NY Governor Wants To Ban Gas Stoves While She Uses Only Gas Stoves

NY had this crazy leftist lady voted into office via illegal aliens in NYC and she want to freeze/starve us all to death including the army of illegal aliens who are coming from warm southern countries.  While ordering us to never use natural gas resources to cook, she cooks only on gas stoves and ovens.  This is so insane.  The entire Bilderberg gang wants to have us eat insects and go cold in winter while they dine on exotic foods and rich resources and live in heated/cooled palaces and fly private jets, etc.  Greta Thunberg, the infamous ‘we are all going to roast to death’ Scandinavian communist former kid, no an adult who still looks like a child, was cornered in freezing Switzerland to talk about how global warming isn’t happening, after all.



From the Daily Mail:


The global warming lunatics don’t stop even when everyone is freezing cold, just look at California!


Republican Rep. Nick Langworthy also called into question Hochul’s double standards.


‘Is it any surprise that Queen Kathy cooks on her gas stove when she flies around on private planes? New Yorkers are so sick of phony climate-warrior hypocrites and their ‘rules for thee but not for me.’ Our state is in a crime and economic free fall and she’s waging war on appliances.’


Yes, the liberals are really communists and communists always starve/freeze everyone to death while living in luxury.  Since news rarely shows the horrors of communism, poor people are fooled into embracing this hideous belief system and then have zero means of complaining when the inevitable collapse of all systems happens and they all starve/freeze to death!




The Russian people know all about this freeze/starve to death communism!  The Dutch government wants to kill most of the cows, stop fertilizing fields and shut down all energy systems using fossil fuels.  Then the inevitable freeze/starve to death will happen and the rulers will blame everyone and anyone for this, not themselves.  Speaking about demons who want to kill us:



One hopes this ends his powers but it won’t.  ‘No big deal,’ the hysterical left will howl endlessly.  ‘No punishment like with Hillary,’ they will yell.  They are being forced to drop the fake charges against Trump now but they will try to get him on say, jaywalking like me, and then say, he can’t run for President.  It is inevitable since they believe in using laws as tools of oppression and power grabbing.


Meanwhile, ANTIFA riots in Georgia and the mainstream Bilderberg news thinks nothing is happening:



Despite all attempts at fake news or hiding news, news continues to rear its ugly head:



Every other day, Biden and the Bilderberg gang announces, there are no more hidden secret papers about Ukraine and China in Biden’s many homes.  Nope.  Then more pops up.  Day after day and the elites continue to push the same lies.  Even stupid people like some who come here to yap at my news service, can see this is stupid and wrong.


Naw.  They can’t.  This is so pathetic.


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18 responses to “NY Governor Wants To Ban Gas Stoves While She Uses Only Gas Stoves

  1. Timothy Carroll

    Even stupid people like some who come here to yap at my news service, can see this is stupid and wrong
    Naw. They can’t. This is so pathetic.

    They all sing out of the same hymnal, Elaine.
    We’re all gonna die…the oceans…they’re on ….FIRE!!!

    There will be no more snow in 2000…er…2010….er….2020…., no…2030….yeah…that’s the ticket!

    The white man is evil and must be destroyed!

    Part of me hopes the gods grant them their wishes. The white man, who abolished slavery, who lifted women up and granted them equal rights….when the white man goes, all that, plus space age technology goes with him.

    Enjoy hell, you miserable bitches!

  2. TinaB

    New York City’s snow drought nears all-time record


    “The Big Apple is just days away from breaking a record that might seem unimaginable: the latest date to see measurable snowfall in recorded history. While the city has seen precipitation since the winter season officially began, it has primarily come in the form of rain instead of snow due to abnormally warm temperatures.

    At the official weather station in New York City’s Central Park, no measurable snow has been recorded this winter, only flurries.

    On Nov. 7, the weather was far from typical in the city as temperatures soared to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, a remarkable 20 degrees above average for the date.

    Temperatures remained higher than usual far beyond that date, with New York City failing to dip below 40 until Nov. 14, which is several weeks out from the average of Oct. 22.”

  3. TinaB

    Btw did you see how your cult leader turned a funeral into a rally!!!! I mean who gives a political speech at a funeral – who? hahahahaha! He’s just priceless!

