Black Police Beat Black To Death, Whites Blamed


Yes, the communists in the Democrat Party are rioting due to black cops killing a black man who began the night resisting arrest as nearly everyone now does in DNC hell hole cities where there is near zero law and order.  So leftists are now demanding even less law and order in their cities which are hell holes due to lack of law and order!  See?  This is so simple.  The black cops, black female head cop, black mayor, black city council, they all want less law and order and voila: there is less law and order and thus, more blacks killing blacks and everything not nailed down is trashed, stolen or burned or all three.



There is no, in all DNC cities, a culture of resisting arrest.  This culture will have a very bad ending.  I have been arrested and I never resist at all.  One arrest caused a riot but I didn’t riot, the street kids who called me ‘mommy’ rioted because they thought this would ‘free mommy’.  The police and mayor had to apologize to me.


In the black community, everyone knows you can run away/fight back and then the police will be punished.  Nearly all white officers have filtered out of the police in black hell hole cities so these are now mostly run by black police who are not going to let people beat them up, they get violent quickly if someone is resisting arrest.


Many years ago, I could do civilian arrests repeatedly because most criminals knew, if you resisted, you were punished by the courts.  Then this was dropped by liberals so if you resist arrest, that is OK, no new charges!  So everyone, absolutely everyone resists arrests if possible except if they are super smart and know better.


So more DNC hell hole cities will be looted and burned by angry leftists demanding NO police at all.  The goal is no police and more looting.  They think everyone will continue to rebuild and feed populations that loot, rape and burn but eventually, this will end with a big bang.


Now on to more interesting news: The pro-communist Google employees and bosses have censored all Russian real news due to our insane war in Ukraine which we are doomed to lose (any peek into history will explain why) so I can’t access RT videos anymore in our communist paradise here in the USA, land of not-free speech.  But here is an article from RT news which I can still access:



I will now die laughing.  OK, aside from the crayon smears, I bet these are full of goodies about collecting bribes.  Arrest Biden.  Sheesh.


Now on to funny news thanks to Mr. Tweet, Elon Musk:



The communists running the Associated Press organization issued an order to all minions to avoid using the common word ‘the’ which is racist and offensive.  Yes, saying ‘the’ with other words like ‘poor’ is now being censored.  ‘The’ is an ancient AngloSaxon Germanic word and thus, is ‘white’ and thus is ‘evil’.  Next, ‘this’, another AngloSaxon Germanic word, will be verboten, too.



The French call Deutschland ‘Allemand’:


FromLate LatinAlamannusorAlemannus(related toAlamans, ancientGermanicpeople for whom the name meant “all men”, “all people”, according to Asinius Quadratus).alemanbecamealemantby the addition of a terminal T of the singular objective case for adjectives of second class inOld French, and thenalemand. The Latin word itself derives from theOld High GermanAlaman, from aProto-Germanic*Alamanniz, likely from the roots*allaz(whenceEnglishall) and *manniz<*mann-(whenceEnglishman).


So the French call the Germans ‘EVERYONE.’  I always laugh when thinking about this considering the tangled history Deutschland has with the le français people. Lots and lots of invading each other for thousands of years.


By the way, we get to still say ‘the French’ at AP articles for the nonce.  Actually, we should say ‘‘le franciais’ to be proper.  Germany doesn’t exist, either because it is ‘Deutschland’ in Germany. 


Guess what country is this: Россия.  I can read Cyrillic script.  This country is what we call ‘Russia’.  It is pronounced ‘Rooossiyah’.  Or when writing it down thusly: Russia.



Then there is Spain, aka, España.  This doesn’t look at all like ‘Spain’, does it? ‘Italy’ is really ‘Italia’.  Sheesh!  It gets much worse when visiting what we call ‘Greece’:  Hellas!  Or Hellada.   Whatever.  No one in Greece calls it ‘Greece’.  


Finally, everyone who is pushing for WWIII in Eastern Europe used to call ‘Ukraine’ this name for many years in English literature and maps.  Now it is called ‘Україна’ in Russian script.  So this is roughly ‘Ukrainya’ in English.  But isn’t being used.  Kiev, on the other hand, is now ‘Kyiv’ but that is wrong in English for it is pronounced ‘Kee-eff’ not a ‘v’ sound as the last letters.  And so many amusing things happen when humans try talking to each other!


No wonder we go to war all the time.  Talking about wars, the Normans (and 1,000 years earlier, the Romans) fought the fierce Welsh people who still hate the invaders even to this day.  Wales voters want to resurrect their own language name for Wales: ‘Cymru’.  So the new Prince of Wales, William, would have to change his title to ‘Prince of Cymru’?  I would love to see that.  Go for it, good people of Cymru!




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21 responses to “Black Police Beat Black To Death, Whites Blamed

  1. Jim R

    “The” — and I can still remember when they decided the ‘n’ word was naughty.

    Next thing ya know, they’ll ban the verb ‘to be’.

  2. Jim R

    Elaine, have you seen news about how a lot of chickens suddenly stopped laying eggs?

