Biden Federal Agents Want Information How Many Animals And Crops And Tractors Farmers Have…To Tax Us


Some genius in the Democrat side of the government decided this winter to force ALL farmers who mostly if not all vote for Republicans, to list all our farm equipment, animals, goods and everything…for TAX purposes!  I filled out the insane forms that was well over a dozen pages long and mailed it back but then got a letter today claiming I didn’t do this but then I did do it and proved it.  But what amused me is, their phone line they give to complain is being OVERWHELMED by totally enraged farmers, at least a few dozen MILLION.  This is outrageous.  Congress, the Republican side, is already hearing today about this, their phones are being swamped, too.



This doomsday book attempt by insane liberals is part of Hidden History which is a TV show in Britain which is very, very amusing so of course, it was killed off nearly 10 years ago after being way too witty for governments to allow.  Only propaganda is supposed to be on the BBC!  Here in the USA, we have PBS which is the stupidest shows on earth.  Telling farmers we are roasting to death and this is caused by cows and that using fertilizer is evil due to it being too hot while we are buried in snow and freezing…this isn’t popular.


I wait with bated breath for the Angry Farmers Movement.  I will happily join.


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11 responses to “Biden Federal Agents Want Information How Many Animals And Crops And Tractors Farmers Have…To Tax Us

  1. Kerry

    They will keep doing this and pushing until people start fighting. They have been hoping for this for many years. Then they can throw out government. That was the reason they had the communists and brown shirts fighting during the Weimar.

    They put one of the demons they worship on the NYC courthouse.

    They throw out a number of different names for it. But they don’t mention that it is Asherah/Astarte/Ishtar Isis, the babylonian demoness. It has horns because ANU/ON gave her the Bull of Heaven to command.

  2. snoosebomb

    well that’s bloody shocking , the farmers hold all the cards though , ie. FOOD

  3. yup, ask Canada!!! This is on the heels of the Canadian crushing the farmers. Same in Europe now!!!

    The phones of the government are ringing off the hook due to pissed off farmers all of whom have GUNS. And Big Trucks, too. And often, family members who are MILITARY.

    Good lord, this is actually funny to me, talk about motivating the strongest physical people in the US!

  4. Jim R

    Funny enough, that’s what Rome did as it was in serious decline. Inventory all the farmers. And then tax them to death.

  5. Jim R

    And thank you, Elaine, for correctly spelling ‘bated breath’!

    I can’t tell you how much that irritates me when people get it wrong.

  6. qbutnoa

    Antarctic, Brunt Ice Shelf, big iceberg calving, 2nd in 2 years.

  7. lou

    6 and so what?

  8. qbutnoa

    It is a BBC article = the beating heart of all things global heating. The ice is not melting and retreating like the models predict, it is advancing 6-10 feet per day and calving in *massive* amounts. The last time this happened was in 1971 when there was also global cooling.

  9. Pete

    Watch video
    Just crazy

  10. Ice ‘calves’ when MORE ICE is pushing hard in the center of say, Greenland whose Ice Sheet is denser than ever before!

    So the weight at the center shoves ice on the fringe into the oceans. This is so simple to understand. Melting causes ice to melt, not break off in huge hunks.

    When the ice is beyond the shoreline to where there is a sudden drop off of the ocean bed, this causes thick ice to break and fall ‘off the cliff’ so to speak.

  11. Lately Veritas has been doing ‘in your face’ journalism which involves rushing up and and tagging after people in the street. This is highly dangerous and frankly, unnecessary but it gets ‘eyes on’ the storyline.

    This is nifty fun but they can be sued for this over time. Lately, they have been pushing their luck. Do this too many times and it becomes a pattern and a provocation.

    ‘In your face’ is not a good tactic in the long run. By the way, all mainstream media does this too, to people they want to harm like TRUMP.

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