Everyone Attacking Trump Are Really Violent Criminals Wanting To Destroy USA

https://nypost.com/covers/ shows us that the Democrats are crazy.  The anti-Trump FBI agent assigned to spy on Trump and who falsely accused him of being a Russian spy which was 100% false has been arrested for being…A RUSSIAN SPY.  This is very typical now.  The moral rot at the heart of the DNC is obvious to any outside observers.  White House pushes to defame and destroy all online conservative voices has also been uncovered.  The NY Post is suing over all this and is uncovering lots of proof, this conspiracy was real and intense and violated our collective First Amendment Rights.  The walls around the Democrats are falling inwards now and they are frantically bringing in more and more illegal aliens to vote illegally so they can keep in power.  Arrest them all.




Yet as we dig deeper into discovery in our Big Tech censorship case — Missouri and Louisiana v. Biden — we uncover ever-more truly appalling abuses of power that President Joe Biden’s director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty, admitted come from “the highest (and I mean highest) levels of the” White House.


That is, Biden and his inner circle did this.  They want to kill the internet and have only communists run the internet.  Elon Musk overturned that little scheme, big time.


Such evidence proves the Biden administration is leveraging its power to coerce social-media companies to suppress the speech of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who disagree with its political narratives.


This is how all leftist regimes operate: dictatorships that prevent any political opposition.


Naturally, the First Amendment prohibits censorship. Yet the Biden team has worked to circumvent this fundamental constitutional protection by inducing, threatening and colluding with private companies to suppress speech. It’s illegal; but when Big Government enters into such a conspiracy with Big Business to violate your rights, it’s also known by another name: fascism.  Rep. MTG talks about this:



Right before the previous election, they all kept this secret.  Unlike with Trump where they exploded everything across the world.  They do this all the time, it is called ‘collusion’ and this makes much of mainstream media ‘co-conspirators’ with the Democrat Party!  Here is everything in a nutshell:



And it gets even funnier:



Mike Pence said nothing when Trump’s home was illegally invaded by the FBI.  But when Biden finally had the FBI check his homes, Pence suddenly croaks about how he, too, illegally took home and kept secret documents.  Charge him with a crime, too!  Good lord, this is all so insane.  99% of ‘secret’ stuff should never be secret by the way.  Operation Paperclip which I knew all the details about by age 17 back in 1968 was top secret until very recently!


It was secret to keep from people learning our German rocket scientists were all war criminals.  Now on to today’s very young criminals who now run riot in all DNC hell hole cities:



The kid who was shot in the gang banger bus event is the son of a black female Mount Vernon Police Deputy Commissioner, Jeniffer Lackard: https://nypost.com/2023/01/23/teen-shot-on-bronx-bus-is-the-grangbanger-son-of-area-police-bigwig-sources/


The teen, whose name is being withheld by The Post, had boarded the BX5 bus in Soundview around 6 p.m. with three other boys, two of them 12 and one 10-year-old, the sources said.


These are typical thug children in NYC.  A dear friend of mine was stabbed in the stomach on my doorstep many years ago by a kid who was only 11 years old, nearly died.


A pair of teenagers got on at Hunts Point Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard — and the victim allegedly flashed gang signs at them as he started to get off the bus, according to sources.


He allegedly asked them for their gang affiliation — and then grabbed one of them, a 14-year-old, and tried to drag him off the bus, the sources said.  During the scuffle, two shots were fired, with one hitting the victim in the chest.


Evidently the 14 year old had a gun.


Police sources said the victim has three prior arrests and is affiliated with the Slutty Gang street crew.


So, mama’s little boy is a gang thug!


The victim’s neighbors in Soundview said the teen lived there with his police bigwig mom, his father and his disabled brother — and were surprised to hear that he was identified by sources as having gang ties.


Someone was not paying any attention to what this young person was doing and let him roam about even at night, committing crimes.  Comments by New York Post readers are revealing:


Political appointee with NO police experience! Her background is prison ministry and re-entry programs, which may have helped her personally, as her husband did time twice in federal prison on drug charges!


More revealing comments:


She was hired as the Deputy Police Commisioner with ZERO experience in law enforcement..ZERO. She was hired because of her grassroots social activism in the Bronx through her non-profit Re-Entry link, and down south with Ivy House Center. Her husband was busted by the feds for drug dealing and spent time in prison, so she was forced to close Ivy House after her contracts were canceled due to his arrest. She denied knowing her husband was dealing drugs, they moved up north after he was released, and now she’s a Police Commissioner.


It is very revealing that the comments section provides more background and real information than the news story!  99.9% of all ‘liberal’ newspapers have near zero comments allowed because they want to have only propaganda and no dispute about facts.  Now on to a DNC leader in Congress.  Her brat is also a criminal:



The DNC gang in Congress falsely claims ANTIFA isn’t a terrorist organization but mothers protesting porn books in elementary schools are terrorists.  This is why the DNC leaders protect ANTIFA.  The former mayor of NYC’s daughters/sons sex changelings also rioted and did ANTIFA stuff.  They all do this and they are all sexually confused, too.  This is just so insane!  Arrest all of them.


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    The Hun rides East, in a couple of months, definitely maybe, or something. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/1/25/russia-denounces-germany-over-dangerous-tanks-decision

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