ANTIFA Riots Loot Burn Atlanta While California Mass Killers Run Riot At China Moon Festival


I went all over the place looking for videos of the mass murder last night in Monterey, California.  At least 10 people are dead with many wounded.  This was a China Town event celebrating the Year of the Rabbit.   This same night, ANTIFA and BLM rioted, looted and burned Atlanta, Georgia.  This is a city run by blacks now so riots are normal.  This riot was because armed radical communists went onto police training grounds where the police learn how to find people hiding in woods.  The white ANTIFA gunman then fired on the police, hitting one of them and he was shot and killed.  This is why the communists are now rioting, they ask blacks who want free stuff to join them and together, they loot, rape and burn cities run by the Democrats!


There are probably videos of the mass shooting in California but I found none.  There are none in the news, only videos showing the police taken from far away so we have no idea what happened.  The information about this is very scarce right now and just reporting the slender bit of news is very slow and sluggish in mainstream media, it is nearly invisible.  On the other hand, mainstream media is hard at work reporting the Atlanta ANTIFA riots:



As always. when we need real news, Andy Ngo, a brave reporter who has been target #1 of ANTIFA Democratic Party rioters, tells how the riots happened:



We can see from pictures that the ‘rocks’ thrown at buildings were lumps of concrete brought to the riots to use as weapons.

Meanwhile, there were riots in Atlanta, Georgia:


Atlanta police arrested at least six people after a peaceful protest Saturday erupted into a night of chaos and violence that included protesters smashing windows and setting a police vehicle on fire, the mayor said.


“Atlanta is safe and our police officers have resolved the disruptions downtown from earlier in the evening,” City of Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said Saturday evening.   “The City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department will continue to protect the right to peaceful protest. We will not tolerate violence or property destruction,” the mayor added.


Well, they did tolerate rioting because only six violent revolutionaries were arrested.  This is ridiculous.  At all riots in all DNC hell hole cities, virtually no one is arrested, if arrested, they are not charged and if charged they are let off with virtually no punishments.  Contrast that with the immense, very nasty punishments meted out to the riot in DC that was by Trump supporters egged on by paramilitary infiltrators who wanted a riot!


The activist (who was shot and killed after shooting at police) reportedly identified as a nonbinary person who went by the name Tortuguita (“little turtle” in Spanish) and used they/it pronouns. Protesters carried signs with Tortuguita’s name on Saturday.


I think all of ANTIFA are ‘it’.  Mr. Befuddled in the White House openly said this:


The news is so infuriating.  Trump had open negotiations over ‘what documents are allowed’ when he left office.  They then had a massive FBI night time raid of his private home!  They then immediately talked about putting him in PRISON for having documents they and he knew he had!


Meanwhile, with Biden, they find stuff from all over the place and he took home secret documents all the time and no FBI searches at all, Biden’s lawyers get to do the ‘searches.’



Arrest Biden.  He is in collusion with ANTIFA and BLM criminals.  He and his gang, the Democratic Party, are all in cahoots with these criminal communists.  The DNC is an evil operation set up to take over the country, bring in armies of invaders and thus, destroy the US and impose communist solutions to the problems they, themselves, are causing.


Now on to that mass murder that is barely in the news, too, in Southern California. is run by ANTIFA supporters and loves BLM killers and criminals:


The mainstream news media didn’t report the story far and wide for hours so some people at this Twitter thread thought the mass murder was fake:



It was real and we now have a tiny bit of news about it but not much.  Much of the US media news systems is completely broken down now.  At least Fox News is reporting it swiftly!  Here is more news that mainstream news thinks is not news at all:



The stark contrast between FBI searching Trump’s entire home and Biden’s various homes and cars and such, is a sign that we live in a communist police state where the police powers are one sided.  No one in ANTIFA or BLM or the Democrat Party is being arrested for various obvious crimes!  They depend on an army of illegal aliens to ‘vote’ in a very unconstitutional way, with zero proof of being ‘citizens’.  This, in turn, is systematically destroying our economy, destroying our cities, wrecking everything exactly like when ancient Rome fell to barbarians.



The communists who are now running Brazil are eliminating all systems that protect citizens from being looted.  The government will loot everyone now.  There will be war there!  50% of Brazil is very angry about this coup!


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20 responses to “ANTIFA Riots Loot Burn Atlanta While California Mass Killers Run Riot At China Moon Festival

  1. TinaB

    Why I think the next El Niño will be a Super-El Nino and Occur in 2024-2025: Record Warm Oceans

    “I chat all about our record warm oceans. Two new and very significant peer reviewed scientific papers just came out in the last week; in early days of 2023.

    The first talks about how global OHC (Ocean Heat Content) of the water between the surface and depths of 2000 meters set a new record in 2022, up about 10 ZJ (10**22) Joules. Also, Salinity Contrast (SC) set a new record, as did stratification (layering) of the oceans.

    More regionally, most of the ocean basins of the planet warmed significantly. Over 90% of the heat captured by Greenhouse Gas Emissions goes into the oceans.

