causes rapid evolutionary changes.

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