Gay Couple Adopted SMALL Children And Raped, Pimped Victims Viciously


The story of gay ‘married’ couple in Georgia began 3 years ago to ‘adopt’ children who they then systematically raped in so many ways and so violently one of them had to have surgery…LIKE ME…and this made NEARLY NO NEWS except for Fox News in mainstream Bilderberg child rapist organizations pretending to be news providers.  My own rape made zero news in 1955 yet when I went back there in 1991, all the people who were adults back then told me yes, I did get raped!!!  Then the real rapist confessed to me and then died.


This made the news on Fox TV but nearly nowhere else:



So, it was news in England!  But only Fox carried it here in the US.  The man who raped me was the mayor of my town where I was born, for example.  We know about the rape island visited by all the top Bilderberg gangster men like the Prince from England and former President in the US.   None of these monsters went to prison.  Epstein was forced back into prison after a slap on the wrist where he was killed.  The men in today’s story will end up dead in prison soon, too.


An astonishing number of prisoners are victims of sexual abuse at home when children mostly in single parent families in the slums.  They hate child sex abusers many of whom end up dead in prison.  Here is what Google gave me after I searched for other papers besides the Daily Mail:



So, the top Google links to this story had…NOTHING!  No newspapers carried it.  The search for stories of child rapists coughed up Google links about how evil Elon Musk is when he mentioned that gay married couples could sexually abuse adopted children!  And the election story in Georgia, the state where these rapists in today’s story live, the DNC black candidate wanted to do the entire LGBTQ rape thing!


Worse, my search showed that the Guardian, a pro-child rape leftist rag in England, reported that children will be harmed if we protect them from adult gay male rapists!  Then just below that shocking story was an OLD NY Daily News story of…a GAY CONNECTICUT COUPLE who adopted small children in order to RAPE THEM.  TEN YEARS AGO!


From just a few months ago in October was this news about sexual predators attacking children:


Newly released reports from the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools documented multiple cases of shocking sexually-charged behavior by female teachers and aides in city public schools — from bedding students to sending explicit photos to high schoolers to exposing bare breasts to remote-learning 5-year-olds.


Natalie Black, 27, a teacher at Hillside Arts and Letters Academy in Queens, sent at least 15 raunchy snaps of herself “in lingerie or nude” to a 17-year-old male student beginning in late 2021, an SCI report said. The boy was interviewed by the NYPD, but no charges were filed.


After she was investigated, nothing happened so she doubled down on her predatory activities:


By March 2022, the report found, Black’s bad behavior escalated: she showed male students photos of her vagina, pulled down her pants in a student’s home and told him to “eat my ass,” and sent kids videos of herself “deep throating” a liquor bottle and dancing naked from the waist down.


Also in TODAY’S NEWS is the sentencing of child rapist school leader, Larry Ray, to basically life in prison:


Good grief.  Arrest all these fiends and their DNC buddies who enable and protect them all!


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10 responses to “Gay Couple Adopted SMALL Children And Raped, Pimped Victims Viciously

  1. lou › news › nation-world › drag-queen-who-counseled-children-charged-with-25-counts-of-child-porn-police-say-brice-williams-anastasia-diamond
    Drag queen who counseled children charged with 25 counts of child porn …
    HARRISBURG, Penn. (TND) — A Pennsylvania drag queen who at one time is said to have counseled children has been arrested and charged with 25 counts of child pornography, police reportedly said. › archive › 6339153

    LARRY BIRKIN who helped / created domestic rights laws › archive › 8715908
    San Francisco gay rights activist Larry Brinkin arrested for child porn …
    SF gay rights activist arrested for child porn. kgo. By ABC7. SAN FRANCISCO . Police searched Brinkin’s home on Waller Street and seized videos, two laptops, a desktop computer, a disc and thumb
    one thhing larry posted was something like
    look at this little n—get it [about a 2 year old being raped]

  2. Pete


    Oh no…..Elon took the booster…Yikes

  3. Pete

    One more….

  4. qbutnoa

    England, London, Met Police Chief Inspector + other officers accused of being in paedophile ring.

  5. lou

    2–I had seen that. Sedative drugs make people like that.

  6. qbutnoa

    Sweden, Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, leader of far right party Stram Kurs (= Hard Line/Tight Course), burns a copy of the Koran outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm (he had a police permit due to Swedens freedom of expression laws).

  7. qbutnoa

    UK, King Charles coronation, refugees (illegal immigration) and diversity (drag queens) are front and center = not popular, a very bad start.

  8. lou

    Minnesota pushes for legal baby murder.
    around 3 minutes in.

  9. Petruchio

    Of course Gay Couples molest and abuse the children they adopt. That’s why they adopt children!! Think about it. WHY would a Gay couple want to imitate a Heterosexual couple? In reality, Gays–the entire LGBTQ members–have a dee, bitter HATRED of Heterosexuals.

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