    A more detailed study shows that 93% of the heat warms the oceans, 3% warms the cryosphere (ice and snow warming and melting) and only 1% of the heat warms the atmosphere (and we humans tend to talk ONLY about our atmospheric and climate (plus weather extreme changes).

    The second paper talks about the first paper, and adds the changing OHC of deeper ocean, of heat added to the ocean by the ocean floor, and also by mechanical mixing (for example tides).

    It also try’s to put todays ocean heating in the context of heating from 1870 to now, from the Little Ice Age period to now (1000 to now), from the Common Era (last 2000 years), and also from the Last Glacial Maximum (around 20,000 years ago, or so).

    Warning occurring now in the oceans breaks new records every single year.”

    Tick tock… you were warned….

  2. TinaB

    ems you should just rename your blog “the Culture of Violence” already! JFC!

    Violence, rape, sexual deviancy, attacks, revolts, mowing people down…. wtf is wrong with you?

    You should talk to your doctor and try some anti-anxiety medication… if they read your blog they will have NO TROUBLE writing the prescription!

    Dancing is sexual? Really? wow… is everything about “sex” for you? Your mind really is in the gutter!

    These young people are happy and not VIOLENT – yet you insult them? Dancing is good for human health – mentally and physically – guess you are unaware of that… smh

    Instead they should be like Kyle Rottonhouse – a fat, bloated, ignorant, arrogant, rude, lawless shit disturbing murderer? Only in YOUR world….

  3. TinaB

    “the sun is going to reach solar maximum in 2025, the earth’s receives 0.5w/m2/sec more during solar maximum than minimum

    Also, by 2025, the global CO2 levels will be 4 to 6ppm higher and the AGGI will increase

    Apply both the increased solar gain plus the extra ghg accumulations, hmm, Omnicide by AGW coming to the planet you live on”

    Wakey, wakey…

  4. TinaB

    “Im calling BS on them saying that oceans will continue to heat and there will more extreme weather until we hit zero emissions.

    The planet will continue to heat up long after zero emissions. There is a 40 year lag time from when fossil fuels are emitted until they have an affect on the climate system.

    So the climate system we have now is from fossil fuels that were emitted 40 years ago.

    If we stop industrial activity and reduce fossil emissions to zero, we will lose aerosol masking effect and global heating would rapidly accelerate to a temperature beyond what life on earth could handle.

    The reality is, we are already screwed. Its only a matter time. The emissions released today will become part of the earths climate systems long after humans are gone from the planet. Especially if we reduce emissions to zero anytime soon.

    Zero emissions is a bright green lie, that will never happen.

    Suggesting that we do so with the population of 8 billion humans, will cause mass death on a scale unlike anything humans have ever experienced.”

  5. lou

    serial poster serial bore.

    Thanks Elaine for the news.

  6. lou

    this link doesnt work and Yossi sounds like a tribe name. jewish?

    Now on to that mass murder that is barely in the news, too, in Southern California. is run by ANTIFA supporters and loves BLM killers and criminals:

  7. lou

    ll over the place looking for videos of the mass murder last night in Monterey park, California.
    NO ITS MONTEREY PARK–east los angeles area. Monterey is by san fran.

  8. Nina

    What should have been a joyuous event, the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, turned into a bloodbath in Southern California. Innocent people was gunned down in what was most likely a hate crime targeted at Asian-Americans. This is what hatred promoted by white, supremacist racists leads to. I am very disheartened by this news.

  9. Jim R

    I found this one article about it ..

    One commenter said “it sounds like the work of a spiteful mutant”. .

  10. Jim R

    Garland Nixon . . the last 15 minutes he talks about the Bilderbergers (Davos). Un-linkified link, fix blanks.

    tps: / /

  11. Timothy Carroll

    Nina-This is what hatred promoted by white, supremacist racists leads to. I am very disheartened by this news.

    What a retarded thing to say. Are you twin sisters with the other retard maniac, “TinaB”?

    The killer at the Chinese soiree happened to be another chink.

    If ya hate the white man so much, move to Africa, beeyatch!

  12. lou

    12–she does not jump to conclusions, she takes flying leaps.

    wrt- Innocent people was gunned down in what was most likely a hate crime targeted at Asian-Americans.

  13. qbutnoa

    The old call of Ireland for the Irish, the new call of Irish Lives Matter, white supremacist racists warn of “criminals & rapists” being dumped in working class areas, Michael Leahy (Irish Freedom party) = Irish people are being “replaced” by low skilled foreigners & “Your government hates you”.

  14. snoosebomb

    HUTZPAH !!

    just watching the ‘news ‘ , they report that the shooter was chinese , then immediately try to spin the motivation to ‘ chinese hate due to covid . LOL

    creepy phizer idiot Bourla states there have been ZERO ! bad reactions to his vexeen . , lol ? public hanging please ,

  15. Petruchio

    News from California. Explains what’s wrong with the whole State:

  16. lou

    17 –millions of deaths, many millions made ill.

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