    This was from people who keep a few chickens in their back yard. Apparently a certain popular supplier of chicken feed is implicated — they were attributing it to the winter slowdown in egg production, but egg production completely stopped in October for many of them.

    Free range chickens and those fed from local feed mills were not affected.

  3. nclaughlin

    Jim, are we eating the same stuff?

  4. Kenogami

    Several years ago, a small pig farm in the US gave GMO food to his pigs: they stopped completely making piglets. Same thing happened to chickens in South Africa when they gave them GMO food.

  5. Norm

    I haven’t seen all of the Tyre Nichols take down clips, but what I did see is a guy resisting arrest and running away. So what are the cops supposed to do, let him go? It’s unfortunate that the guy died, but he created his own problem. This isn’t murder.

  6. Jim R

    I don’t know what it is. Posted a link twice, a working link and then a link with spaces to foil the bots, and ems news ate both comments.

    later i might spell it all out for you starting with aichteeteepeeesscolonslashslash …

  7. Pete

    Iran attack live feed:

  8. qbutnoa

    UK, Big Brother Watch (civil liberties group), Ministry of Defence (MoD) 77th Brigade (often mentioned on UKColumn) = Covid censorship.

  9. lou

    4–humans continue to populate in big numbers.

    whats happening in Iran? Israel attack?

  10. snoosebomb

    iran been supply roosia

  11. Any censoring when posting is NOT ME. It is the Google bots. Google is pure evil now.

  12. Also, yes, the young man who was beaten to death ran away. The black cops got pissed off so they ‘took him down’ the same way most black young males (and females) fight today.

    Many years ago in my own youth, black males would stand up and fight ‘like a man’. They didn’t mob from behind one person at a time and then kick/slug them as they lie on the ground.

    Alas, this is now universal for black children and it continues as adults now.


    Kicking while victim is lying down has universally been seen as an evil thing. All the arrests I made, as soon as the guy would stop fighting back, I would stop fighting instantly. I was very careful about this.

    It happened many years ago: a man was trying to pull a fellow young female student into his car to kidnap her. She screamed.

    I ran across the street, yanked open the driver’s door and hauled him out and smashed his face into the pavement. I almost went further but the back of my brain said, ‘STOP, or you are breaking the law’ so I stopped but snarled to him to freeze.

    He was then arrested.

  14. Jim R

    OK here’s a u2be link, a result of another search.

    It’s better than the other ones anyhow, as this chicken grower does not spend too much time speculating. It is simply real science, where one variable has been changed, and and observation of results.

  15. Ibid

    Too many “know it all” dummies are chronic posters at this blog.

  16. Ibid being one of the worse.

  17. lou

    15–Over 100 food plants have been destroyed since Bribe-em Biden took office. must just be another
    “Cohen cidence” right?

    Eggs, chicken, peanut butter – all (until recently) affordable sources of protein for we the filthy unwashed
    Egg and chicken production facilities burning to the ground and a mysterious supply chain shortage resulting in empty shelves where the peanut butter should be
    Nothing to worry about. Now run along and get your booster shot.

  18. lou
    In a post-George Floyd world, less white people desire being cops. Problem with this: standards must then be lowered to accommodate the desire for a more diverse police force (fewer white cops), because with less white men being police, the pool for qualified candidates drops precipitously.

    The consequences? [Memphis cops charged in Tyre Nichols murder hired after PD relaxed job requirements, NY Post, January 28, 2023]:

    At least two out of of five Memphis police officers charged with murder in the fatal beatdown of Tyre Nichols joined the force after the department relaxed its hiring requirements.

    Tadarrius Bean and Demetrius Haley both joined the Memphis Police Department in Aug. 2020, NBC News reported, more than two years after the department dramatically loosened the education qualifications to become an officer.

    Recruits no longer needed an associate’s degree or 54 college credit hours to join the force, and could get by with five years of work experience, Action 5 reported.

    Loosening the required qualifications however means that the department is ultimately getting “less desirable” job candidates, Mike Alcazar, an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a retired NYPD detective, told The Post.

    “They’re desperate. They want police officers,” Alcazar said. “They’re going through it, they check off some boxes, saying, ‘Ok, they’re good enough, get them on.”

    The department showed signs of struggle with recruiting new police officers, offering $15,000 signing bonuses in 2021 and 2022, Fox 13 reported.

    As of Jan. 2022, MPD was down roughly 500 officers, the news outlet reported, citing the Memphis Police Association.

    Last year, the department lowered its standards again for new recruits, nixing the timed physical ability test and cutting college education requirements from 54 credit hours to just 24.

    The department also revealed that was even offering waivers for people who have been convicted on felony charges.

    “Police departments have to take the screening process of candidates to be police officers seriously and not rush to hire officers that might not be qualified,” Alcazar said.

  19. All dying empires do this. Read the Decline and Fall of Rome.

    I am highly aware of all this. I can no longer make ‘citizen arrests’ and I did MANY of these over the years. The rulers want chaos.

    And they are too stupid to figure out what happens next.

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