Pfizer Research Arm Stupidly Thinks They Can Control Coronaviruses


OK, now on to what is going on in corporate USA: Pfizer’s researchers evidently are young people with little wit or sense and the entire organization thought that researching a deadly form of coronavirus would give them a ‘head’s up’ on new mutations.  This makes no evolutionary sense.  That is, these epidemics, when they happen, happen in 50 year cycles.  You cannot project what the exact germs will be in 50 years and you can’t make a ‘vaccine’ like say, polio which is not evolving rapidly like the coronavirus.


This recent virus came on schedule and like all previous epidemics, started in China.  The place where one has to look for these epidemics is within China, not say, the Philippine Islands.  We also know the virus hits people hard in different age categories, too.


The elderly in 1968/1969 epidemic killed young people, barely bothered the elderly who survived the Spanish Flu which was a virus from China nearly identical in outcome as the present virus.  The Chinese attempts at stopping the virus 100% proved to be futile.


It made things much worse, in fact.  Now, in less than three months, it will hammer China and then be done.  Like here, it hits the elderly the hardest.


What kills everyone in the long run with this disease like all the previous 50 year events is the lungs filling with fluids.  I have raged here for quite a while about this!  I survived the Hong Kong Flu precisely because I remembered dimly to never lay down entirely but hang over the side of the bed and eject fluids from my lungs into a container (small garbage can!).


Most people will not do this.  Why?


Because it is obnoxiously noisy.  I am grateful that the people caring for me from the Free Clinic stood by while I ejected hideous noxious toxins from my lungs.  I would pass out and they would hit my back to get me to continue chocking up.  IT WORKED. By sunrise, the fever fell and I only had to choke up gunk every half hour.


A week later, it was once an hour.  Xrays showed my left upper lung was dangerously congested and we had to work on enabling that part of the lungs to drain via positioning my body in the bed.  The main thing was to NEVER LIE DOWN FLAT.


I see with horror videos and photos of dying people in Europe and US and China, etc. lying flat in beds with oxygen masks on so they can’t get rid of any gunk in the lungs!  And surprise, surprise: most of them die!!!


People are going to yell at Pfizer now over all this.  They thought they could preempt the germ’s evolution which is stupid.  These germs even in China this month are NOT killing most people…it is like here, killing mainly the elderly.


The next one probably will kill, 50 years from now, mainly young people again!  It would not surprise me but I won’t be around to see if this happens.  This sort of germ can’t be ‘directed’ it has to be ‘endured’ and I believe firmly that using the right methods (NO OXYGEN MASKS) is what should be examined.


I got the Omni virus here in NY.  It didn’t kill nearly as many as the first virus from China back in January, 2020.  The Omni virus made me sick but I sat around in easy chairs day and night for a week along with my sick husband and we laughed while coughing up the gunk from our lungs.  We went through a thousand plus tissues doing this!


We were on a fluid diet and voila: we sailed thorough this mess with hardly a problem except it took two months for my brains to recover.  It made it quite a bit harder to remember things!  I was worried about this but it is nearly back to normal now, half a year later.


No one listens to me so I suppose all this information I write about regularly will be utterly ignored and people will think a vaccine will save them when obviously, it isn’t perfect and making young people get shots when they aren’t victims is stupid and I said this a long time ago.  They were not being bothered by these germs enough to need help.




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12 responses to “Pfizer Research Arm Stupidly Thinks They Can Control Coronaviruses

  1. NoSpanishFlu

    The Spanish Flu was not at all Spanish, but all American, as the first case of the flu was discovered at an army base in Fort Riley, Kansas. Backed by Rockefeller’s invisible hand into the experimental ‘bacterial meningitis vaccine’.

    Funny Stuff – 9 out of 10 voices in my head tell me I’m crazy – the vaccine experiments on the soldiers and then on the US population as autopsies revealed that the bacteria were caused by those same experimental bacterial meningitis vaccines that destroyed their immune systems.
    Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic
    And now a hundred years later Pfizer CEO and veterinarian said – the development of the COVID-19 vaccine is a story of incredible scientific achievement. We couldn’t focus on what the past told us we couldn’t do, and we couldn’t take no for an answer.

  2. lou

    Jordan, AA hire.

  3. snoosebomb

    lab origin of covid is well established cept for the disinfo story from the build -a -borgers

  4. Jim R

    “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

    Because of course it was. Whatever their “terms of service” are this millisecond.

    And this is why, when I come to one of those click-thru “license” pages on my computer, I tell it, “I have altered the terms of the agreement. Pray I do not alter them further.” and then click ‘OK’ — and the computer has agreed with me. Stupid thing.

  5. qbutnoa

    UK Daily Express (right wing) newspaper, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is allowed to speak (a little bit).

  6. qbutnoa

    Denmark, Copenhagen, politician Rasmus Paludan burns 2 copies of the Koran, 1 near a mosque and the other in front of the Turkish embassy, Danish open democracy is blamed.

  7. snoosebomb

    Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds
    This is in line with many other estimates
    from igor , elaine has blocked substack links

  8. I never blocked ANY links at all, WordPress does this not me.

    Sheesh. Things are getting out of hand. I did delete comments by crazy people here when they go on rants attacking people posting here. I never banned anyone outright.

  9. Ibid

    Blocking comments is one thing.

    Supkis goes way beyond that. She fraudulently inserts her own text / words pretending that they were the words of the poster.

    That’s forgery.


    ELAINE: I hope even stupid people will notice I post that I am doing a spelling correction and am interfering with obnoxious rants that call everyone else names and is extremely nasty. It is punishment for being naughty. Most sites simply ban nasty people.

  10. Jim R

    tinytina/zeekie is back! … I didn’t miss it.

  11. Jim R

    Elaine, my comment was not about that — it was because your video at the top of this article is missing. But it’s OK, I know it was the Veritas thing. I had already seen it elsewhere.

    Anyway, it isn’t really news to me; we knew about it two years ago. They are cooking these things up in the lab.

    And, although nature is perfectly capable of giving us the 1918 flu, there’s a good chance that this current outbreak escaped from their evil tiny zoo in China.

  12. Looks like Veritas or GOOGLE is messing with my site now. Typical.

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