    He just keeps proving me right about him every time he opens his big mouth!

    I may lack knowledge on some issues but I am NOT stupid and you know it ems.

    You are clearly conflating “refusing to be brainwashed” with “lack of knowledge”.

    Just as you think “acknowledging science” is analogous to “cheering it on”.

    Now let’s break it down ems. YOU say the “global elite” are trying to kill us BUT they gave us a vaccine to save our lives? Have I got that right? Does this not sound even a tiny bit stupid to you?

    You call this blog a “news service”? You just copy paste other peoples’ “news” – always right wing – never left wing. You should listen to Juliet if you really want to know what “NEWS” is. You clearly have no clue!

    You are just another little hack with an easily bruised ego! Nothing to see here….

  4. TinaB

    Oh and also…. Your bravado does NOT disguise your ignorance but nice try – but you most certainly get an “A+” for effort!!

  5. TinaB



    “Decades of psychological deterioration of the masses due to their pointless occupations, meaningless lives, mass media and government school indoctrination, and feelings of purposelessness, despair, and anxiety set the foundation for the onset of this covid driven mass formation psychosis.

    The free-floating anxiety infecting hundreds of millions around the globe was seeking a conduit to channel their fears and fantasizing about becoming part of a crusade for the greater good.

    All that was needed was a virus with a scary name, a billion-dollar marketing campaign, a narrative spun by a well-compensated media, corrupt politicians and Deep State actors seeking to depose a president, and a plethora of unethical “experts” willing to sell their souls to Big Pharma.

    Once the covid narrative was connected to their free-floating anxiety a global swindle was born.”

  6. qbutnoa

    “Btw did you see how your cult leader turned a funeral into a rally!!!! I mean who gives a political speech at a funeral – who?”
    This is very common, there has never been a politician (of any orientation) since the beginning of time that has not turned every and any opportunity into a rally.

  7. Jim R

    As for Greta, I am inclined to say it doesn’t matter. There are some good computer generated images, for when she doesn’t have to appear in person — but I did skip thru the video, and didn’t see anyone who even looks like Greta.

    Shocking news about the Netherlands. I would think the Dutch farmers would have some effect on that, but apparently not. How does the entire government get replaced with 100% psychopaths? For that matter, how does it happen here? Who even thought Hochul would make a viable candidate?

    As for Biden’s ‘documents’, I suspect it is all part of an operation to shuffle him off the stage. There is a need to do this now, as he has become an embarrassment to even the most extremely partisan elites.

  8. snoosebomb

    as for tinabee , she is a brick wall , ask a brick wall to explain co2 saturation , you will get the same answer ,,,

  9. snoosebomb

    yes , wots up in thee nederlands ? is the majority in favor of persecuting their farmers ?
    the only way out is massive demonstrations AND turn the cops
    but we may be headed for much bigger problems

  10. snoosebomb

    WTF , safe and effective ! another attack on children

  11. snoosebomb

    things can collapse quickly

  12. qbutnoa

    UK, right wing Conservative (Tory) party, equality and diversity training = this political party is finished. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2023/01/23/tory-candidates-given-lessons-white-resentment-standing-parliament/

  13. qbutnoa

    UK, national debt = £2.5 trillion pounds = 99.5% of economic output, a new record government borrowing of £27.4 billion pounds for last December. The UK is in political, social and financial collapse. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11672895/Pressure-grows-Jeremy-Hunt-rescue-Britain-national-debt-hits-terrifying-record.html

  14. Norm

    They want to ban gas stoves but not gaslighting !! LOL !!

  15. Jim R

    They’ll use LED gaslights to save us from global heating!

  16. Good joke, Norm!

    As always, poor Tina is a bad joke here. She cannot comprehend how silly she is, even poor lunatics like Greta cannot admit they are freezing to death, for example. They yap and yap about normal life and demand we eat bug and freeze to death!

    NOT POPULAR. Right now, thanks to capitalism, there is money to throw at populations so they get food and comforts but when the communists take over all that vanishes and we get mass starvation and millions of deaths.

  17. Ibid

    This is a stupid blog with dumb posters.

  18. Well, you are dumb so you are correct.

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