Leftists Riot/Loot Major Cities Protest Black Cops/Black Chief/Black Mayor In Police Killing A Black Male


I was once in the middle of a ‘race riot’  in NYC.  It was a looting expedition done by my darling neighbors when a thunderstorm blew out Con Ed.  So my neighbors decided no one could stop them so they looted and burned our neighborhood.  One of the looters was shot dead by a friend of mine when he attacked their paint store.  Ever since the Civil Rights Act was made into law, black communities regularly riot, loot and burn their own neighborhoods and anyone nearby.  This causes everyone to flee DNC run cities and this, in turn, causes these cities to vote only for Democrats forever and ever.  Win/win for criminals!  The protests about ‘bad cops’ is about black bad cops.  They beat this poor man to death.  Time to riot and demand…no cops!


These black riots prove we need more, not fewer police.  I used to give speeches about this in NYC for a number of years before giving up and leaving.



We have a nation where nearly all our major cities are hell holes that let mostly ‘minority’ criminals run riot all the time.  The worse thing in all this is, everyone wants to avoid living anywhere near where blacks live.  The DNC ‘fix’ for this is to move as many blacks as possible into ‘non-black’ communities which simply forces everyone else to flee.  Now we are in a reaction as people get fed up with all this.  Worse, this allows the criminals within the black community to dominate and drive that community…OFF A CLIFF.


There are a zillion liberal news stories about this police brutality business but none of them emphasize that blacks did this to a black man.  There are no pundits wondering why black police are out of control when dealing with fellow blacks.  That is a very interesting topic.  Let’s take a look at who is the top cop in Memphis.  Is it a white male?  Nope.  How about a black male?  Double nope.  Here is the Police Chief:




Nearly ALL liberal cities now have BLACK WOMEN as the ‘top cops’.  This trick kills two liberal birds with one liberal stone.  Women get promoted and black women represent the ‘black’ statistic and the ‘woman’ statistic at the same time.  This is literally ‘two for one’ at work in Liberal Land.  Here is a hilarious communist group literally the Socialism and Liberation Red Party:



Now on to another issue: obesity.  The fat issue hits black women (black men much, much less) so Biden put a black woman into office to deal with the obesity issue.  Retaining fat is epidemic.  And what happened in the last 70 years from the days when I was a child and very few people were super fat: air conditioners and free food and cars everywhere.  I remember when nearly no one in Arizona had air conditioners.  We used ‘swamp boxes’ which were water and a fan,



Obesity comes from not working outdoors really sweaty and hard as well as eating the wrong foods, too much.  Very simple.  I remember before air conditioners: your appetite drops off drastically.  You drink more fluids, too.  Here is a good comment to the video:


I grew up in the fifties and sixties, obesity was rare, even for older people. Grew up in the Midwest where hot dishes and meat loaf reigned supreme. Not a lot of meat, no fast food, getting a Hershey bar or bottle of pop was a big deal. Didn’t even get fresh fruit that often. Came to meals very hungry, no snacks. Grew up lower middle class and couldn’t afford much more than the basics. Yes, times have changed a lot. It surprises me that more people don’t have issues with weight. You only have to gain one pound a month over a year for five years and you are now obese, and on it goes. It’s much harder now to stay healthy with all the choices and temptations. I don’t think pills are the answer in the long run.


I remember when Mexican people were literally starving to death during the 1950’s heatwave/droughts in Sonora.  Today, obesity is a huge problem there.  Populations that endure sporadic droughts have a gene pool for hoarding fat whenever it is possible.  So now that food is constant. this leads to excess fat in the entire population.  Same goes for the black community and the same ‘southern/drought’ survival genetics are at work.  People whose genes evolved in the cold North Eurasia regions are ‘fat producer/hoarders’ due to long winters!


Now we are spoiled rotten by modern technology.  Thus, being fat is ridiculously easy and very dangerous.


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16 responses to “Leftists Riot/Loot Major Cities Protest Black Cops/Black Chief/Black Mayor In Police Killing A Black Male

  1. Kerry

    It isn’t just modern lifestyles.

    The food has been systematically altered since the 1960s.

    The overweight people are the coal mine canaries. Their bodies just can’t handle the alterations. In addition from just over eating, many of people’s bodies are dealing with the poisonous alterations by storing them in fat.

    The answer is protecting the food supply. But they have a few decades on lead time over us.

    The easy answer is to grow your own. But we saw the first shot across the bow when they staged that closing down of aisles with gardening supplies during the fauxdemic. They will also legislate codes stating what you can grow, where you can grow and how you can grow. Codes that the small subsistence farmer will find it hard to undertake. They will stage “epidemics” so that they can cull personal livestock. They are already pushing bird flu culls, those will expand.

    As far as hunting, the license permits will become ever stricter. And they are now claiming common animals hunted for food carry diseases.

    They are insane and they are pushing their insanity as hard as they can.

  2. qbutnoa

    EU sanctions on Russia, natural gas price cap already circumvented by the City of London. https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/ice-open-london-gas-hub-creating-route-around-eu-price-cap-2023-01-27/

  3. lou

    ALL liberal cities now have BLACK WOMEN as the ‘top cops’.

    oh no. blacks as a group are at the back of the racial pack. failure from USA to Congo.

  4. Petruchio

    American Blacks have been showing their Idiocy since the Watts Riots in 1965. They completely TRASHED their own neighborhoods!! Where they lived! And these same Blacks squawk about how Evil Whitey is. From that point on the only businesses that will locate in Black Communities are Liquor Stores and burner phone stores–fully encased in lates of Plexiglas one inch thick.And it’s all Whitey’s fault. Even though the Mayor is Black, the Police Chief is Black and most/all of the City Council is Black. It’s never enough for Blacks; no matter what you do.

  5. lou

    5–arab immigrants run stores in the hood, do EBT welfare scams.

  6. No, what is causing fat to get worse is, the lack of sunshine causes the body to store fat thinking it is an Ice Age. When people in summer stay indoors in airconditioning, the body thinks there is no more summer and so body fat is created to keep the people warm!

    Do note few roofers or farm labor, etc. gets fat if they work in the hot sun. I worked all my life in hot sun so I am not fat.

  7. lou

    7–fat cells are part of you from birth. you probably were born lean.

  8. Jim R

    8 — they can be big fat cells, or little fat cells. Also, there is this thing cells do, called “mitosis”. They can make more cells.

  9. Petruchio

    @#6 lou: Also the Koreans run convenience stores. They make enough money at this and then sell their stores to the next Korean/Arab immigrants. Then the original Ghetto store owners move themselves to a safer neighborhood and start a business in a safer neighborhood. Classic story of movin’ on up.

  10. lou

    10–move up with gov bling.

  11. Many immigrants over the last 200 years did exactly that.

  12. lou

    nonsense. pre roosevelt and LBJ there wasnt bling, except for the rich.

  13. I was referring to the ‘move up after starting businesses’ posting and forgot to show that.

  14. lou

    14–Its difficult to compete with asian slave labor. the new dillema. how can people move up legally?
    The democrats did the USA in. we have discussed this> free trade, most favored nation status etc.

  15. lou

    10–I found this elsewhere,
    In honor of my Black brethren I myself would fire up a KOOL but alas menthol cigarettes are illegal in my state. There is a Black market though. No pun intended.

    The authorities take it seriously. The local convenience store was selling them out of the back room. illegally imported from out of state. Word got around and he was going gangbusters. Well the revenuers caught on and bagged him. Fined him many thousands and pulled his license, He disappeared, maybe even went to jail.

    Big Paki family so his brother is running the joint now. No more KOOLS though.

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