Arrest Pense, Arrest Democrat Leaders, Arrest Bush Jr, Clinton, Obama All Of Whom Took Home Top Secret Documents


The whole issue of ‘classified documents’ has taken off like a rocket.  Mike Pence, a traitor of Trump, first went on the news to denounce Trump recently for ‘mishandling documents’ and claimed HE never did this!  Then we find out, Pence did do this at home and he wasn’t even a President who is allowed to do what Trump did.  He had zero Constitutional rights to do this.  The media and DC clowns are claiming, this is all ‘accidental’ so now demands are rising to see what Obama, Clinton and Bush Jr. the Bilderberg gangsters, did they do this, too?  Of course, they all did this too.  And knew it all the time as Trump was openly attacked for doing what they all did. OF COURSE.



Arrest Pence!  Arrest all the former Presidents who were silent or joined into the howls to go after Trump.  Good grief, all of these monsters knew from day one, it is 100% normal to hijack secret documents for themselves!  THEY LIED TO US ALL.  This lying was done so they could frame Trump for doing what they all did, too.  I am so very angry about how these former Presidents met at Bilderberg meetings near DC and in Europe as well as the Bohemian Grove in California to conspire to framing Trump on various fake charges so they could continue to hold all the power in the world.  This is a massive, ongoing, total conspiracy.


It is worse: the mainstream media conspires with them.  The mainstream media lies all the time about nearly everything now.  And their world is crashing into chaos as economic stresses are causing social collapse in all NATO countries at war with their #1 natural resources source: Russia.



The US has seen wild spending while the gang of former Presidents and Vice Presidents were silent about wild spending.  Trump talks about this!  This is Verboten Big Time.  Now on to the other criminals in Congress:



So, the DNC Whip in Congress raised a boy who became a girl because this is a huge fad inside the Democratic machine.  Grinding gears, it is cutting all the boy’s balls.  So, the man/girl is a far, far leftist communist trained in DNC run schools to hate his/her natural sex as well as modern civilization and lusting for a communist utopia where no one can reproduce.  Or produce, too.  And is now rioting, attacking police, torching businesses in a city where the brat doesn’t even live or work…doesn’t work at all, actually.


And unlike the poor saps who ran into the Congress building on January 6, these much, much more violent rioters who planned to attack, loot and burn, gets sent home on a very cheap bail?  This is criminal.  Punishments based on political beliefs versus obvious criminal actions is how all communist countries operate. Speaking of communists:



Trudeau is on the rocks now. This criminal should also be in prison, too.  He is an international gangster.  They all are, Trudeau goes to all Bilderberg meetings and never ever discusses these SECRET meetings where world leaders conspire with each other to start wars, for example.


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4 responses to “Arrest Pense, Arrest Democrat Leaders, Arrest Bush Jr, Clinton, Obama All Of Whom Took Home Top Secret Documents

  1. Kerry

    It’s all a show to weaken the government.

    They are replaying Germany’s Weimar Republic. They have to make it look bad so that when their AntiC comes in, he/she looks like a savior.

    Then we will replay the Reich along with war. All the illegal beagles coming into the country will be loaded up onto trains to be taken out of the country to be repatriated to their own countries. And people will cheer for it. There will be war, then China will probably be cast as the good guy this time. Then we’ll have all these stories come out that illegal beagles were done in. You get the idea.

    Then America will be destroyed totally morally and financially.

    It doesn’t matter if any of what I wrote is actually true. They will lie about it in their media machine.

  2. qbutnoa

    Team Europe, Sweden’s turn to do nothing, surging irregular migration, explosive topic, capacities are overloaded, digitalize return procedures, build a fence, long held plans, but no money…

  3. qbutnoa

    UK/France, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and charities import the WEF army, plenty of money for this…

  4. snoosebomb

    plandemic , vaccines ? crimes against humanity

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